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Using ASP Localization with Angular2 +

You already have a ASP.Net project with Localization all set up and localized. Sure, you could convert the resx files and use Internationalization (i18n) built into Angular 2+. 791 more words


Why Community Colleges Are A Good Fit For International Students

The role of community colleges in the development of local communities in the US is regularly celebrated in the news. They provide an energizing alternative route for students who might not be ready or able to progress directly to undergraduate study and who might otherwise find themselves going straight to work. 58 more words


First Central Asian branch campus to open - and why diversity in higher education matters

It was perhaps only a matter of time before the rapid internationalization* of higher education in Central Asia made its ways outside the region’s borders, moving away from the current focus on internationalization within the region. 813 more words


Global Banks or Global Investors? The Case of European Debt Flows

What motivated you to pursue this research?

It was part of my PhD. Initially I was examining capital flows in Europe from conventional perspectives and critiquing those approaches.

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Strengthening cross-border partnerships

The College’s connections with Mexico continue to pay dividends for students on both sides of the border. Beginning in January, PCC and the Instituto Tecnológico de Hermosillo (ITH) will share a one-year, $25,000 grant to train leaders in the fast-growing field of sustainability. 201 more words

Touch-ups on the game package

I knew that there were some things missing!

Strings: The Better String Library seems more robust and secure than the standard C++ strings. The library also has rudimentary UTF-8 support, though I fear that I may have to supplement the library with better support. 240 more words