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The FCC's Net Brutality Order

Supporters of so-called net neutrality do not understand the contradiction it represents in promoting implicit subsidies to heavy users  of scarce internet capacity. And supporters fail to understand the role of incentives in allocating scarce resources. 806 more words

Net Neutrality

Soon You'll Be Able to Buy IKEA Furniture That Charges Your Electronics Wirelessly

Hate the dreaded task of locating and then plugging your various chargers into the wall? IKEA’s on it.

On Sunday, the Swedish furniture company announced it is rolling out a collection of tables, desks and lamps embedded with wireless charging pads that can power up electronics through an energy induction transfer, rendering the charger unnecessary. 58 more words

Internet Of Things

Report: Internet of Things expected to quadruple in size by 2020

Verizon reveals that while the IoT has expanded massively in the last couple of years, we’ve barely scratched the surface.

The Internet of Things has certainly transcended beyond its state of infancy and is well on its way of gaining momentum, according to Verizon at least. 587 more words

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This French agency is quantifying everything in its office

Sid Lee is bringing everything in its office online to track coffee pours, toilet flushes, light switches, faxes sent, and more.

Do you love numbers and real-time data? 175 more words

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IoT – It’s All About the Data, Right?

A few weeks ago, the FTC released a report on the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT refers to “things” such as devices or sensors – other than computers, smartphones, or tablets – that connect, communicate or transmit information with or between each other through the Internet. 632 more words

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Communicating your iBeacon project – Tips for communicating to your organisation using four historical presentations

Over the past year I have worked to deliver an iBeacon pilot for The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew. You can read more about this… 1,041 more words

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