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Making Thailand authoritarian

The military junta is getting away with too much. The illegitimate referendum by an illegitimate regime is drawing attention away from its basic work of remaking Thailand in the name and manner of the hierarchical institutions, establishing what it hopes will be a durable authoritarianism. 338 more words

The Great Firewall of China by [censored]

This is about videogames at one point, so sit tight. I urge you to soak up some of the information in between though as I believe it is certainly fascinating. 742 more words


Beyond the Great Firewall of China

After I had entered Xinjiang, China’s westernmost province, I found out that WordPress is being blocked there. Causing my blog to go dark for the duration of my stay there. 216 more words

Silk Road

Free speech stifles political correctness so must be banned...Yvette Cooper speaks in favour of the Guardian's internet censorship campaign

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See  article from theguardian.com

Online harassment and abuse is stifling debate and ruining lives , according to Yvette Cooper , who is calling on police and prosecutors to follow the Guardian’s lead in unmasking the true extent of the problem.The Labour MP claimed that misogyny, racism and homophobic abuse were all growing online.

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The Guardian wants to engage with its readers...But only those who support its ridiculous brand of PC extremism

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9th April 2016. See  article from theguardian.com

The Guardian has initiated a series of  articles calling for ideas about silencing comments from those who stridently object to the aggressive agenda of political correctness pushed by the newspaper.

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Does Owen Jones really believe the internet is hurting democracy?

by BlackCatte

Over at the Guardian’s shiny new “the web we want” section there’s a veritable onslaught of the “problem – reaction -solution” method of manipulating public opinion. 1,552 more words


Understanding the Modern Panopticon

It’s been 10 years since I first read Foucault. I was a lowly mature-age undergraduate who was blissfully unaware of any deeper geopolitical agendas operating across the planet. 1,270 more words