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Internet Friends Are Real Friends

Internet friends are, well, they’re friends that are made on the internet whether that be through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any other social media for that matter. 487 more words


Internet Friends

this may be a weird concept, but I miss having internet friends. I had the most rewarding and genuine friendships when I was a teenager with people I primarily interacted with online. 1,357 more words


Meeting my internet friend 

Hey, so on Saturday something very big happened I finally met my internet friend, Meegan.

Originally Meegan was expecting to meet just my friends bryony and Emily and me and my ther friends esme and Olivia where gonna hide and surprise her but shit hit the fan when we had a bug malfunction with train tickets and we thought we weren’t gonna meet her but luckily she got a later train. 427 more words

The Online squad

With the fast-phased life of the 21st century’s babies, there’s no wonder that we make friends online. I wish to share my story so others won’t find making friends online a bad thing but take note that before doing that you must first make sure that the people you want to be surrounded with are trustworthy. 184 more words

Remembering Rachel

“But it was just Tuesday… it was just Tuesday… it was just Tuesday…”

I kept repeating these words to myself as I laid in bed, staring at my iPhone in disbelief. 754 more words


It’s really hard as it sounds. Yes,it is.

Especially when that guy is the only guy you could talk to.
To begin with, I must tell you that I am an antisocial person, and I only have 2 friends in my whole life. 877 more words

Blogging ten years on

Ten years ago today, I wrote my first blog post. I had decided to try a blog project that involved writing every day for a year, using only the number of words that matched the number of years I’d spent on the planet, about people I’d met in my life. 374 more words

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