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Five Nigerian students detained in Malaysia over alleged N125.2m Internet Scam

Five Nigerian students have been arrested and detained in Malaysia over their alleged involvement in an internet fraud amounting to N125.2million (RM2.4 million) in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.  251 more words

Internet Scam

Old and Dumb

I am an idiot sometimes. You’d think getting older you’d get wiser but that’s not always the case.

I’m big on positive body image but even I sometimes fail at being a confident woman. 583 more words

Money Stolen From Me! Please Help!

Maybe someone reading can help. I’ve reached out to Internet Crimes, Shopify, BBB and the singer in question, personally. The only result has been an “F” rating on BBB and a barrage of attacks from fans of this singer when I gently informed her directly via instagram that this happened. 533 more words

Windows Technical Department

I just got a phone call from some Indian claiming to be from the “Windows Technical Department”; he addressed me by name, and he started to tell me that there were serious problems with my computer, but I told him he is a vile criminal, and hung up on him. 416 more words


Rats Steal Money in Their Underwear

Each day we receive too many telemarketing calls and most do not apply to us; mortgage refinancing, merchant charge card fees, national advertising, etc. This week, I got something I thought was original. 487 more words

Think About It

Tips for staying safer on Facebook

I wouldn’t touch Facebook with a bargeman’s pole, but for those who do.. (and please, direct your Facebooking friends and family to this tutorial also.) 236 more words


Texas Man Gets 5 Years In Prison For Internet Scam Of Colorado Victims

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) – A Texas man is going to prison for an internet scam using the identity of a deceased Mississippian to dupe victims in Colorado. 128 more words