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Thou shalt not bear false witness – unless thou canst get away with it

Is there a single one of the Ten Commandments more symbolic of the age we live in than the Ninth – that “thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour”? 2,485 more words


Google CEO Calls an End to "Fake News" by Disallowing "Fake" Sources on Their Ad Network

As of November 14th, 2016, Google has announced that their advertising tools will be closed to websites that promote “fake news.”

But who will decide what is “Fake” and what is accurate? 249 more words


Even more surveillance

Using the mourning period as a “cover,” the military dictatorship seems intent on more censorship and increased surveillance. The authoritarian state is deepening and darkening. 224 more words

Above the law...TiSA trade agreement seeks to grant the likes of Facebook, legal immunity from challenges of their censorship procedures

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The Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) is another reprehensible trade agreement seeking to put big corporations ahead of the people when it comes to the law of the land.Tisa’s latest wheeze is to suggest that censorship procedures adopted by social networks should be granted impunity from criticism, reproach or even legal control via the law of the land.

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Wake Up Britain! Oppose UK internet censorship...Reasons why the government's plan 'to protect children online' is not just dreadful but extremely alarming.

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It’s already been announced that the government are to press ahead with their controversial plans to create a huge database of the all the activities of every internet user in the UK .

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IRIN News: Ethiopia’s internet crackdown hurts everyone

Ethiopia’s internet crackdown hurts everyone

IRIN, 17 November 2016

Ethiopia has never been an easy place to operate. But a six-month state of emergency, combined with internet and travel restrictions imposed in response to a wave of anti-government protests, means it just got a whole lot harder. 1,257 more words