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Syrian Foreign Policy: The Alliances of a Regional Power-A Book Review

Dr. Francesco Belcastro’s recent survey of Cold War era Syrian foreign policy released this year by Routledge is a necessary historical and theoretical tour of a decisive time in Middle Eastern foreign policy history. 1,168 more words

A List of Songs that Explain International Relations

For several years now, I’ve been slowly putting together a (semi-serious) list of songs that I think can help explain various IR concepts and theories.  Although it’s still a work in progress, I am now sharing it with the world. 801 more words

IRAP: "Unambivalent alignment: Japan’s China strategy, the US alliance, and the ‘hedging’ fallacy"

My latest peer-reviewed article … an analysis of Japan’s strategy for dealing with China’s rise and critique of the idea that Japan is seeking a middle ground between the U.S. 224 more words


Trump’s ‘Clash of Civilizations’ with China: Huntington’s Model doesn’t even work in East Asia

This is a re-post of an essay I wrote for The National Interest a week ago.

Basically my argument is that even if you are a hawk on China and see it as an emerging competitor or even threat to the US, the clash of civilizations framework is a weak analytical model by which to understand Sino-US tension. 1,091 more words

Korea (South)

Le Notes #39: Role theory in International Relations - Holsti’s national role conception

This post summarizes K. J. Holsti’s attempt to systematically construct role theory in International Relations.

In Note #38, I’ve discussed ontological security theory, which extends the argument that states do not only seek physical security, but also security of the “self”. 1,126 more words

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