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How to Travel the World with a Broken Down Pancreas

When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes my parents made it clear to me that the only thing that would limit my life would be me. 96 more words

Shakin' Life in Boracay|Day 3, 4 &5

So we have been very busy here in Boracay. Our girl Alana has now left and is back in S. Korea, but Kisha and I are still living that Boracay life. 801 more words


ChezChelle Passport Covers

When traveling, make sure to travel in style with your own ChezChelle passport cover.

Passport covers are a great way to easily identify your travel documents among all your personal items that one has with them while traveling.   32 more words


Gary Supeau: Staying On the Cutting Edge

Over the last twenty years of Gary Supeau’s remarkable career, he has accumulated a strong and in depth understanding of his field of source management, and is a vital resource to any manufacturing company fortune enough to employ him. 265 more words

Gary Supeau

Gary Supeau: A History of Education

Gary Supeau knows the importance of a good education. As a matter of fact, Gary says that a proper education is the foundation of a brighter and better future, especially in the world of business manufacture and management, a field Gary has worked in for nearly twenty years. 244 more words

Gary Supeau

Gary Supeau: Business Professional

Gary Supeau is a business professional with over twenty years of accumulated experience in his respected field. Over the years Gary Supeau has continued to grow and prosper as a sourcing manager for various companies, becoming more and more adept at saving manufacturing companies money and cutting overall costs. 237 more words

Gary Supeau