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The Knight of the Cheerful Countenance

Original: Komsomolskaya Pravda
Translated by Gleb Bazov

Motorola went to fight in the Donbass after hearing a Kievite say:
“For one of ours, we’ll kill ten Russians.” 1,383 more words

Interview with the Prizrak Brigade

Original: Mücadele Birliği Web Sitesi
Translated by Anton Raab / Edited by @GBabeuf

Unity of Struggle: First, we would like to inquire about the creation of the Prizrak Brigade. 920 more words


The most famous Serbian volunteer leaves the Donbass

Original article: ruserbia.com
Translation by Alexander Fedotov

Preamble: We, at Slavyangrad, have been following Dejan’s story for a long time since we published our translation… 774 more words

DPR. Militia

First It's The Spark, Then It's The Flame

Buzz Buzz.

With groggy eyes you turn your head and are blinded by the light. 4:00am. No matter what they tell you, waking up at such an ungodly hour is never pleasant, even if it’s to catch a flight towards your next adventure. 490 more words