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This Girl Told Her Date That They Should Be 'Just Friends', But When He Agrees She Flips The Fuck Out

Welcome to another episode of “Why are people so god damn awful all the god damn time??”

This particular saga stars a gentleman known online as  258 more words

Never Feed the Trolls

Last night, while playing Overwatch with a few friends, I ran into a classic “internet tough guy.” Spouting the n-word, the c-word, and a constant stream of “lol rekt,” this guy embodied the average troll. 819 more words



What a title eh? Did you click it to read on and feel angry, or did you click it because well I brought you here with the headline alone and generally wanted to see what this entry would be about? 1,241 more words

The McDonald's Twitter account just mocked the "tiny hands" of its most loyal customer

Et tu, Ronald?

In a betrayal worthy of Shakespeare, McDonald’s has savaged its most loyal customer, US president Donald Trump. The American fast food conglomerate’s rogue Twitter attack, already deleted, called Trump “a disgusting excuse of a President” and accused the commander-in-chief of having “tiny hands.” 390 more words

In the future there will be mindclones

This an exciting excerpt from the new book Thinking Machines by Like Dormehl. The book offers a detailed history of primitive machine learning and a dense and fascinating look at the future of true artificial intelligence. 1,192 more words


Nick Cave's 'Heard', Memes, and the Culture of Images

Having gone to the Gallery of Modern Art in my city to see an exhibition by Nick Cave, the question of the image culture has been on my mind. 1,134 more words

The Culture

Faith On The Intertoobz

There is something I must unburden myself over, this pet peeve of mine that has me twisting my hair into a little knot and fighting a twitch. 362 more words