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YouTube is pulling Tide Pod Challenge videos

People doing stupid stuff on the Internet is hardly news. To wit: The Tide Pod Challenge, in which YouTubers have been filming themselves eating — or, we really hope, pretending to eat — laundry detergent pods. 1,007 more words


This makes me feel better

“Being creepy is a part of human nature, and learning to recognize and put boundaries on our own creepiness is something curricular Sex Ed should teach us, but never will.” 12 more words

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Book review: You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day

4/5 stars.

This was actually another surprise (as in, it wasn’t on The List) gift from J. I had considered the book in the past because I’ve heard good things about it, but ultimately decided against it because although I know Felicia Day I don’t know her work well enough to be a big fan, and I’m also not much of a gamer and was worried there’d be too many WoW-references or other lingo I didn’t get. 1,040 more words


PSA: Google's art selfie feature is US only for now

Google’s Arts & Culture app has been around for about a year and half. But it’s taken an art selfie feature to generate a bit of viral interest in the app — with a steady stream of delighted/outraged tweets bubbling up over the weekend as users assessed the results of their fine art doppelgänger. 279 more words


Short story: "YouTube Comment 2 to Video of I Like America and America Likes Me by Joseph Beuys"

“YouTube Comment 2 to Video of I Like America and America Likes Me by Joseph Beuys,” by Yxta Maya Murray

Appeared in The Cincinnati Review… 32 more words

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Lights Out & Slender Man - Cinema Tries To Internet

In 2016 New Line Cinema released a full length feature based on a short horror video that went viral back in 2013, Lights Out. If you’re not already familiar with it I’ve included it below, the premise is brilliantly simple and it’s little wonder that the idea caught the attention of big studios. 771 more words


On writers' use of social media

This is an interesting short essay, and I think I agree with much of it, particularly this line: “If something matters to you, don’t treat it lightly—it’s not arrogant to care about your own progress.” But I’m not sure about this bit of advice: 143 more words

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