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How to plan a Pricing Strategy for the Chinese market

The Chinese market is like a pyramid with the extremely wealthy on the very top and the extremely poor at the bottom. However, a very big chunk of this pyramid does belong to middle class, and the number of people in the middle of this pyramid is rising everyday after Chinese government relaxed the one child policy. 430 more words

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This is what one well-known truth activist in America thinks about the ramifications of the TPP on America.

Without doing a lot of homework, I would hazard a guess that Australia would not be a great deal differently affected. 914 more words

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The Future of “Made in China”: Robots are taking over China's Factory Floors

The video echoes one recent Wall Street Journal article about Levi Strauss using automation technologies to revamp their apparel production in China:

“In an apparel factory in Zhongshan, a gritty city of three million stuffed with industrial parks across the Pearl River from Hong Kong, lasers are replacing dozens of workers who scrub Levi’s blue jeans with sandpaper to give them the worn look that American consumers find stylish. 489 more words

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Determinants of International Trade in the Heckscher-Ohlin-Samuelson Model

I am posting a link to my honours essay on international trade theory. It was completed as part of my undergraduate degree. Honours Essay

My paper uses the Hechscher-Ohlin-Samuelson model in which there are two goods, two countries, and two factors of production, to derive several results relating to determinants of trade. 88 more words


ECON 220 and ECON 221: Make-up/extra credit assignments

Guidelines for Make-up/Extra Credit Assignments
ECON 220 and ECON 221

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Do's and don'ts of attending exhibitions in China

Today I want to talk about why foreign companies should attend exhibition in China and what they should do or don’t to have a great experience in Chinese market. 429 more words

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