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How to deal with ,,someone is wrong on internet'' kind of people

A lot of  people take internet arguments too seriously and they are spending too much time trying to correct others online. Anyhow, as much as this can be annoying, there are many people who are constantly posting wrong things, and false information online. 890 more words

Don't Worry Be Happy

'Why are white people hated but Jewish people aren't?'

They benefit from the same institutional racism as white people, hold the same position of privilege, and—actually—look down on all gentiles, yet every time you mention this you’re instantly painted as anti-Semitic.

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'Why do we judge Confederates on the morality of slavery but not figures of the classical era?'

Just wondering why Robert E Lee can’t be an American hero for owning slaves despite literally everyone owning slaves at the time

While we all can safely circle jerk around Alexander the Great and Plato and Julius Caesar who all owned the fuck out of shit tons of slaves.

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'Why is masculinity so fragile?'

Masculinity is a default or orthodoxy like whiteness or straightness or, in the southern United States, evangelical Christianity. It’s a standard you’re measured against that at best can be complete but is easily made incomplete. 1,039 more words