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Studio Viola founding a BID Department

Palermo, March 28th 2018 (Mercurypress.it) – “We have founded a BID Department composed of different strategic areas ; each area represents a specific need of the company within a path of internationalization strongly based on the innovation of value, process and technology that the Business Innovation Developer is able to meet thanks to the use of the most innovative work methods.”, declares Pietro Viola, Business Innovation Developer and founding partner of Studio Viola. 81 more words

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Strategic Management Levels

These three strategy levels are the following:

  1. Corporate strategies as a company.
  2. Competitive strategies cannot be negotiated.
  3. Functional strategies.

The three levels are clearly differentiated in diversified companies, that means, companies that act with different products or markets and in which it is possible to distinguish the company’s overall performance, understood as a set of activities, of its specific behavior in each of these activities. 735 more words


U.S.-Vietnam: A Partnership That Will Endure

U.S.-Vietnam: A Partnership That Will Endure

Secretary Kerry Visits Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and Education

John Kerry
Secretary of State
Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and Education… 6,202 more words


Moving beyond a colorblind perspective

Here´s another reflection regarding the course I participate in about cultural awareness. I believe that the current paradigm in Sweden in some ways are built upon those early psychological research that is described in the article of Awad et al. 542 more words


Study abroad

I know I wrote about this in my last blog post but today I got this study material in my mailbox so I got a little excited. 149 more words


Linguistic proficiency

So I have been struggling with my research proposal, which is of cause written in English. Finally, my supervisors approved it and now I´m in the phase of writing my ethical application. 249 more words


The Chinese Century: Is China-Brazil relationship a proxy of a new global governance?

The rise of Chinese influence in Brazil

By Evodio Kaltenecker, Ph.D.

Nature hates the vacuum, so do superpowers. Therefore, the geopolitical space allowed by the United States is seemingly being filled by China. 1,576 more words