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Life Thoughts: Burning Out (Or Not)

It is so ridiculously easy in this day and age to find ourselves suddenly sitting in a heap at the bottom of a hole, which we didn’t see until we’d already stood in the pile of autumn leaves deceptively piled atop it. 332 more words


pixels of perspective

I have a very tiny world map on my computer. It’s about 3000 pixels of perspective, a trick I learned from the Muppets.

No one is too far away if you make the world small enough. 290 more words


A Brief Review: Women of The Hour with Lena Dunham - #1 Friendship

I’m not sure how many other people noticed, (though judging by the iTunes charts quite a fair few) that Lena Dunham started a podcast co-produced/engineered by… 1,080 more words

Pop Culture Commentary

B.G's Guest Post: Online Friends

Currently I am galavanting (kind of) through Europe. Currently in the UK and probably enjoying the Lush on Oxford St far too much. Today B from Getting Through Anxiety, a good internet friend of mine, wrote a guest post for me! 578 more words


7 People You'll Meet On Facebook

I love Facebook.  It’s like waking up in the morning and a couple of thousand people climb out of bed with you.  Then, before you know it, there’s this gigantic cocktail party going on.  542 more words

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Seattle, Washington | Western USA Road Trip 2015

Remember way back when I said I was gonna recount my road trip experience? Well, that time is finally here. I have been back in England for almost 2 months now but am wishing I was back there, hiking on the weekend, going on adventures and cycling around sunny (flat) Bozeman! 1,643 more words


i live on the internet.

Masses may visit
but I live within the screen,
taunting the tourists.

WordPress Writing 201 : Poetry, Day 1
Prompt: Alliteration / Haiku / “Screen”

Challenge Accepted!