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Waiting for The New World Order? Too late, it's already here.

The New World Order is here.  Most do not recognize the many ways in which our sovereignty and freedoms have been handed over to the United Nations and various other globalist organizations.   7,531 more words


Obama: ISIS is 'apocalyptic cult'

Islamic State is an “apocalyptic cult” whose mass slaughters are an “assault on all humanity”, US President Barack Obama told the UN General Assembly on Monday. 206 more words


Welcome to Nation Affairs

Our journey into the 21st Century has been marked by events such as terrorism, financial meltdown, and war. Amidst all this turmoil, traditional power structures are being challenged by the onslaught of violence taking place across the globe.  590 more words

Middle East

MAY 1ST, 2015


So this past week has been pretty interesting, trying to take care of an 11 month old with a pretty messed up finger ( 373 more words


The post-post-Cold War order?

In recent months politicians, leaders and commentators on both sides of the Atlantic have been reflecting on the post-Cold War political order. In light of Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine and the West’s seeming inability to stop it, we have begun to ask ourselves is the post-Cold War order crumbling? 512 more words