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How Chatbots with Artificial Intelligence change the world? Wmedya interview.

In this article, we had a chat with one of entrepreneurs, Kemal Gökbaş, and tried to discover his adventure. You can below find his turning points in life in regards to entrepreneurship, their technology with its competitive advantage and many others. 552 more words


Kids in the Street

This video went viral on social media today and is quite fascinating to watch. I just had to do something interesting with it.


Singapore: New Smart Nation and Digital Government Office to be formed on May 1

21 Mar 2017 00:18

SINGAPORE: Staff from digital and technology teams in several ministries will form a new office in charge of digital transformation in the public service on May 1, the Prime Minister’s Office announced on Monday (Mar 20). 580 more words

Wikipedia Contributions and The Old Web

It was back in 2013 that I first found myself editing some Wikipedia pages. Occasionally I would come across I topic I could add something to (in one case a whole paragraph), but generally it’s little corrections I make here and there, like a space between the end of a word and the quotation number; little things that jump out at me and scream “correct meeee!” 604 more words


How I Out Geeked Portland.

Someone in the Official Keep Portland Weird Facebook page just commented that I out geeked them all. I am so proud, but was it Hubris that I would just assume that everyone  in Portland would get A Welcome to Nightvale reference? 868 more words

Viewing Public LinkedIn Profiles Even Without A LinkedIn Account

For some time I would think about borrowing a LinkedIn account whenever I encounter a link for a LinkedIn profile in a Google search result. I don’t remember how long it has been since I last had a LinkedIn account; I decided to delete my account there long before I decided to delete the hotmail e-mail address I signed up with it. 147 more words