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Opinion: Protect online expression by treating Net like the press

The Internet pervades nearly everything we do in our lives, from reading this article to ensuring the mortgage or rent is paid on time.

Its rapid ascendance has disrupted social, economic, and legal orders, creating new hierarchies and approaches that have transformed how we understand politics, commerce, and expression. 676 more words


Why is anyone surprised about Alex Jones?

Recently Alex Jones, the host of The Alex Jones Show and founder of InfoWars.com, has gotten embroiled in a custody battle with his ex-wife, claiming that some of his on-air rants indicate that he is “not a stable father”. 680 more words

The Media

BotAnalytics Story...Artificial Intelligence based analytics company

Watch Link: Talk with Artificial Intelligence based ChatBot firm BootAnalytics @SanFrancisco

The story of ilker was amazing and insprational. His move to Silicon Valley, staying hungry, difficult times with money, one-way ticket to silicon Valley.

Min-blowing talk. In Turkish.

Turkish Innovation Landscape, Chat with Sabancı University

Watch link: Over Innovation and Entrepreneurship with Sabancı SuCool

The talk is in Turkish. I had a chat with Sabancı University-the leading university in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship-SuCool pre-incubation program leaders. 15 more words

Future of Satellites

Within the next decade or so 100s of large satellites and about 2,000 micro and nano satellites will be launched into Earth’s orbit. Read on to discover where Athena, our robot, thinks there are opportunities and risks associated with a burgeoning space industry. 1,104 more words

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Leaving Windows 10 for Linux

My transition to Linux Mint.

The End Of  Windows 10

First I do say that Windows 10 wasn’t terrible, but it has some major issues which I will tell before I talk about Linux. 559 more words

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D-Link Omna vs. Logitech Logi Circle: Which home security camera to keep?

I didn’t intend to do a comparison piece between the D-Link Omna and Logitech Logi Circle, but here I am, with both in my house, and I only need one. 1,439 more words