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What does IR theory say about nuclear proliferation policies regarding Iran?

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Written by James Lo

This is the third part of a three part series on using nuclear proliferation theories to analyse current nuclear proliferation foreign policies. 1,079 more words

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Marine Corps and Internal Balancing

As I mentioned before, I’ve taken a little break from all the doom and gloom of today’s world recently, occupying my time increasingly with fiction. But I haven’t completely divorced myself from all that is relevant today. 699 more words


What is compliance in IR ?- I am in IR

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Hello folks! hari ini kayaknya asik kalo kita belajar tentang teori HI, jadi aku mau sharing aja apa itu teori compliance. 528 more words

Nationalism and Power in the Caribbean

The Dominican and Haitian relationship is one fraught with conflict. Despite the period of unification, there are unresolved tensions that seem to stretch from the establishment of the colonies that became Haiti and the Dominican Republic. 6,342 more words


Review of The Tragedy of Great Power Politics

Grim, tragic: the words that describe great power politics through John J. Mearsheimer’s lenses. In The Tragedy of Great Power Politics Mearsheimer presents his theory of international politics; a strain of realism which he calls “offensive realism.” This is contrasted with the “defensive realism” of Kenneth Waltz and Hans Morgenthau’s “classical realism.” 557 more words