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The Two People In This 'Meanest Tinder Convo Of All Time' Might Actually Be Perfect For Each Other

Ah Tinder, the cesspool posing as a dating app. If you guys actually want to find dates, try OkCupid or something sort of legit. Tinder is where your dreams of a Forever Person go to die. 93 more words

This Guy Thought He Would Annoy His Mom Via Text, But It Turns Out She Wasn't Gonna Take His Shit

Almost all kids have smartass moments with their parents. When I was younger, I would test my mom’s patience all the time (I probably still do). 196 more words

Chewbacca Mom: Unlikely Hero? Or Social Media Leech?: An Opinion Piece.

For those who aren’t aware, ‘Chewbacca Mom’ is the moniker given to the 37 year old stay at home mother turned internet sensation Candace. She gained her ‘fame.’ by posting a video of herself after purchasing a chewbacca mask that would make the sound of the titular character when you opened your mouth. 477 more words

Pop Culture

Video Games and a VW Bus

Where in the world is Noah Caldwell-Gervais? Well, there is no simple answer. He’s currently living in a VW bus, traveling the great expanse of America, with no set destination other than adventure. 575 more words

Video Games

Epic Trolling

Does everyone know what trolling is? Sometimes it is the annoying person who drops by blogs simply to be an irritant, but there are paid trolls too, people who are charged with shaping public opinion, be it for a product, advertising a service, or politics. 438 more words

Online Spiritual Hygiene

I’m going to talk to you today about the need to keep your psyche/aura/spirit relatively free from the at times toxic waxy build-up that being too long online can produce. 568 more words


This Guy Keeps 'Accidentally' Posting About His Sex Life On FB And His Friends Are OVER It

We all probably know people who overshare on Facebook. There’s only so many times a sane human can be interested in cousin Candice’s baby pictures, or listening to punk emo friend from jazz band post very ~dark~ musings about his love life. 203 more words