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My Favorite Wikipedia Pages

At a previous job, I spent a lot of time looking at Wikipedia pages to fill time. After a while, I realized that I returned to some pages over and over again. 802 more words


Take The Blue Pill!

For the cultural reference click here.  Words of wisdom, but I’m telling you, just take the blue pill, swallow the blue kookaid, enjoy the bubble, close your eyes and feel the music. 697 more words

Zoe Quinn talks about online abuse and her new book, Crash Override

Zoe Quinn went to the heart of Gamergate and has come back with a new book, Crash Override, a meditation on online communities and making the Internet safer. 158 more words


"Many of us think we are alone."

‘AmericanDreamLand’ Is the Discord Server Where Dreamers Are Organizing After the End of DACA 215 more words

The Harm of Generalizing

Browse through social media, or any site that lets you leave a comment, and you’re going to find someone spouting on about how “-insert group- is this and that and they should all just burn in heck.” Maybe you’ll see some “Oh that’s so typical of -insert group-, it’s always the same with you people” within the thread of a long-winded “argument.” 1,235 more words

90 - 9 - 0.9 rule | Market share

I am sure that you must have heard about “Pareto principle” (80/20 rule). But is it really applicable in this Internet era ??, especially when it comes to market share ??? 218 more words


Business messaging service Eko picks up $2M to fuel push into Japan, US and UK

Eko Communications, a U.S.-Thailand company that operates a messaging app targeted at businesses, has closed a strategic investment of $2 million to grow in Japan and expand into Europe and the U.S.. 361 more words

Fundings & Exits