2017 Best Boarding High Schools in America for College Acceptance

Parents believe that there is no real difference between boarding schools.  Some actually believe that they are all “basically” the same.  That, is however, a myth when it comes to college acceptance to elite colleges. 489 more words

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Asian Century Latest: India Fills 0.60846% of International Student Quota!

Just 30,423 international students enrolled in Indian #highered institutions in 2016, a drop of nearly 1,000 (▼2.26%) on 2015 #India #edchat

— ッ MEDIOLANA® EDU (@Mediolana) …

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Racial Tensions and the American Dream

While I realize this post will not be popular among many people, I believe it is important to discuss issues of race, privilege, and what… 897 more words

International Students

Common Mistakes Parents Make When Applying to Private Schools

My team and I personally work with U.S. as well as international families (who reside in the U.S. or are abroad) during the private school application admissions process.  854 more words

International Students

How Accommodating is Australia?

I used to be under the impression that Australia had a very positive approach towards international education; however, my most recent BCM111 lecture made me question whether or not we are actually as accomodating as I thought. 585 more words

A field guide to creative writing students: Part 5

Fellow twitchers, scholastibiologists, random browsers who stumbled in here looking for something else – welcome. How have you been? I have lately been seized by a writing frenzy, confining me to my inner worlds. 478 more words



I drove through Charlottesville, Virginia a couple of summers ago on my way back from New York. It was a serene afternoon, and I had not set foot on Jefferson’s campus in over 30 years. 895 more words