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Searching Again and Landing in Sugar Hill

I’ve discussed internet research before and, in particular, searching. I am 20 something years into using the Web, several years more into availing myself of… 642 more words

Writing Process


The cell phone we had for years,

Is obsolete it appears…

On an internet listing

That model was missing,

Will get a new one this year!


"Big Data" and Why It's So Big

When most people hear the word “data”, they think of boring number-crunching, graphs, and sitting at a computer all day analyzing information. However, data is much more than that after a documentary I watched in Market Research class. 506 more words

Use Google like a pro: powerful operators for finer search results

Since Google serves more than 70% of all search queries, it’s only fitting that we focus on how to make the most of it.

Most people – especially those not in the world of SEO and content creation business – pay little attention to how they use Google’s search form. 772 more words

Advanced Google Search

Internet search/ blessing or curse?

Something that is different in the past 25 or so years is the fact that when you feel unwell, you can easily do research to identify possible  causes for your symptoms. 496 more words


A risk not taken in the job search, is an opportunity lost

Many people are standing around a tranquil body of water with their fishing lines cast in it. They believe the water is abundant with fish. They’re content standing there exchanging a word or two, speaking of hope and opportunity. 542 more words

Career Search

Lost & Found

Have you ever lost anything in a store, on a plane, at a concert, at church or even at home?  I’ve left books on air planes, lost small items at church and lost any number of things at home.  469 more words

Family History