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The story behind the "Mansplaining: The Statue" photo that went viral on Twitter

Over Memorial Day weekend, a photo of a sculpture on a Texas college campus went viral on Twitter. The sculpture seen in the photo depicts a man with his leg propped up on a bench while talking to a woman seated with her legs crossed at the other end of the bench and an open book resting on her lap. 1,341 more words

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Comic Con event holds "Women in Comics" panel ... with no women

Over Memorial Day weekend, Denver Comic Con held a conference and one of the panels was “Women in Comics.” The problem, as many pointed out on social media, is there was not a single woman on the panel. 138 more words

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Link your blog to your gravatar

So, it’s a good idea to link your blog to your Gravatar if you wish to be found. Or not, if you prefer to remain hidden. 699 more words

Are Bitcoin engagement rings the diamonds of the future?

It’s no secret that diamonds cost far more than they actually should. Fortunately for any disgruntled romantics, a new venture is hoping to provide a more sensible—if less tangible—alternative to the standard way of declaring your love. 108 more words

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Saudi girls can finally drive … in a video game backed by a Saudi prince

The revolution is coming … and by that we mean the video game, Saudi Girls Revolution. The mobile video game will feature Saudi Arabian women who speed around on motorcycles to fight the nefarious leaders of an Arabian Empire in a dismal, post-apocalyptic world. 160 more words

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Ex-NFL player pleads guilty to posting "revenge porn"

Former New York Jets linebacker Jermaine Cunningham, 26, pleaded guilty on Thursday to posting sexually revealing images of his then-girlfriend on social media last December. Cunningham posted photos depicting the woman’s inner thigh, groin and buttocks on Instagram without her permission — and then tagged her in the posts. 109 more words

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In San Francisco, topless women protest police brutality against black women

The baring of breasts is historically an act of mourning, grief or protest. #SayHerName encapsulates this perfectly. http://t.co/vgKMI8cbWT
iamsuede™ (@iamsuede) May 21, 2015

Topless demonstrators shut down a busy downtown San Francisco street on Thursday during rush hour to protest police brutality against unarmed black women.

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