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Reality vs Perception

Over at the Liberty Law Blog, Prof. John McGinnis has an excellent piece on legislating.  He writes (emphasis added):

A Nebraska Senator has introduced a bill to require photo identification for voting, not because voting fraud is an actual problem, but because Nebraskans perceive there to be such fraud, whether it exists or not.

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Three Books on Marxist Political Economy (Pt 4)

The wave of reactionary racist economic nationalism represented by the British “Brexit” and election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency has drawn attention to the question of world trade. 309 more words


SMU Seminar: 'Trumponomics - Impact on the world'

During the March holiday, I attended the Singapore Management University (SMU) seminar: “Trumponomics – Impact on the world”, by Prof Augustine H H Tan. During the 2-hour long seminar, Prof Tan discussed how Mr Donald Trump got elected as President despite his radical and seemingly presumptuous policy proposals that are likely to adversely affect America and even the world. 515 more words


Mutual Gains, Not Shared Values: The New Normal in International Relations?

by Lucio Pitlo III, March 21, 2017/ Originally Posted at AllChinaReview

Much talk about the evolving global political and economic landscape largely ignores the major underlying factor driving this transformational shift, namely the growing emphasis on mutual gains rather than shared values as a fundamental basis for state relations. 1,316 more words

International Relations

Trade - China a friend in need to Malaysia

Alibaba Group’s support for Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s digital economy initiative is the latest indication of burgeoning bilateral ties

By David Hutt, @davidhuttjourno… 1,063 more words


How to Sue a Nation: Corporation v. Country

As the death bells knell for the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a multilateral trade agreement which was (eventually) opposed by every serious US Presidential candidate, many enraged netizens are left hanging with fervent opinions about their country’s obligations to foreign investors. 755 more words

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A Tale of Trade

A farmer in rural Iowa says to his wife, “My love: I will take our corn to market, and from the proceeds I will buy our daughter a dress!”  So, he loads up his truck with his corn (which was grown with the sweat of his brow) and takes it to Iowa City.   243 more words