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the internet made me trans

without the internet, i don’t think i would’ve ever started to transition. i also don’t think i’d still be here.

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Horseshoe Theory

So far, horseshoe theory has about the same track record as looking for your keys under the streetlight when you dropped them somewhere else. When the far-left fringe kills us, it’s going to be due to weakened antivax herd immunity and/or the rejection of essential food sources as “toxins.” 508 more words


5 trending topics for a much-needed morning boost

Not a morning party? We don’t condemn you. There are few circumstances in life more difficult than drawing yourself out of bunk on a Friday morning( extremely right before a long weekend ). 634 more words

God Created YouTube to Train the Faithful; or Why You Should Join CBG 19's Dune Club

We live in a time of contradiction, the world is safer than ever and people live longer; the world is more unstable and there are newer more insidious dangers facing us than ever before. 932 more words


Why Your Vacation Photos Are More About You Than What You See

They are one of the Seven Wonders of the World. But for many tourists visiting the Pyramids of Egypt, these ancient marvels are a mere backdrop to the real stars of the show: themselves. 654 more words

Vox Day is Doing Evil

He is. He just is and it grieves me no end that he has Christians following him like a bunch of brain dead lemmings. Utterly, totally brain dead and possessing no powers of discernment what so ever. 274 more words