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Looking for monsters: From boys to pedophiles

Monsters are defined in Webster’s dictionary as “a strange or horrible imaginary creature.” And while sex offenders are often described as monsters, the harm they cause is very real and painful for victims, their families, and our communities. 579 more words

The Internet is For Porn: Important Information Parents Should Know

Anyone who has attended one of my workshops knows that I’m not the biggest fan of statistics. They are tough to fully track and they change at the drop of a hat. 562 more words

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The Darkness of Porn...the Light of the Gospel

I just read a piece by Denny Burk and it is about pornography consumption in the USA and it is not pretty.  He covered a recent disturbing article in Time magazine on the consumption of pornography in America. 1,335 more words

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Waiting to hear if you’ve been accepted to a university for a PhD is daunting.  I strongly recommend it though.  I feel satisfied, at least with that part of my life.  1,057 more words

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Getting off (line): What’s lost in the age of internet porn

We’re an army of unmanned drones, piloting our libido through the ether”

By: Mark Slouka/Salon

It’s a rhetorical question – I don’t need a show of hands:  How many men have recently “lain with a woman,” as the prophets might say, and found themselves unmanned because they’d been partaking of too much porn?  2,674 more words


Government to Help Protect Kids from Online Pornography

Government to Help Protect Kids from Online Pornography

Some good news came from the UK government recently in the fight to protect our kids from online pornography. 259 more words


Sex Sells!

According to one estimate,

Around 28,260 users are watching pornography on the internet per second

Around 370 people are typing the word “adult” into search engines per second  32 more words

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