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Resting Freckle Face

In this installment of Laura teaches her parents newer terms/Internet terminology I actually had to explain Resting Bitch Face to my sweet and innocent 😇 parents. 211 more words

Pop Culture

Cryptocurrency: The Miners Strike Back

As with last year, cryptominers have yet again caused graphics card prices to skyrocket and various levels of government to consider how currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum should be regulated. 925 more words

Internet Culture

'You Reposted In The Wrong Neighborhood': A Meme Explanation

You’ve probably heard of “You Posted In The Wrong Neighborhood,” even if you don’t know exactly what it is. But don’t worry — we have the full breakdown here, so you’ll finally understand what’s going on the next time you see it referenced on an online message board. 605 more words

The Digital Age

The Best Of Ariel Winter’s Instagram, Ranked

You might know Ariel Winter as Alex Dunphy, the smart and sassy younger sister from Modern Familybut honestly, you should probably know her as Ariel Winter, … 1,769 more words

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The Patrick Star Meme, Known as 'Evil Patrick' Is Taking Twitter by Storm

Another month, another meme. SpongeBob & Patrick have been the center of a few viral memes in the past, but it looks like Patrick is once again the latest victim. 300 more words


The Age of the Label

So, what’s your label? It’s okay, we’re all friends here. Don’t be shy. Okay, I’ll go first shall I, just to break the ice. My name is David and, much, much, more importantly, I’m a demi-sexual-vegetarian-non-binary-cis-male-gender-normative-one-spirit-person. 1,123 more words

Trying to Understand YouTube Success

Rather than dreaming of being a film star, kids now dream of being a YouTuber, but what does that entail? Video producers and viewers wage wars on channels many people have never heard of.  298 more words