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Oops! Seven questions we forgot to ask Wilbur Ross

What does “sensible trade” look like to the aging private equity investor and Commerce Secretary nominee Wilbur Ross? Lots of people watched Wednesday’s Senate confirmation hearing closely because it is believed that Ross will be a key architect of Donald Trump’s trade policy. 852 more words

U.S. Politics

What is Donald Trump likely to achieve in power?

All that just about everyone can agree on is that Mr Trump promises to be an entirely new sort of American president. The question is, what sort? 801 more words

'A Global Britain' - Theresa May's Brexit Speech

A Global Britain

“A little over six months ago, the British people voted for change.

They voted to shape a brighter future for our country. 6,416 more words


New Silk Road - Hopes and Fears in Kyrgyzstan

From a Kyrgyz perspective, the developing relationship with China is best described as ‘difficult but necessary’

By Gabriele Battaglia, Bishkek

Aisulu grimaces while talking about the gauntlet she has been thrown by foreign competitors. 971 more words


Bachelor Full Scholarship

Location : Jiangsu , Anhui

Degree : Bachelor

Majors : International Trade ( Business ) / Software Engineering / Electrical Engineering / Civil Engineering.

Intake : 63 more words


Outlook 2017: Apparel Industry Issues in the Year Ahead

In January 2017, Just-Style consulted a panel of industry leaders and scholars in its Outlook 2017–Apparel Industry Issues in the Year Ahead management briefing. Below is my contribution to the report. 1,390 more words

International Trade

On (Im)Perfect Subsitution

Another Econ 101 mistake people make, especially with regard to immigration and international trade, is some form of “foreigners (immigrants) can do all the work we do but for much lower prices!   395 more words