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A Sort of Shadow Internet

Via Carole Cadwalladr in The Guardian on “Google, democracy, and the truth about internet search”:

The general public are completely in the dark about very fundamental issues regarding online search and influence.

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In Pynchon’s view, modernity’s systems of liberation and enlightenment — railway and post, the Internet, etc. — perpetually collapse into capitalism’s Black Iron Prison of enclosure, monopoly and surveillance.

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Response to UFO stories are predictably rude and ironic

I posted this story on Doubtful News 3 days ago: UFO hoaxer fuels worry about an attack on Turkey

Since then, it was shared by several UFO-news-related sites bringing a certain vocal audience in to comment. 394 more words


This Lucky Guy Was About To Sleep With A Hot Girl, Until They Had *This* Snapchat Convo

Imgur user dheathd65 shared the story about how he was talking to this hot girl. They had exchanged some racy pics on snapchat, and then started talking about how they would take the experience from the digital world to the sexy one. 60 more words

Winning Hearts and Minds...

Something that drives me nuts on the internet, indeed on the ground too, is this idea that we can win hearts and minds by whacking people over the head with our hostility. 539 more words

Woman became world’s oldest living yoga teacher despite once being told yoga is ‘not ladylike’

Täo Porchon-Lynch, a 98-year-old yoga guru, was named the “World’s Oldest Living Yoga Teacher” by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2012. Since then, she has gone on to become a “yogalebrity,” a sought after personality of the yoga world. 259 more words

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