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"Hot Dudes Reading" Instagram Reverses the Male Gaze and Makes Print Books Sexy

Scattered throughout the history of Western art, one finds dozens of portraits of girls reading. In this popular pose, the male (or female) artist’s gaze focuses on the female subject, while¬†her own gaze rests modestly on her book, unaware of the watcher. 611 more words


Search engine terms

I would just like to take a moment to thank Google for thinking of me when innocent  victims readers type in those search terms and land themselves on my blog. 539 more words

Entry 12 - A Brief Addendum

Originally posted July 11th, 2013

I guess there’s no escaping the need to post here. Even though it’s been less than a day, I already have one more thing to relate: Inca has received his copy of Hope Chronicle, the book he bought off Yahoo! 147 more words


Weekend Coffee Share . . . #1000Speak, Again!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you #1000Speak is far exceeding my expectations. As I write this post, the linky list alone includes more than 500 posts, and the link-up is still live for a few more hours. 490 more words

Social Media

Taking out the Trash

Alas, I cannot resist the call of the Snark and am compelled to respond to my spam folder full of complaints about the Terrible, Awful, Very Bad, No Good Things I sometimes write. 262 more words

Trollery! -- How Vulnerable Are You? And Can You Spot It?

I’m wrapping this series up today with some questions to help you see how likely you are to have an encounter with a person who is intentionally trolling. 973 more words


Trollery! -- Here is How I Handle It.

How I respond to trolling behavior when I see it depends on where it’s happening. These are my rules of thumb. I make exceptions at times but for the most part, these are the best ways I have found of dealing with it. 737 more words