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Can a Pit bull Kill a Wolverine? One Man's uh...encounter?

First of all, I want to state VERY clearly that I do not condone fighting animals.

Well, I take that back. I don’t give a rat’s ass about cockfighting, because chickens are stupid and someone would have killed the damn things for meat anyway, might as well get some sport out of it. 2,701 more words

When's My Lobotomy?

It's the small things...


My work’s proxy is now blocking this blog because “Games”.

Not WordPress though, just the actual blog. So I can post but cannot read what I posted.


Would you treat someone who supports you like this?

The next time you come looking for this, keep in mind that this was originally posted on here in 2008.  Also keep in mind the message was sent to me in 2003. 1,283 more words

Crap About Rock Stars

WACCOE Watch: The Formerly Half-Decent Leeds Forum Continues to Decline - by Rob Atkinson

Ever since I was silenced – gagged – on what used to be one of the better Leeds United forums, I’ve kept an eye on the way things are going at… 558 more words


North Cyprus Forum is Re-Launched

North Cyprus Forum is Re-Launched

 By the NCF management…….

Since the sad passing of the owner of North Cyprus Forum, Nigel Watson in March of  2014,  the moderators of this forum have bravely and successfully continued to manage the forum but without development work it had started to fade away. 130 more words

Northern Cyprus

Two Down: Reddit CEO Ellen Pao Resigns

Reddit CEO Ellen Pao has resigned after a week of uproar over the company’s firing of long-time staffer Victoria Taylor. Pao, who was serving as… 537 more words


I Thought I Made A Friend On A Social Anxiety Forum On The Internet, But The Truth Was More Sinister Than I Realized

I suffer from social anxiety. Like most with my condition I get uncomfortable in large social situations. I’m also pretty apprehensive about meeting new people in general. 1,541 more words