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The Tragedy of Ethiopia’s Internet

The Tragedy of Ethiopia’s Internet

By Justin Lynch, Motherboard, 1 February 2016

The only way to access the internet in Ethiopia is through the government-owned provider, Ethio Telecom, which has unilateral control over the telecom industry.

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They really are as stupid as this

We have several times pointed out that Thailand’s military junta is made up of a bunch of dullards.

Accounting for how this collection of dunces comes to be running a once quite successful country must examine the ways in which these men have been promoted. 523 more words

Online censorship pressure

A couple of days ago PPT posted on the military regime pressuring Google to censor without a court order. When we look back at that post we realize that we neglected to mention that the main area of concern was posts and videos about the monarchy. 174 more words

The Grass-Mud Horse

So, what exactly is the Grass-Mud Horse?  To answer that question, we first need to dive in the topic of China’s internet.

Well, it’s more like what’s not on China’s internet. 324 more words


Pressuring Google

There’s been some ongoing discussions between Google and the military dictatorship.

A couple of days ago at Khaosod it is reported that, according to a leaked but apparently official document, “Thai officials asked Google to make an exception and remove content without a court order…”. 233 more words

Putrajaya breaking promise not to censor Internet, says lawyers’ group

From The Malaysian Insider:

A lawyers’ group said Putrajaya’s move to block websites and blogs critical of the government was undemocratic, a grave abuse of power and in breach of its “no-Internet-censorship” policy. 199 more words

Freedom Of Speech

The Best Free VPN App You Should Download In China


Few years ago, the worst part about traveling to China is also saying goodbye to your social media accounts. Beyond that, don’t expect to use WhatsApp, Line or other text-messaging devices. 395 more words