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Anarchist Anti-Imperialism: Positioning World Society Against the International Order

Anti-imperialism has historically been a term that has befallen on state socialists. Socialist movements, who believe the takeover of the state is both possible and desirable, usually attribute the fall of… 395 more words


Pendekatan Problem Solving dalam Resolusi Konflik: Suatu Pengantar

Oleh *Arif Wicaksa


Tulisan ini membahas mengenai konsep problem solving dalam konflik. Pembahasan ini penting mengingat beberapa upaya resolusi konflik masih menggunakan pendekatan fifty-fifty… 701 more words


China’s Global Influence in the Film Industry

China’s rise is the economic story of the 21st Century and the entertainment industry is no exception. Cinema was introduced in 1896 in China.[i] 1,196 more words

International Relations

In Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan is fighting a hybrid war, and Indian response should also be in the hybrid domain". Discuss.


Introduce with Hybrid conflict

Talk about how Pakistan indulges in regular and hybrid wars against India and India’s response

Discuss why India needs to engage in hybrid war and what it involves… 391 more words


Sunday 18 February, 2018 Update: Dark Skies Ahead for US-Russia Relations?

It is no secret that relations between the United States and Russia have been tumbling downhill for an extended period of time. Last week’s indictments of 13 Russian nationals and 3 Russian groups on charges related to attempted meddling in US elections and political process raises the possibility of even chillier relations, and heightened tensions looming in the weeks and months ahead. 321 more words

International Relations

Back to the Future: The Potential of Great-Power Conflict-The National Interest

Back to the Future: The Potential of Great-Power Conflict by Gabriel Glickman

“We are facing global disorder, characterized by decline in the long-standing rules-based international order.” Read it here.