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Junta, YouTube conspire to repress 1932

The military dictatorship seems to have convinced YouTube that four minutes of Charlie Chaplin’s Great Dictator with Thai subtitles, denouncing dictatorship and praising the people, unity and dem0cracy, is against the law in Thailand. 204 more words

Uproar as Google vows to delete 'wrong opinion' columns and websites

California: Google is defending its controversial decision to remove what it calls “wrong opinion columns” online, including certain news websites.

The announcement, which has angered journalists and bloggers, follows a raft of measures being taken by the tech giant to stamp out so-called ‘fake news’ and ‘questionable content’ online. 249 more words

Undercurrents on Inle Lake

The main reason most people go to Nyaungshwe is to take a boat trip on the famously beautiful Inle Lake. I used a travel company my friend Lotte had used a year earlier, as she had asked me to take presents to some people she had met through them. 1,110 more words


Mad at Facebook or just mad?

Colonel Natee Sukonrat is the vice chairman of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission. We are not sure he’s all that bright, but that’s not uncommon when a military junta appoints based on loyalty rather than any skill, ability or capacity. 305 more words

International internet censorship?

Following British PM May’s call for  “… allied democratic governments to reach international agreements that regulate cyberspace to prevent the spread of extremism and terrorism planning.” (transcribed from a Fox News broadcast) the predictable chatter about government censorship sprang up almost immediately. 949 more words


Rulers Don't Care About Your Safety, Nor Can They Keep You Safe

The three Jihadi killers who perpetrated the London Bridge terrorist attack were armed with knives, despite it being illegal in the UK to carry knives and other weapons. 1,969 more words


Dear Great Britain – Blame Your Intelligence Agencies & Government, Not The Internet

Cross-posted from Zero Hedge

As we have noted numerous times in recent months, increasingly draconian ‘Big Brother’ counter-terrorism tactics are being implemented around the world, and in the wake of the third terrorist attack in weeks in England, Prime Minister Theresa May is calling for new Internet regulations and the suppression of digital tools that facilitate online “safe spaces” where attacks can be coordinated… with reports overnight that May is considering new powers to block access to extremist websites if internet companies fail to act over online radicalisation. 3,652 more words

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