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The EU's Latest Copyright Proposal Is So Bad, It Even Outlaws Creative Commons Licenses

All in all, these new systems will benefit the large and the unethical at the cost of the small and nimble

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The EU happily sells out its 300 million souls to the US corporate devil...The EU's latest copyright proposal is so bad, it even outlaws Creative Commons licenses

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The EU is mooting a new copyright regime for the largest market in the world, and the Commissioners who are drafting the new rules are completely captured by the entertainment industry, to the extent that they have ignored their own experts and produced a farcical Big Content wishlist that includes the most extensive internet censorship regime the world has ever seen, perpetual monopolies for the biggest players, and a ban on European creators using Creative Commons licenses to share their works.

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Censorship straight out of the Ministry of Truth...Crazed Californian senator proposes law to require all local websites to get all news items censored by a government approved fact checker

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There is no shortage of hostility towards Facebook at the moment, as a result of recent revelations about their exploitation of user data and dissemination of supposed ‘fake news’.And the Californian Government has taken this to a whole new level and come up with a tradition approach to demand that all online news in the state is censored by government approved ‘fact checkers’.

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Dear Spain, Don’t Criticise the International Media. Blame Your Own Government.

Not only has Rajoy spectacularly failed to defuse the Catalan issue (in fact he’s done more for independence than anyone else on the planet), but his actions have also unearthed  431 more words

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Life size animatronic T-Rex burns in Colorado

No guests or employees were injured in the incident. 1,170 more words

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