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Chat Rooms: Remember?

Remember chat rooms? If you used the Internet in the 1990s or the early 2000s, I bet you do. Back then, chat rooms were all the rage. 1,673 more words


Anonymous launches OnionIRC - a school for hacktivists on the dark web

Members of the hacker collective Anonymous have just launched a hidden service on the dark web for sharing technical skills in hacking and the use of anonymity software. 606 more words


mIRC Commands Cheat Sheet


This is the mIRC Commands Cheat Sheet mIRC is a chat software utilized to interact and communicate within the IRC network. For comparisons, mIRC is like…

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Cheat Sheet

"Dots" not disappearing, once again, in Wordpress...

…again.  I have tried all manner of cookie manipulation/eradication.  “Nothin’ doin’,” so to speak.  Multiple browsers on multiple platforms both on Un*x and Window$ have this behaviour, so it appears that the Automattic boys have “fixed” something again… possibly…. 93 more words


weechat as a communications hub

I have been using irssi as my Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for more than a decade. It has served me well. But then I was prompted by a couple of weechat users over at the #ranger channel to try… 283 more words