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How does Marxism account for the uneven levels of power present in international society?

The class conflict

Marxism has come into the recent scope of international relations, since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. To essentially understand the underlying principles and concepts of Marxism, the basis of comparable factors are taken account, which is largely placed on the scale of economics. 423 more words


How do the principles of Liberalism lead to a more peaceful international society?

Liberalism, democracy and Globalisation.

Liberalism is a political theory; a main cog of constituted ideologies that propels the current state of the political world. The essential elements for justice, liberty and equality define the worldview of liberalism. 591 more words


What challenges does globalisation pose for the norms, rules and practices of international society?

We came, we saw, we sat it out.

Globalisation is a medium for the spread of international systems around the world. From the years of imperialism to the present modern world, it has shaped the norms and practices of how states and non-states work and interact with one another. 889 more words


Greater co-operation among Rubaiyat collectors and researchers

The Rubaiyat Research Day in Cambridge in July was an opportunity for quite far flung researchers and collectors, all interested in aspects of the poem, and/or Omar Khayyam and Edward FitzGerald, to get together to exchange views and new findings, and to discuss new projects.  362 more words

What does Parhlo.com share in their "International" Section?

Yes, when it comes to International News, readers immediately look for the authenticity of the content so that if they share it with their circle, it shall not let them down in credibility. 381 more words