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Short story: "A Howling Dog"

“A Howling Dog,” by Nick Mamatas

Featured in PseudoPod 562, September 29th, 2017

2,166 words

Clever, though I thought the ending was rather abrupt and over the top. 12 more words

Twenty-first Century

Trolls, Confirmation Bias, and Fake News

Here is example 986543 that there are real live trolls on the internet feeding us fake news and telling us what we want to hear, usually seducing us with some top secret tidbit of knowledge that allegedly no one else has. 297 more words

Harshing the Internet Poet's Mellow

At The Outline, Laura Yan narrates the saga of a beleaguered poet recently piled on by the internet. A marine scientist by trade, Collin Andrew Yost is tattooed, has a beard and lives in Portland, Oregon, none of which worked in his favor. 451 more words


Love In the Age of Social Networking

“Fifty years from now do you really want to tell your grandkids you fell in love using a Facebook app? No, you want to show them the heartfelt love letter you wrote her one night at 3 a.m. 1,247 more words


Blogging A Dead Horse: Reaction Gifs

Reaction gifs tap into a moment or a feeling that words cannot quite capture. For example, my favourite gif is a moment from the TV show Community, where one character walks into a room carrying pizzas only to stop and stare in horror at the chaos that the room has become in his absence. 869 more words

University Of Glasgow

DNAInfo's and Gothamist's archives still exist and are likely to be resurrected

When DNAinfo and Gothamist ceased operations today (Nov. 2), they did so in dramatic fashion, instantly blocking access to thousands of news articles. But the archive still exists and is expected to return to the web, according to people who worked for the sites. 418 more words

Welcome to the Idiocracy – The Growing Ignorance of Intelligence

Human beings possess a great number of virtuous characteristics. Much of what makes us unique individuals are the infinite possible combinations and degrees of these virtues (and flaws). 1,596 more words