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Trump’s ‘Clash of Civilizations’ with China: Huntington’s Model doesn’t even work in East Asia

This is a re-post of an essay I wrote for The National Interest a week ago.

Basically my argument is that even if you are a hawk on China and see it as an emerging competitor or even threat to the US, the clash of civilizations framework is a weak analytical model by which to understand Sino-US tension. 1,091 more words

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Le Notes #39: Role theory in International Relations - Holsti’s national role conception

This post summarizes K. J. Holsti’s attempt to systematically construct role theory in International Relations.

In Note #38, I’ve discussed ontological security theory, which extends the argument that states do not only seek physical security, but also security of the “self”. 1,126 more words

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Le Notes #38: Ontological security theory in International Relations

This post serves as an introduction to the emerging canon of ontological security theory in International Relations.

Have you ever noticed why some states supposedly act “irrationally”? 2,191 more words

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A Realist Case In Support of International Organizations

A Realist Case In Support of International Organizations

The realist theoretical perspective and its proponents therein actively critique the efficacy and utility of International Organizations. They call out via strong argumentation the shortcomings of International Organizations in preserving peace, establishing a stable counter to the natural state of anarchy, and supposed inability to act effectively. 552 more words

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