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At the dawn of singularity, it's not the robots we should be worried about

I met a very arrogant man at a friend’s party the other day. He’s in the software business, or more specifically flight simulator software. My host works for an airline that operates the Airbus A380 mega-plane. 1,972 more words


Secure Attitude

When discussing Spimes and the Internet-of-Things with a customer, partner or journalist, cybersecurity usually comes up within two to five minutes. There are now even conferences dedicated to IoT security. 352 more words

Internet Of Things

Standardisation - The main barrier for the success of Internet of Things

The potential of the Internet of Things is obvious but the development is not as fast as many hope for. According to Gartner and their hype curve research IoT is at the peak ( 120 more words


This quarter-sized device will make your car smarter for $9

AwareCar will let you know where you parked and save you from getting a ticket. 

Finding a parking space in a city can be tough enough, but when each quarter only gives you a fraction of a minute, running errands in the allotted amount of time gets even tougher. 358 more words


Brinco is a personal early-warning system for earthquakes and tsunamis

Brinco will alert you if an earthquake or tsunami is headed your way, giving your family time to get to safety.

In an earthquake or tsunami, 30 seconds extra notice can be the difference between life or death. 452 more words


The Internet of Things: what does it mean for libraries? (and not forgetting Linked Data and the Semantic Web!)

The other day, I bought a new electric toothbrush. I looked online at the various types available and found a toothbrush with a bluetooth connection to an app on a smartphone, so I could record how often and how well I brush my teeth!* 614 more words