Free Legal Services for International Students

Today’s blog post will provide information about where international students in either New South Wales or Victoria can seek free legal advice against exploitative employers. 187 more words

Learning in a Foreign Language

While many students find the idea of studying abroad exciting, the idea of leaving everything and everyone you know behind to study abroad for four years, 949 more words

Blog Posts

Report Your Exploitation Anonymously Now

The Fair Work Ombudsman, an organisation which aims to provide advice and assistance to both these groups, have recently launched an Anonymous Report function which allows groups like international students to report to the Fair Work Ombudsman about potential workplace issues. 144 more words

Workshops: Critical Reading, Essay Planning and Writing - 1 November 2016

Being a masters student is challenging, not just because of the level you will be learning at but also the amount of work (e.g. reading and writing) you’ll be expected to do, and all the while being ‘critical’. 92 more words


NBSA announces dates for 2016 Advocacy Week

Fredericton, NB – Student leaders from across the province will be headed to the Legislative Assembly in November to discuss how New Brunswick can leverage the wealth of knowledge and potential human capital of our postsecondary (PSE) sector to build a stronger, more prosperous society. 320 more words

Press Releases

Misguided in the Extreme: Tory Policy Towards International Students

I’ll apologise at the start if this post becomes rather more of a rant than usual, but this is an area I’m passionate about and am angry about the Government’s utterly misguided policy. 799 more words

Applying to College as an International Student

Applying to colleges in the US is tough. It’s even tougher if you’re an international student. In fact, most schools will admit on average about 10% students that are international. 149 more words