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Can your use of capitalization reveal your political affiliation?

This week, I’m in Vancouver this week for the meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics. (On the subject of conferences, don’t forget that my offer to help linguistics students from underrepresented minorities with the cost of conferences still stands! 1,167 more words

What Tabletop Gaming Offers Society

I’ve come to understand, through a deep intellectual insomnia, why tabletop gaming can be a force for good in society. The elements of person-to-person interaction and the social contract of a game setting reflect principles onto the lives we live off of the game board. 927 more words


Christine Emba Isn't Turning to Literature for Meaning. Thats a Mistake.

Washington Post contributor Christine Emba published an opinion piece yesterday titled “Millennials are turning to Harry Potter for meaning. Thats a mistake.” Its a lazy headline for a lazy opinion. 658 more words

Internet Culture


Vapid shit

That’s what mobilised me

Scrolled the tweets, listened to the NEETs. I fucking hate the pretentious signalling.

I’m liberal, but I can critique my own side, … 894 more words


Manufacturing a Surplus of Time

I enjoy the outdoors like a city person, by which I mean: I’m always in a hurry.

Get up early Saturday morning (assuming the week that just ended didn’t kill my will to do it), drive several hours to someplace with something worth doing, hike/climb/whatever, race back home.  913 more words


Having An Internet Friend

As a child, one of the most fundamental lessons you are taught is as follows:

Under no circumstances should you talk to strangers on the internet, or, even more importantly, meet them in real life. 449 more words

To be or not to be: anonymity online

Perhaps it is a symptom of my generation, but I have never been especially fussed by government surveillance. A friend of mine summed it up when he said bemusedly, in response to the Snowden ‘revelations’: … 2,178 more words

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