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And Then They Came for Me: SGT Report on Google Censorship of Natural News

by Sean of SGT Report

February 23, 2017


It’s hard to overstate the pure evil and tyranny Google has engaged in by wiping NaturalNews.com off the internet. 88 more words

~Voices Of Inspiration & Courage

NYT’s Fake News about Fake News

By Robert Parry of Consortium News

A grave danger from the Western mainstream media’s current hysteria about “fake news” is that the definition gets broadened from the few made-up stories that are demonstrably false – often fabricated by kids to get more clicks – to include reasonable disputes about the facts of a complex controversy. 481 more words

Brussels Business

Internet being censored by big 'netmedia corps in reply to dead TPP etc

Being something of a Journalistic Dissident, I’m regularly “pilloried” by pro-establaaashment mainsreamers, whether Aussie zombies or foreign.

      As expected, when any being becomes terminally-diseased and enters the death-throws stage, involuntary nervous reactions “kick-in”. 443 more words

      Moral Support: End anti-freedom Net Neutrality; End Sanctuary Cities

      Moral Support:

      End anti-freedom Net Neutrality; End Sanctuary Cities

      Net Neutrality Critic Ajit Pai Named New FCC Chairman

      Breitbart Tech 837 more words


      Pornhub wants Twitter to face the full wrath of the Digital Economy Bill...At least porn censor designate, David Austin, recognises that maybe it might not be a good idea to ban adults from accessing their porn

      Read more uk_internet_censors.htm at MelonFarmers.co.uk

      See  article from wired.co.uk

      An interesting article in Wired reports on a a recent Westminster eForum meeting when the British establishment got together to discuss, porn, internet censorship and child protection.A large portion of the article considers the issue that porn is not generally restricted just to ‘porn websites’.

      382 more words
      Internet Blocking

      Snooping to repress

      Khaosod had a long report the other day that deserves close attention. It is based on Who’s that Knocking at My Door by Privacy International. 376 more words