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Rock, Sand, H20

This  video is so inspirational, I would call it almost as fundamental as having a daily schedule.

If you get this one thing right, you will always succeed. 155 more words

Create calls to action for social media

I know one of the main points I like to get across in my blogs is that when you are posting on social media and creating content, it shouldn’t be too laden with overt sales pitches. 501 more words

Internet Marketing

How to Fail in Internet Marketing

Believe that all you need is to make a glorious website. Spend months learning coding, half a year developing content, and years trying to figure out how to get traffic (once you realize that having a website is not enough). 203 more words

Who can Use Internet Marketing?

This article will give you an idea on who can make use of internet marketing.

Almost everyone is using the internet on a daily basis. 472 more words

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How to generate revenue from social media

So you have built your fan base on Facebook and have a good following on Twitter – but how can you generate revenue for your company from those, or other social media channels? 648 more words

Internet Marketing

Why you should try a co-marketing promotion

Co-marketing is when two companies work together on a promotion for a co-branded offer. This can be especially beneficial if you haven’t got much of a marketing budget; by joining forces with another company and making the most of their reach, co-marketing campaigns deliver more leads and awareness. 355 more words

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SEO and Article Marketing

This article shows how article marketing can be an important part of your business’ SEO arsenal.

Article marketing is an important strategy for any online business that aims to promote their products and services to wider audiences. 623 more words

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