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Behind the scenes: On surviving four days of viral hate.

On 23 March 2015, I published this post cataloging very early social media reactions to the passing of a prominent political figure in Singapore. In my usual fashion, I posted the link to the post on my personal and work Facebook accounts (both private but with the post marked visible to all), and my public Twitter account, where hashtags were omitted. 1,220 more words

Internet Culture

Metadata and what Australia’s data retention law means for you

You might have heard a lot of noise about the data retention scheme that today passed Federal Parliament in Australia. The Australian Government will now force phone and Internet companies to keep ‘metadata’ on their customers for 2 years and allow security agencies to access the records. 460 more words

J.K. Rowling responds perfectly to fan who “can’t see Dumbledore as gay”

The famous Harry Potter author rarely tweets – but when she does, she always hits her mark. When fan Ana Kocovic asked in a since deleted tweet, “Thank you so much for writing Harry Potter. 118 more words

Human And Civil Rights

On Korean “eating shows,” people pay to watch women eat

Enterprising women in South Korea have discovered they can make money just by eating dinner. On mukbang, or “eating shows,” women set up webcams and livestream themselves chowing down to paying viewers. 79 more words

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2 years after molesting a sleeping woman, man is finally arrested

One early Sunday morning, Elisa Lopez was sound asleep on a New York City subway train when Carlos Chuva allegedly slid his hand up her skirt. 135 more words

Human And Civil Rights

Landmark verdict in India thanks to a 24-year-old woman

This 24-year old girl fought India's government to win its people freedom online http://t.co/WJXEUPy2Cu #Sec66A pic.twitter.com/tWyy9XdlWU

— HuffPost India (@HuffPostIndia) March 24, 2015

India has scrapped a Draconian law that was used to arrest people who made “offensive” Facebook posts.

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Human And Civil Rights

Women react to sexist washing instructions from T-shirt company

These were the instructions printed inside one of Salvo Sports Apparel’s jerseys and it quickly triggered an uproar on Twitter. The Indonesian clothing company has since… 30 more words

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