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How To Be Successful In Internet Marketing

We can all see a growing number of businesses extend their services online. We can also observe that many businesses have started online hence the need for internet marketing arises. 467 more words

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Facebooks Algorithm fights fake news

Facebook is prioritising “authentic” content in News Feed with a ranking algorithm change that detects and promotes content “that people consider genuine, and not misleading, sensational, or spammy.” It’s also giving a boost to stories that are going viral in real-time right now that could help it compete with Twitter for in-the-moment news sharing. 415 more words

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Chainsmokers "Closer" Parody

The Chainsmokers Closer parody “Closure” was originally written for Selena Gomez about her on again, off again relationship with Justin Bieber. It was adapted into a parody when The Chainsmokers Closer dropped and makes fun of the idea that ex’s can jump back into your life whenever they want. 669 more words

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Writing for Social Media

There is writing and then there is writing for social media. In a world of limited character counts and even shorter attention spans, the right copy plays a vital role in helping your content break through all the other noise. 517 more words

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4 Styles of Parenting & Their Effects on Children - Dudes To Dads Episode 84

In episode 84 we explore the 4 styles of parenting: authoritarian, permissive, neglectful, and authoritative. We examine how to recognize each style and how each style effects the child. 349 more words

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Twitter announce 360 video

Check out live 360 video on Twitter

Twitter have introduced a new way to see what’s happening on Twitter – through live 360 video.

Starting today, you can check out live, interactive 360 videos from interesting broadcasters and explore what’s happening with them. 96 more words

Internet Marketing

What does it mean to be an internet marketer?

An internet marketer is just someone who markets, or “sells” on the internet.

That is the most simple definition.

Marketing something could also be defined as presenting something in its most positive light, and helping someone else sell it. 429 more words