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Tame your computer - jump to it

Back in 2009 I wrote a tip on how to close a window without clicking in the upper-right corner … simply press CTRL + W… 129 more words

Internet Explorer

ChaoS;Child 10 – Small Failings Clarify a Larger Problem

ChaoS;Child episode 10 sees this series continue to chug on at the level of quality it apparently is satisfied with – namely, better then Occultic;Nine… 906 more words


Windows Sidebar

You want to keep yourself constantly updated by displaying news in the sidebar. However, the information you see on starting the computer early in the morning is not of the current day, but of the previous day. 17 more words


Browser War 1.0

     I remember the elders, those who are old enough, would always say: “Back in our days, the libraries were always packed with people carrying tall stacks of books, make sure to be early if you don’t wanna loose the last copy.” Now, how and when did this healthy practice stopped? 304 more words


world web wars: the first browser war.

Browser war is defined as a competition for dominance in the usage share of web browsers.

You might be familiar with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, (oh and Internet Explorer); and how these browsers continually fight for popularity and usage. 656 more words

B.A. 183

World War III: Web Browser Wars

What were man’s greatest discovery and invention? Was it when he discovered the use of fire, or when he was able to communicate people from afar by the use of telephone? 365 more words


IE 11 - Corruption of Registry which causes missing tabs in Internet Options

I recently encountered another issue while connecting to our company vpn which in turn restricts users by opening certain tabs in internet options.

This is normal but when vpn is disconnected, IE 11 should restore the tabs and till now it was doing it without any issue. 12,186 more words