Humans of Interchange - Lo

What’s your favourite place in Australia?

In my first year I went backpacking across Australia with my boyfriend. Our favourite place by far was Tasmania. The views are spectacular and the people are friendlier than you expect. 461 more words


On Tutoring and Border Policing

Four Corners recently aired an ‘expose’ of the Australian university system: a report purportedly focused on the increased profit focus and subsequent academic erosion of the tertiary sector that instead had more to say about the border than about capital. 1,410 more words


Your Daily Conciseness #9

Not concise:

Our company has been achieving acceptable growth rates, but the business environment in which we’re immersed may represent some obstacles. Customers are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to service. 91 more words

International Students

Graduate Fair June 10th & 11th June – How relevant is this fair for International students?

The Graduate Fair will take place on 10th & 11th June at The Armitage Centre in Fallowfield, Manchester. They are popular with international students who are looking for jobs in the UK after graduation and who have not yet secured a graduate scheme place, but how relevant are these fairs for international students? 1,428 more words


International students face unique challenges after graduation

Not every student feels the rush of excitement and freedom that comes with college graduation — international students that come to the U.S. on student visas for their education face pressure, stacks of paperwork after graduation and an uncertain future. 526 more words


Reflections on My First-Year

Sometime before enrolling at Barnard, I scanned through Barnard’s academic calendar, and learned that each semester is only about 4 months long. I realized then that we technically spend two thirds of a year being a college student, which isn’t an awful lot of time. 789 more words

My week in the Dáil, 15th May

It was a busy week in the Dáil this week, with Sinn Féin tabling a private members motion on the need for an independent planning regulator in the 26 Counties. 309 more words

Budget Cuts