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A Weekend Home

I’ve been home for the weekend and it feels brilliant to be home.

I didn’t realise how uncomfortable with everything I felt at Southampton until I came home, had dinner with my family and slept in my own bed feeling suddenly better emotionally. 424 more words


Friendships on the ether

I’ve had a lovely hour or so, immersed in the lives of the initial x365 bloggers, back in 2006 and 2007. Even ten years later, events of the last weeks have shown strongly that we still have a role to play in each other’s lives, that we are important to each other, and that we feel each other’s joys and, sadly, our sorrows. 876 more words

Things I Like

Writer Interview: Jack Kardiac

In order to continue discovering how other writers see our crazy writing world, I’ve talked with a long time writer peer of mine, Jack Kardiac. 1,708 more words

Online Friends.

Meeting friends online is kind of scary. There’s always the fear of someone being a catfish, or being a creepy old man pedofile.

I have met quite a few of my friends online. 557 more words

My Best Friend ...

Hello everyone, todays blog is about me and my best friend Mel. So its kind of a little story time I guess.

She lives in Italy, and I live in England. 1,047 more words


Internet Friendships Matter

The internet is full of monsters, they said. There are scary people just waiting to prey on innocent kids’ naivety. 1,230 more words

Internet friends | Day 13

Yesterday marked three years since I met my internet in person. It was the very first time we met and so far the only time but I’m sure we’ll meet in person again one day. 353 more words

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