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Vapid shit

That’s what mobilised me

Scrolled the tweets, listened to the NEETs. I fucking hate the pretentious signalling.

I’m liberal, but I can critique my own side, … 894 more words


Manufacturing a Surplus of Time

I enjoy the outdoors like a city person, by which I mean: I’m always in a hurry.

Get up early Saturday morning (assuming the week that just ended didn’t kill my will to do it), drive several hours to someplace with something worth doing, hike/climb/whatever, race back home.  913 more words


Having An Internet Friend

As a child, one of the most fundamental lessons you are taught is as follows:

Under no circumstances should you talk to strangers on the internet, or, even more importantly, meet them in real life. 449 more words

Of arrogant poets

I refuse

A like for a like,

And to follow

Because I am followed.

It’s not that if you don’t love, I die,

It isn’t the little heart you click, 73 more words


To be or not to be: anonymity online

Perhaps it is a symptom of my generation, but I have never been especially fussed by government surveillance. A friend of mine summed it up when he said bemusedly, in response to the Snowden ‘revelations’: … 2,178 more words

Internet Culture

Social Media Etiquette: Does the world need your opinions? Warnings? or Shares? Use your common sense and don't be a Lemming!

Clickbait? … The Bandwagon?… . Sheep? …. Lemmings?? …. Maybe even Witchhunt?

My Dad Always told me to be different… because if you’re different no one will forget you! 2,465 more words

Did Rick and Morty Sell Out?

I was recently in a discussion about this with three of my closest friends, so I give credit to Aaron, Henry, and Jimmy.

“Rick and Morty” is a wildly popular show that centers around a renegade genius scientist named Rick and his grandson Morty. 899 more words