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A Very Foodie Christmas: Novelty Need Not Appli-ance

On this side of the world (Western hemisphere), there’s only two more shopping days until Christmas – unless you’re like my family and decide that the after-Christmas/year-end clearance sales (which last from December 26th to around New Years’ Eve, maybe New Years’ Day, if a store decides to stay open then. 866 more words

Kitchen Fever Dreams: A Look at "This Is Why I'm Broke"

Before I start my blog, I’d like to apologize to my readers for dragging my feet on updating this blog. I’ve been searching for steady work, and so far, I’m either in waiting or rejected. 1,557 more words

Internet Oddities

ohh myy godd

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I just searched the archives to find previous posts I had written about MARK GORMELY but I haven’t???? Ever???  Time to fix that RIGHT NOW because YES new MARK GORMLEY video!!!  48 more words


My Thoughts at the End of the Day…

People Come and Go, and Strange Emails…

A lot of people have come and gone over the course of this blog.  I wonder what makes people stay around for a long time, and what makes people leave after reading for so long?  I guess my blog can get like a broken record, but aren’t all our lives mostly routine and mundane?  One lady named Kathy emailed me a few months ago and said she was quitting reading because of my religious views.   Religion and politics are two things I specifically avoid writing about on the blog due their their sensitive and polarizing nature and my eclectic views on both.   I didn’t even write back thinking it was probably for the best that she went her own way.  I didn’t even know her anyway.   I’d never even seen her comment. 242 more words


The Ding Dong Manifesto…

“Mom’s cooking!” George said excitedly as I walked in the front door of Mrs. Florene’s house this Sunday morning. “She’s been baking Valentine’s cookies all morning for Church.” 418 more words

George And The Gang

A Mercuric Matter…

This is just a little short blurb.  I was on a dog owner’s forum this morning.  I wrote about giving Maggie tuna for breakfast and how happy it made her.   A curmudgeon wrote back that I should be worried about giving dogs tuna due to the high mercury content of canned fish.   Excuse me?  Mercury in tuna?  Shouldn’t we be more worried about the human aspects?  I seriously doubt the FDA would allow high mercuric content canned fish to be sold in the US.  It reminded me of that myth that vaccines were causing autism.  It is the same paranoid mindset.  I should know.  … 10 more words