Student Housing Files: Macquarie Uni Village

Part of a new series, student housing files aims to give you a taste of various student housing facilities around major universities. This week we talk with Ruby and Jimmy, residents at Macquarie University Village!

New Students

Work - let me learn from the ants

Here’s a quick post about work from this past week. Spring quarter is always the busiest for our office, because students are preparing for graduation (and something called OPT, which allows for them to work for one year in the U.S. 737 more words

The Hong Kong Chapter

Yuki & Hisho, Year 10

We have one set of twins in Fell House, Yuki and Hisho.

  • Who is the older twin?

Hisho, by a few minutes.

Student union unhappy over UNB budget, tuition increases

The University of New Brunswick’s 2016-2017 operating budget has drawn the ire of its student union due to tuition increases across the board.

Canadian students will pay five per cent more for tuition this year, with New Brunswickers receiving three per cent of that back through a tuition rebate. 243 more words


Qipao Fitting and Cultural Festival

Yesterday our teacher went with us to go look at qipaos. A qipao is a piece of traditional Chinese clothing. The shop was really tiny, but had a million cloth options. 247 more words