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We want to give our best, but what is it? Things are not as easy as we may think....

When recently in Simiyu, Lake Zone, Tanzania, I met a program assessor from a donor country. When I mentioned that the Tanzania Midwives Association (TAMA) had a 5 day Midwives Emergency Skills Training, she commented that it was not the “standard” 15 day Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care (CEmONC), or even the 12 day Basic Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care (BEmONC), and thus might not be considered for funding using their criteria. 487 more words


Time Flies When You're Having Fun...at work

In a week, I will have been here for 4 months – hard for me to believe! It seems like we are just getting started.  Just 5 more months to to work on a problem that keeps developing more layers – rather like an onion, except crying is not a direct consequence… just indirect – for those the current system has failed. 912 more words


Mud, mud, glorious mud, Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood....*

It is interesting how our bodies adjust to new-to-us temperatures, if we let them. It is regularly 30+C  here, hotter in the sun. Clearly avoiding mid-day excursions (siestas anyone?) is recommended. 653 more words


Lions and cheetahs and snakes, oh my!

Daniel and I went to the Mwagusi Safari Camp in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania for 5 amazing and full (very full!) days over Christmas. We saw four of the major five (no rhinos in that park): 11 different lions/lionesses, 1 leopard (eating an impala, then in a tree), herds of elephants and Cape buffalo – collectives of many other African animals – a coalition of cheetahs, herds of  impala, a dazzle of zebra, lesser and greater kudu (an antelope), waterbuck, towering giraffes, a pod (or bloat) of hippos, troops of baboons and monkeys, and a bask of crocodiles. 361 more words


Greece - A Childhood Dream

 If you look at Greece, I don’t think you will ever ask the question why Greece. 401 more words


A day in my life...

I have given you a sense of my time-off, now, for my work days. They are much more routine!

The sun comes up each day at 6 a.m..   508 more words



A lot can change in a week. Last weekend, I was enjoying Bongoyo Island beach with one of my room mates. Last night she flew home to Canada, having decided, for various thoughtful reasons, that she cannot stay. 649 more words