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International tax meets Japanese anime

By: Diane Ring

On Sunday, international tax lawyers and advisers from private sector, government officials, tax representatives from international organizations, in-house counsel, and tax academics converged on the convention center in Madrid for the… 768 more words

5 Challenges of doing International Business and how to address them

International markets are seen as being lucrative business opportunities for those SME’s wanting to grow their business beyond their local borders.  It is no longer just the domain of large corporations as the global economy expands its reach. 952 more words

Small Business

Regardless of Election Outcome, Federal Tax Reform Likely to be Considered in 2017

A topic that almost always can be certain to generate strongly held opinions is that of “tax reform.”  Most taxpayers have a perspective as to the current tax system’s fairness and complexity, and most politicians are able to deliver a well-organized set of talking points that seem to suggest that his/her tax plan is preferable to what we now have:  a system that is not only fair and raises adequate revenue, but also one that is not overly complex.  1,011 more words

Ireland, Apple, and State Aid

Maybe you heard: Apple owes up to €13 billion in back taxes, plus interest, to Ireland. And maybe you also heard that Ireland doesn’t want Apple to pay. 971 more words

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EU set to rule Apple Inc's Ireland deal as illegal

The European Union anti-trust regulators are set to rule the business arrangement of US based technology giant Apple Inc. The which is expected to be delivered on Tuesday (August 30, 2016) is likely to cost Apple in the range of USD 200 mn to USD 19 bn in back taxes. 108 more words

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Walmart and Puerto Rico

By: David J. Herzig

Everyone knows by now the dire financial problems facing Puerto Rico.  (My co-blogger Shu-Yi Oei wrote about the default in Surly… 1,015 more words