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"Dots" not disappearing, once again, in Wordpress...

…again.  I have tried all manner of cookie manipulation/eradication.  “Nothin’ doin’,” so to speak.  Multiple browsers on multiple platforms both on Un*x and Window$ have this behaviour, so it appears that the Automattic boys have “fixed” something again… possibly…. 93 more words


weechat as a communications hub

I have been using irssi as my Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for more than a decade. It has served me well. But then I was prompted by a couple of weechat users over at the #ranger channel to try… 283 more words


IRC - Internet Relay Chat


Irc means internet relay chat , you have many irc client such as irccloud , chatzilla and others. All you have to do is to choose an irc client. 196 more words


#52WeeksOfCode Week 23 - IRC Chat

Week: 23

Language: IRC Chat

IDE(s): Messages + Jabber + BitBee + Chatzilla

History (official):

(From the homepage of #irchelp)

“/I-R-C/ n. – IRC provides a way of communicating in real time with people from all over the world. 794 more words


Tor Communications

Tor users and developers mainly communicate on IRC  (internet relay chat) this is where ideas and problems with Tor and relating projects are posted, Their is also a forum at… 133 more words

No Facebook or Twitter or Social Media? You don't exist!

In this world of Social Media, even 10-year olds or maybe even younger kids are on facebook. Technology has grown so much that everyone knows everything today. 362 more words


Build server info & more.

Okay so my host kindly upgraded my inode count by 10% which enabled me to use 275k inodes. I still am not sure whether this is going to be enough to create an ISO. 715 more words

Operating System