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Sex Sells!

According to one estimate,

Around 28,260 users are watching pornography on the internet per second

Around 370 people are typing the word “adult” into search engines per second  32 more words

Digital News Research

Our Longing for Connection

All our mobile electronic devices and the internet that give us real-time access to almost any information we want can be both curses and blessing. They have not only changed they way we interact and communicate with each other, but also how we work and entertain ourselves. 69 more words


[PHOTOS] OH YES SHE DID: This Porn Star Claims She Had Sex With Josh Duggar Twice 

Danica Dillon – whose real name is Ashley Lewis – passed a polygraph test…She said he was rough, didn’t use protection and gave her ‘thousands of dollars’ afterward. 252 more words

Making Delhi WiFi PPF Free

AAP government manifesto in the 2014 Delhi Elections talked about covering Delhi with Free WiFi Services. As more details emerged later it became clear that free in this case meant public websites and websites that deal with governance will be free to access and WiFi will be available in public places only like Markets, Streets etc. 990 more words

Blocking Of Pornography

Did you Think It's Safe for Your Teens & Tweens to Use Instagram? Think Again!

My two oldest girls have an Instagram account, and are complete social butterflies.

They take pictures of themselves, their friends, and food; you name it, and they share it with their friends. 18 more words

Teens & Tweens

The sensible reason for a web filter, Part - I

In response to –  ‘The ostensible reason for web filter’, published ‘The Hindu’ – 2nd Dec, 2014

In the opening sentence of the Third way culture project report – 1,015 more words

Objectionable Content

What Exactly Is A "Safe" Sin?

I wish I could give credit where credit is due, but I swear I’ve completely forgotten which dynamic speaker presented this concept in a speech. God knows who he is, and I’m grateful to him for coming up with this idea. 640 more words