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Women Who Run with Words

It’s another heavy…

Hey Readers, I have to confess my thoughts and feelings have been numb since the Valentine’s Day tragedy in Florida. I’m angry right along with victims’ families who are opposed to assault weapons.   1,151 more words

Women Trailblazers

the trouble with rideshares

I tried really hard, but I’ve officially already missed my one-post-a-month goal. At least I can wish you all a Happy International Women’s Day! (Edit: IWD has now also passed – oops.) In the spirit of IWD, I would like to present the internet with a little piece of my mind on the current nature of ride-shares. 1,406 more words

To a Raging Anti-Feminist

Is International Women’s Day a good thing? I could think of many positive things about it, but I came across a blog that described it as “an estrogen fest of caustic female pride.” And this came from a young woman I have a lot of respect for. 758 more words

Christian History

Poem for International Women’s Day

International Women’s day has been and past, and as an aspiring poet, it got me thinking about our society. Women have had to come so far in terms of injustice and inequality and there have been many inspirational women who have paved the path for all of us that follow after them. 243 more words

Happy International Women's Day

Today is International Women’s Day, so I wanted to highlight a cool initiative by a local independent publisher, and also mention what I’m reading next. 438 more words

Happy Women's Day!

For anyone who didn’t know, the Marywood Global Unity Club held a Women’s Liberation Gallery in honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. The gallery was held from March 4 to March 8, 2018 in the Kresge Gallery. 121 more words

Where Creativity Works

The wahmen

Dapat talaga nung nakaraan pa ‘to, March 8 to be specific, kasi yun yung International Women’s Day. Pero since International Women’s Month pa rin naman ngayon, then let’s continue this blog. 794 more words

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