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Facebook Hiring Corporate Media Veterans to Manually Curate ‘News Tab’

Source: Lucas Nolan

Lucas Nolan is an Irish conservative journalist, regul

Facebook recently spoke with Axios, revealing a number of plans to promote news outlets on its platform including the creation of a “News Tab” featuring outlets handpicked by Facebook, changing how millions of people receive news. 354 more words


My Censorship Article

As promised, here’s my article on censorship that I wrote for Chalcedon, published last week in The Chalcedon Report.


There’s so much going on in the wonderful world of Internet censorship that I hadn’t a prayer of keeping up to date. 56 more words


Fake censorship...Instagram to allow users to report 'fake news' but no doubt this will used to harass those with opposing views

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See article from theguardian.com

Instagram is adding an option for users to report posts they claim are false. The photo-sharing website is responding to increasing pressure to censor material that government’s do not like.Results then rated as false are removed from search tools, such as Instagram’s explore tab and hashtag search results.

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Google Operating Like a News Publisher, Project Veritas Leaks Reveal

Leaked document admits tech giant trying to establish its own ‘single point of truth’

Source: Infowars.com

Google seems to be operating more like a news publisher than a neutral platform it claims to be in leaked documents… 747 more words


Quality control...Facebook introduces new censorship for private groups and labels it as 'Group Quality'

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Facebook has introduced a new censorship tool known as Group Quality to evaluate private groups and scrutinize them for any ‘problematic content’.For a long time now, Facebook was facing heat from the media for the fact that the private groups feature is harboring extremists and the spreading of ‘fake news’.

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Whistleblower: Google Wants to Overthrow United States Via Election Tampering

Says something dark & nefarious going on

Source: Project Veritas

A Google insider who anonymously leaked internal documents to Project Veritas made the decision to go public in an on-the-record video interview. 127 more words

US News

ICO seems to have backed off from requiring age verification for nearly all websites

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See article from ico.org.uk
See ICO censorship proposal and consultation document from ico.org.uk

Back in April of this year the data protection police of the ICO set about drawing up rules for nearly all commercial websites in how they should deal with children and their personal data.Rather perversely the ICO decided that age verification should underpin a massively complex regime to require different data processing for several age ranges.

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