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Teaching in South Korea

There were 10 curious eyes peering at me as I entered the classroom. Like a cat and mouse game, I knew the children wanted to test the waters with a new teacher. 421 more words

International Volunteering

Fires, fires and fires

Yesterday, many women…over 2 million in fact, celebrated the Attukal Pongala festival in Trivandrum, Kerala where I just spent just over 2 months.  I do not fully understand the story of the goddess who is being celebrated.   438 more words


Teaching Spoken English in India

The clanking of desks on the hard tile floor is what sticks with me the most. It was August of 2011, and I was about to give my first lesson as a teacher at the College of Micronesia in… 2,311 more words

Travel Log

The First Time I Travelled Solo

I was the quiet girl in the class. I’d be sat at the back of the class; studious yet day-dreamy in an all girls’ school where outgoing personalities were seen as appealing and bold. 1,408 more words


Feeling SKWIDish

Welcome to my first blog post of my entire journey in Édea, Cameroon! It has been a long process so far, so it is funny that it is still not only the beginning, but also that I am still only in the preparation stage of the whole thing. 839 more words

Erin's Edéa

Is It Possible To Travel As A Broke Twenty-Something?

I have always known somewhere in the back of my mind that I wanted to travel. I mean, doesn’t everyone? To see the world, experience life to the fullest, and put real meaning to the random names on a map? 1,043 more words


What’s IVMDay? An international recognition for all those managing/leading volunteers in their field of work.

I could have written a post about the incredible work volunteer managers do, but I can’t speak for everyone. 383 more words