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Cannon denies report he will run in next election

MONTREAL — Canada’s ambassador to France Lawrence Cannon has denied the reports that he will return to Quebec to run as a Conservative party candidate in the next federal election. 111 more words


Google has patented the ability to control a robot army - Quartz

  • The patent suggests that the robots could be controlled by a smartphone—Google’s mobile operating system is called Android, after all—with tasks doled out based on each robot’s ability to complete them.
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Researchers Develop A Troll-Hunting Algorithm | Popular Science

  • After an 18-month study of banned commenters on cnn.com, breitbart.com and ign.com, three researchers claim they can identify Internet trolls with great accuracy. The say their system can spot an inflammatory commenter in less than 10 posts.
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İnternet ve Sokak (Derleyen: Yasemin İnceoğlu, Savaş Çoban)

Dijital aktivizm, internet ortamında, toplumsal ya da politik konularda, karşıt ya da taraf olmanın yanı sıra, herhangi bir konuda kişilerin fikirlerini değiştirmeye yönelik etkileme çabasıdır. Dijital aktivistler, ifade özgürlüğü, insan hakları, çevre gibi sosyal ve politik konulardaki düşünce, eylem, dava vs üzerine temel amacı kamuoyunu bilgilendirmek ve kamuoyu yaratmak olan eylemler tasarlayarak bunları gerçekleştirmektedir. 212 more words


How to Research Like a Journalist When the Internet Doesn't Deliver

The internet is full of information, but sometimes what you’re looking for needs a different approach. Whether you’re looking for public records, family trees, or really old archives, it’s time to do some offline digging like an old-school journalist. 56 more words


Ethiocinema Review

Debra, who is an authorized cinema therapist, and her colleagues at KORU Bereavement Program – VNSNY’s special grief support service for kids, teens and their households – have informally compiled an inventory of movies and general guided discussion topics that apply to many films on the checklist. 782 more words