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Internet Friends

Internet Friends. A topic a lot of people have different opinions on. Is it really as dangerous as some people think? And why do people think it is dangerous?  461 more words


Wow. Just wow.

It’s been a little over six months since I claimed this corner of the internet as my own, and it’s been a wonderful, occasionally stressful, overall awesome journey for me. 92 more words


Cali Adventures

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It’s a little strange to drive around the town you’ve grown up in, with somebody who’s only seen snippets via pictures you’ve sent them. 1,235 more words


"What Are You Like?"

A girl once asked me the question, “What are you like?”

I had basically forgotten this, until I watched something last night where the main characters were updating online dating profiles which basically answered the same question, “What are you like?” Or if you prefer, “Describe yourself.” 461 more words


Having Internet Friends; Do You have any?

Hey Babies,

Today i just wanna rant about having Internet Friends and see if


When did i start having internet Friends?

When i started my Bookstagram, 10 months ago, i started having mini conversation with felow Bookstagrammers, and it just FELT AMAZING. 278 more words


Don't trust the people on the internet

So, how many times have we heard this in our life? If you’re a 90’s kid, like me, you have probably heard this a million times over. 1,959 more words


First Tattoo Experience

When I tell you that looking down at the tattoo on my arm still surprises me, I’m not even exaggerating. I was that person who always wanted a tattoo but was dead set on the idea that she would never get one. 1,148 more words