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The Election, the Supreme Court, and the FEC/FCC

Many people have made a case that the makeup of Supreme Court is the centerpiece for why the 2016 presidential election is so important – specifically, conservatives are pushing the case that Donald Trump is needed to prevent Hillary Clinton’s probable permanent shift of the Court to the extreme Left.  871 more words


Wikileaks' Founder Julian Assange Disconnected from Internet in Attempt to Silence him Once Again

WASHINGTON – The digital megaphone of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange appears to have been silenced, and Britain is also moving against Russia’s foreign media operations. 179 more words


Verified by Google

While researching topics for this mornings entry, I spent some time reading about a new process Google is introducing called the International Fact-Checking Network. 263 more words

American Politics

Further updated: Mobs and censorship

The death of the king has allowed for even greater censorship, especially related to the monarchy.

It seems that there is a view among the junta’s bureaucrats that foreign reports aren’t fitting their royalist worldview, with the… 296 more words

Media controls

If there is any “funny business” going on about succession, then strict media controls can control some of the news on this. And the military junta has that in place, in the name of mourning. 244 more words