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Why few women of color in wave of accusers? 'Stakes higher'

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — In the weeks since dozens of women have accused movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of rape or sexual harassment, unleashing an avalanche of similar charges against other prominent men across American life, women and men of color have been largely absent from the national furor. 1,186 more words

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రేటింగ్స్‌ కోసం మోడీ సర్కార్‌ పైరవీలు జరిపిందా ?

ఎం కోటేశ్వరరావు

నరేంద్రమోడీ, చంద్రబాబు వంటి నేతలు జరిపిన విదేశీయాత్రలు, అందుకు అయిన విమానఖర్చుల మేరకు కూడా వారు విదేశాల నుంచి నిధులు, పెట్టుబడులను సమీకరించలేకపోయారనే విమర్శలు వచ్చాయి. ఆ కారణంగానే ఇటీవలి కాలంలో మోడీ విదేశీ పర్యటనలు తగ్గాయని భావిస్తున్న తరుణంలో విమర్శకుల నోరు మూయించేందుకు వారికి ఒక అస్త్రం దొరికింది.

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President Robert Mugabe makes first public appearance after rumours of being Under House Arrest

President Robert Mugabe has made his first public appearance after rumours of military placing him house arrest after army took over strategic areas of the capital city Harare. 29 more words

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Respect your elders: Why cultural norms benefit Mugabe - BBC News

Respect your elders: Why cultural norms benefit Mugabe – BBC News

By Natasha Booty – BBC News

President Robert Mugabe’s first public appearance after the military takeover in Zimbabwe will have puzzled some. 81 more words


Kushner's lawyer pushes back on Senate committee request

WASHINGTON (AP) — A lawyer for White House adviser Jared Kushner pushed back Friday after a Senate committee said he had not been fully forthcoming in its probe into Russian election interference. 657 more words

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Tragic: Overweight but Malnourished African children

World Health Organisation (WHO) new Nutrition data has revealed a tragic concern over persisting trend of undernutrition among children below the age of five  in the African region. 657 more words