Apple Could Face Back Taxes of More Than 1 Billion Euros with EU Ruling

The European Commission will rule against Ireland’s tax dealings with Apple on Tuesday, sources familiar with the decision told Reuters, one of whom said Dublin would be told to recoup over 1 billion euros in back taxes. 506 more words


Hillary Clinton told 'so many lies' on emails: Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton told ‘so many lies’ on emails: Donald Trump

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has tweeted a video accusing his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton  208 more words

Another powerful typhoon forecast to hit Japan on Tuesday

Powerful Typhoon Lionrock is forecast to hit eastern to northern Japan on Tuesday, bringing heavy rains and strong winds to a wide area of the country, the Japan Meteorological Agency says. 50 more words


Vancouver Edition: Basalt Wine + Salumeria

When I was in Whistler a few months ago for my stagette, one of the places that we thought about going to was Basalt Wine + Salumeria.   831 more words


How is UK to leave EU?

My former colleague Gerry Lynch recently posted this on Facebook:

The will of the people must be respected. Which will is that? The will that the UK can get its cake and eat it with the EU more than it already had, with all the benefits and none of the costs of membership?

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Morocco Charges Nightclub Manager for Selling Alcohol To Muslims

Morocco has long been a country with a significant secular community and the persistent threat from Islamic fundamentalists and Sharia law. A recent case shows how the courts impose ridiculous prosecutions in the name of Islamic values. 129 more words


Vanity Oh Vanity, Thy Name is Amy . . .

Amy Sharp, 18, is apparently irate. It is not the reason why she escaped from an Australian correction center. Rather, it was this picture circulated by police which she considered not flattering. 115 more words