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Giving Light

It’s a whirlwind of lies and vitriol out there right now, am I right? Social media sites spreading memes about the other party, the dangers of our world, the arrogance and wrongness of the side ‘opposite us’. 593 more words

S. E. Reichert

Mary Sociophagus Sue

Now that I have your attention due to the lovely $35* word in the title:

Mary Sues are not that bad.

I mean, hey, they are not a good thing by any stretch of the imagination, but as a problem they’re somewhere between adverb abuse, breaking the rules of the Evil Overlord List, and overblown melodramatic speeches. 811 more words

A. C. F.

How to deal with ,,someone is wrong on internet'' kind of people

A lot of  people take internet arguments too seriously and they are spending too much time trying to correct others online. Anyhow, as much as this can be annoying, there are many people who are constantly posting wrong things, and false information online. 890 more words

Don't Worry Be Happy