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Assange Keeps Warning Of AI Censorship, And It’s Time We Started Listening

People will be living in a world that they think they understand and know about, but they’ll unknowingly be viewing only establishment-approved information.

By Caitlin Johnstone via… 696 more words

Rigging The Game

Facebook and Google Outline Unprecedented Mass Censorship at US Senate Hearing

By Andre Damon | wsws.org

Behind the backs of the US and world populations, social media companies have built up a massive censorship apparatus staffed by an army of “content reviewers” capable of seamlessly monitoring, tracking, and blocking millions of pieces of content. 899 more words

Big Brother

Finn Wolfhard Pursuing Music Instead of Stranger Things 3?

{“contentType”:”VIDEO”,”id”:{“value”:”d8d62a62d9228b875e6438f651e75005″,”link”:”http:\/\/api.newsapi.com.au\/content\/v2\/d8d62a62d9228b875e6438f651e75005″},”originId”:”5348771529001-5712133912001″,”origin”:”BRIGHTCOVE”,”title”:”Finn Wolfhard Pursuing Music Instead of Stranger Things 3?”,”subtitle”:”Finn Wolfhard Pursuing Music Instead of Stranger Things 3?”,”description”:”Rumors of Finn Wolfhard not returning to \u2018Stranger Things\u2019 season 3 because of his interest in pursuing other roles might have just been debunked\u2026but not in the way you\u2019re thinking. 1,371 more words

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Fighting Fake News: Back Door Trick to Enact Censorship

By Makia Freeman | The Freedom Articles

Fighting fake news is the new pretext given by the ruling cabal in many nations to enact censorship… 1,491 more words

Big Brother

Mass Mind Control Confirmed: Twitter Engineers “Ban a Way of Talking” Via “Shadow Banning”


An undercover investigation has purportedly caught a senior engineer at Twitter saying the social media giant is “more than happy” to hand over the private communications of President Trump to the Department of Justice. 535 more words

Donald Trump

Big Brother = You

By Raúl Illargi of The Automatic Earth

Happy belated new year. Belatedly. Thought I’d sit out a few days, since there wasn’t much news to be expected. 1,400 more words

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