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Battling the botnet army

Image source: linuxsecurityblog.com

The worldwide web is an especially interesting place on which people have come to depend highly in this day and age. And where there’s a market of people who are simply making use of the technology to facilitate their daily activities, there will always be crooks who would take advantage of this necessity. 226 more words

Very eerie sex toy machine sold online!

A product to enhance sexual pleasures was being sold online called Lovrect. It was weird, claiming that it was not a pill, not an injection, not a spray. 140 more words

Who's at risk of falling prey to a scam? Not who you think, study suggests

According to a survey conducted by Santander Bank in the U.K., young people aged 18 to 34 are most likely to fall prey to a banking scam by offering up their security details, including personal identification numbers (PIN) and passwords. 680 more words


Scams on Facebook and How to Avoid Them

Facebook is supposed to be a place where you share recipes, post pictures of your kids, and try to avoid the spoilers for your favorite show. 503 more words

4 October 2016. If You Receive a Phone Call Claiming to Be From the IRS... It's a Phony Baloney


I received a bogus “IRS” call today. It demanded my “immediate attention” and it came from Washington DC (or a repeater there). NEVER REPLY TO SUCH FLIMFLAMMERY! 140 more words

Personal Reflections

So what's been happening on the Dark Web?

The problem with writing a new book is that you save all the good stuff for the book and that leaves you with nothing for the blog. 921 more words

Dark Web

Artists beware......please read this!

This is about a lesson learned about an internet scam I experienced this week….

It started when an email came through from my website from a Theo Schwartz ( email address: theo1885@outlook.com ). 292 more words

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