Mobile phone in China

You probably noticed that Chinese people spend more time on their cellphones than French people do. When you arrive in China you understand why QR codes are tagged everywhere in China (restaurants, supermarkets etc). 894 more words

Transcontinental Tracks

Does Campus Racism Exist?

On November 13th, East York’s residents woke up to posters urging white people to join Alt-Right, a white supremacy group. The posters read “Hey White Person” and encouraged them to join the group to better protect white heritage and Western countries from immigrants and from being multi-cultural. 412 more words


Exam-stress? See what other students do to fight it...

Whatever the cultural differences, all students have their own rituals and superstitions, whether it is playing a lucky song, eating special food or even wearing a pair of lucky pants. 24 more words

Global Monarchs


Centenary University has always welcomed students from faraway lands. One of our first international students was Tsuna Akira Kuchiki, who went by Daniel. Kuchiki, of Tokyo, Japan, was present for the dedication of Centenary Collegiate Institute’s building in 1874 and graduated from the College Preparatory Classical Course in 1877. 768 more words


Welcome is a Powerful Word

No one likes being the “new kid on the block.” Just thinking about it takes us back to those times when we experienced loneliness and unfamiliarity in the new places of our lives. 961 more words

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Checklist: Orientation, Handbook, OGS Check-In, and Payment Deadline

January Term is just around the corner! Review these three essential components before arriving on campus.

  1. Orientation & Handbook: All January Term students are required to watch the…
  2. 201 more words

Exam Tips - Writing and Thinking Critically

The Institute for Academic Development offers advice and resources to support students with writing effectively at postgraduate level.

The eWriting online course (open-access) is specifically developed for postgraduate students, it covers many aspects of writing successfully at University. 171 more words