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Brexit: The Path to UK Sovereignty

by John Brian Shannon | August 26 2016

As the UK government gears up to deal with the will of voters, four paths to trade in Europe appear that merit consideration… 1,386 more words


Ohio International Market Access - Grant for Exporters (IMAGE)

Financial stability is key to any export endeavor. This is especially true for small businesses wishing to promote their products and services in international markets. They must continually evaluate their financial positions, especially in the pursuit of new capital. 62 more words


2016 August Sourcing at Magic Debriefing

New landscape of sourcing

  • Sourcing is turning from regional to global. In the past, U.S. apparel companies/fashion brands set up regional offices to handle sourcing.
  • 1,113 more words
International Trade

How Long Can Economic Reality Be Ignored?

From the Strategic Culture Foundation, by Paul Craig Roberts

Trump and Hitlery have come out with the obligatory “economic plans.” Neither them nor their advisors, have any idea about what really needs to be done, but this is of no concern to the media. 1,205 more words


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What sense does it make to have zero interest rates when high inflation is eating away the real value of money? What sense does it make to have high price/earnings ratios when the consumer market cannot expand? What sense does it make to have a stable dollar when the Federal Reserve has created far more dollars than the economy has created goods and services? What sense does it make to undermine the financial condition of pension funds and insurance companies with zero interest rates, leaving them with no fixed income hedge against the stock market? It makes no sense. We are in a trap in which collapse seems the only way out. If interest rates reflected the real rate of inflation, the hundreds of trillions in derivatives would blow up, the stock market would collapse, unemployment could not be hidden with under-measurement, budget deficits would rise. What would public authorities do? When crisis hits, what happens to corporations that used profits and borrowed money, that is, debt, to buy back their own stocks in order to keep the price high and, thereby, executive bonuses high and shareholders happy and disinclined to support takeovers? Chaos and its companion Fear take over from Contentment. Hell breaks loose. Is more money printed? Does the money find its way into consumer prices? Do we experience simultaneously massive inflation and massive unemployment? Don’t expect the presstitutes, the politicians, or Wall Street to confront any of these questions. When the crisis occurs, it will be blamed on Russia or China.

Trading 'Globalization' for 'Interdependence'

by John Brian Shannon | August 19, 2016

Globalization has done much to lift the total GDP of many nations, except that inequality has increased by orders of magnitude (even within rich countries) due to the sloppy and sometimes corrupt implementation of the thing we call Globalization. 571 more words


Eurasia Integration - North - South Corridor might challenge Suez Canal

In addition to the China-led New Silk Road, Eurasian players are boosting the development of the North-South International Transport Corridor which aims to connect South Asian countries with North and Western Europe. 565 more words