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Dear American...

Greetings. I would like to inform you, in case it hasn’t been previously brought to your attention, that not all of us in this land of The (inter)Net reside from whence you connect from. 415 more words


"AI First" successor to "Mobile First"

The pace of change in technology is accelerating… “AI First” is an underlying strategic theme, henceforth. It was just 2012 when we launched the “Mobile First” theme. 61 more words

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Romanya'da 23 TL olan 100 mbps kotasız simetrik İnternetin Türkiye'de 5610 TL olması

(bkz: internet’te kotaya hayır topluluğu)’nun gün yüzüne çıkardığı verilere göre romanya’da 23 tl olan 100 mbps kotasız ve simetrik internet bağlantısının (download ve upload hızları eşit bağlantı) ülkemizde 5610 tl olması durumudur. 191 more words


Creatives Driving HR Talent Search Online

Trivago.com launched a new HR portal for job applicants today.

Ever curious, I’m interested in what “creative” companies are doing online. Trivago.com is fascinating if you peek under the covers just a little. 263 more words

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Push notification fatigue - comScore data

I find this interesting

Yes is the short answer,  and it is entirely in line with other similar declines is use.

We advertising in the late 1990’s had very good click through rates,  and now they are infitessimal. 278 more words


Mobile Web usage - and what comsore say

ComScore have produced their 2016 US Mobile App report,  and it is full of very good data and graphs on all things mobile.

However I would challenge their implied assertion that mobile users are not very interested in mobile web. 79 more words


Last Call: Entrepreneurship Boarding? (in turkish)

Biraz içinizi karartacağım. Bağışlayın.

Teknolojinin gümbür gümbür geldiği bilgi çağında artık coğrafi konum, tarımsal zenginlik pek de fazla ya da en azından eskisi kadar diyelim işe yaramıyor. 1,280 more words

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