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Trade War III

America and China: Response

The following allegations of Intellectual Property theft, made by Trump provoked a reaction from China, as a result it impacted the US technology industry. 801 more words


The journey begins

Dear guest,

Welcome to the blog “Commerce. Markets. Firms”.

This blog will explore the complexities of what – in academic terms – I love the most: international trade, international business and strategic management. 297 more words


The unintended consequence of putting tariffs on imported goods

Interesting article in the Wall Street Journal headlined “A Twist in the U.S. Tariff Battle: It’s helping China to be more competitive”.  In chapter 12 we talk about how external forces can influence and shape new product development and innovation.   41 more words

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Greater Eurasia coming together in the Russian Far East

The Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok has become a crucial part of strategic integration between China, Russia and other countries in northeast Asia, a graduation assimilation set to transform the current world system… 1,220 more words


The Importance of Considering Transaction Costs

Over at Carpe Diem, Mark Perry points us to an article detailing a potential move by Wal-Mart:

Target and Walmart will now face a tough choice: They can absorb the higher costs from tariffs by taking a hit to their profit margins, or they can pass some of the price increases on to their customers.

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Direct Foreign Investment Going Up - Colombia

Investments in Colombia by foreigners increased in the first semester of 2018 by US$ 757 million to US$ 5,797 million as reported by the Banco de la Republica. 47 more words

International Trade