Michigan's Stabinow Takes Cotton to the Woodshed.

When freshman Senator Tom Cotton wrote that infamous “Open Letter” to Iran  I’m sure he didn’t think that a senior Senator from Michigan would come down upon him like the proverbial ton of bricks. 182 more words

உலகக்கிண்ண இறுதிப் போட்டியில் நடுவர்களாக இரண்டு இலங்கையர்கள்

எதிர்வரும் 29ஆம் திகதி இடம்பெறவுள்ள உலகக்கிண்ண இறுதிப் போட்டியில் குமார் தர்மசேன நடுவர்களில் ஒருவராக செயற்படவுள்ளார்.

இப்போட்டியில் ரிச்சர்ட் கெட்டில்பரோ மற்றுமொரு நடுவராக செயற்படவுள்ளாரென ICC தெரிவித்துள்ளது.


Astronauts blast off for 1-year trip to space station

BAIKONUR, Kazakhstan (AP) — American astronaut Scott Kelly and his Russian counterpart Mikhail Kornienko blasted off early Saturday on a mission to spend an entire year away from the Earth. 480 more words



This past summer, I was super super lucky and actually got a summer internship to work in SEOUL, S KOREA!

I won’t mention the company, but it’s a pretty large company globally and in Korea. 194 more words

The World's Most Brilliant Person May Speak Hmong, but the Road to Fame Leads Through Other Languages

“There is a “what else did you expect?” nature to the outsized role of Western languages in three Western-born products: the mass book-publishing industry, Wikipedia and Twitter. 168 more words


Calling for a Globalization from Below

In his new contribution on OffGuardian, Theodorakis writes:

The bad news is that we are probably in for a new round of globalization. The globalization of fear, violence and civilizational decay.  233 more words


The Fastest Way to Renew or Obtain Your Passport

In the US, more people than ever have a passport. I recently did a survey that surprised me. 84% of respondents said that they hold a valid passport. 789 more words