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Hiding unwanted Edge tab in IE

The latest insider builds now have a silly “Open Microsoft Edge” tab in Internet Explorer:

To remove it add a DWORD value named HideNewEdgeButton under… 30 more words



Listen to me, I refuse to endorse stupidity in any way or form, but when it’s happening right in front of me I can barely look away. 15 more words


Network Error in Chrome while downloading files

The dev team reported an odd behavior that exhibited only in Chrome. Since MS Excel is a preferred tool to view transactional data for analysis/self-service, we have an Export function within web pages. 137 more words


Fix OTRS compatibility problems with Internet Explorer via Active Directory GPO

OTRS4 just works with Firefox and Chrome/Chromium but I had a lot of trouble trying to allow people that use Microsoft Internet Explorer to work with OTRS. 434 more words


When Did the Browser Become the Next OS?

“We view the Internet as the fourth desktop operating system we have to support after Windows, MacOS, and DOS.” That quote was from an executive at McAfee, and DOS gives it away that it was spoken back in 1996.With the announcement that Google will develop a quick-start operating system by next year for instant-on netbooks, I thought it might be interesting to take a trip down memory lane and remind us how we have gotten to the point where the browser has become the next OS, and probably now moving into first place rather than fourth.Of course, the smarmy retort to Google’s announcement is that we already have a quick-start, ultra-reliable Web OS, it is called OS X and my MacBook takes about five seconds from when I open the lid to when I can be surfing the Web. 902 more words

Be the "One that got away..."

Phishing Scams are on the rise, don’t become the next victim!

Every dad worth his weight in salmon eggs and shiny lures has at least one great fishing story-usually about the great catch that got away. 322 more words

General Information

Failed to download this file. Error code 0x800C0008

One of our services gave an odd error. External user would attempt to access it and they would get an error about a configuration file not downloading. 133 more words