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Historians rediscover diaries of "forgotten army" WWII female volunteers

Forgotten for 60 years, a trove of photographs and diaries from the one million British women who served in the Women’s Voluntary Service in WWII has recently been rediscovered. 213 more words


Vibrant photos capture a different side of Palestinian life

When you think of Palestine, what comes to mind? Although life in occupied territories may seem dark and depressing, photographer Tanya Habjouqa embarked on a project to capture a different side of Palestinian life. 562 more words

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New study says half of all misogynistic tweets come from women

A new study by think tank Demos suggests that about 50 percent of  “misogynistic” posts on Twitter actually come from women. Monitoring Twitter over a three week period, the researchers looked at the prevalence of the words “whore” and “slut” as indicators of misogyny, and found — in the U.K. 173 more words

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3 Things: Blogging

This will be an odd one. I realized it was time to do another one of these and couldn’t really think of a uniting theme for fandom or game things like I’d usually do. 970 more words


Gillian Anderson throws hat in the ring to be the next Bond … “Jane Bond”

With Daniel Craig winding down his run as 007 on the big screen, the sweepstakes for which actor will succeed him as the iconic spy are heating up. 232 more words

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Women in Iran dressing as men to avoid run-ins with morality police

As hardliners in Iran clamp down on enforcement of the compulsory headscarf for women, some women there are cutting their hair and dressing like men when venturing out into public to avoid crossing paths with the country’s morality police. 402 more words

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