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Activism: from off to on

Although the Internet as a concept was created over 30 years ago, it’s been only two decades since we saw a true rise of this technology. 1,221 more words

Social Media

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الفشل الإسرائيلي في شوارع غزة وأوروبا

كان لافتا خلال فترة العدوان الكم الهائل من المعلومات التي تناقلها مستخدمو الانترنت من اخبار وقصص وصور ومقاطع فيديو نقلت جزءا ليس بيسير من تفاصيل العدوان الاسرائيلي على قطاع غزة.


تشكل القصص في الفضاء

فاليوم، لم يعد للفرد القدرة فقط على الوصول للمعلومة من مصادر اخرى غير التلفزيون والاذاعة والصحف والمجلات، بل ايضا اصبح يمتلك الفرصة للمقارنة بين عدة صياغات واكثر من تحليل لذات الخبر والمعلومة، ليرى بذلك الحقيقة من عدة اوجه وزوايا، وقد يسهم ايضا هو أيضا في ابراز زاوية اخرى من زوايا الحقيقة واضافتها لمحتوى الفضاء المعلوماتي.


Recentering the Shame Conversation

This evening Christianity Today hosted #CTShame, a Twitter conversation about online shaming and public criticism. There was significant dialogue and debate about the purpose of shame and when it is appropriate or inappropriate. 803 more words

American Christianity

The Palestine Solidarity Movement, Human Rights and Twitter

This paper examines the reaction of the Palestine Solidarity Movement in Ireland and the UK to the recent Israeli war on Gaza. It studies how the major solidarity groups used Twitter in their endeavour to show online audiences the Palestinian narrative, along with providing information on local solidarity activities. 68 more words


An exciting announcement!

At the start of this year, I made a deliberate decision to commit myself to participate in relevant conferences and work on getting some of my work published, and I am happy to announce that my first submission has been accepted. 895 more words

2014: The Year of the Political Hashtag Campaign

As 2014 draws to a close, it seems destined to go down in history as a breakthrough year for the political hashtag. Of course, we’ve seen numerous examples of this phenomenon in the past, but in 2014, hashtag campaigns dominated political discourse on social media (and beyond) and reached a whole new level of prominence. 762 more words