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'Hammhead' Oil CEO Wanted Quake Scientists Fired

Sent by a reader in Oklahoma

Harold couldn’t give a ham about Oklahoma

The billionaire CEO of Oklahoma-based Continental Resources Inc., Harold (hammhead) Hamm, told a dean at the University of Oklahoma last year that he wanted several seismologists there dismissed because they were researching links between oil and gas activity and the state’s nearly 400-fold increase in earthquakes, Bloomberg… 370 more words

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UK/US adult internet industry meets to consider age verification rules...Is the end game, a US mega mall monopoly for porn along the lines of Amazon, eBay, iTunes and Play?

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Adult entertainment industry representatives met at a roundtable meeting with the UK VoD censors ofATVOD for a discussion over age-verification compliance.The discussion, instigated by ATVOD, IFFOR, ICM Registry and the Adult Provider Network, also took an inward look at how the adult entertainment industry, domestically in the U.K.

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Jewish Double Think: Calling for Internet Freedom while Conducting Censorship

Really everything is upside down in Jewland. According to them, Germany started WWII, and according to them a plan is not a diagram or list of steps with timing and resources used to achieve a certain objective, but something that is already put into action. 212 more words


John Whittingdale appointed as the Secretary for Censorship Culture...The Daily Mail's favourite 'go to' politician for censorial sound bites appointed as the government's chief censor

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Tory MP JohnWhittingdale, the chair of the Culture, Media and Sport select committee over the last decade, is the new Culture Secretary, taking over fromSajidJavid.Whittingdale has a lamentable record of being one of the Daily Mails favourite ‘go to’ sources for a censorial or moralistic sound bite.

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Chinese Fire Drills

Nope! I don’t mean running around outside an idling car at a red light. I do mean irrationality, confusion, and panic; three words synonymous with the nation of China. 1,318 more words

Beijing Tells Shanghai Newspaper To Shut Down Web Site After Allegations of Extortion

Staff said to have threatened listed companies with negative reporting unless they signed advertising contracts

Keira Lu Huang

Shen Hao, former president of the group that owns the 21st Century Business Herald. 177 more words

Facebook login system blocked by Great Firewall of China causing DDoS panic

Internet users in China have been unable to connect to a number of popular foreign websites over the last few days, apparently due to what security reporter Brian Krebs describes as a “screw-up” by government censors. 535 more words