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Have you ever tried to hunt for something specific, but oh-so elusive on the Internet?  Sure, the web has put a wealth of information a mere click and press away, but navigating the murky waters of online retail is a nightmarish ordeal, especially for a gal like me who is predisposed to the hatred of shopping in any form in the first place. 562 more words

Amazing World Of Gumball

Something Simple

So this is just a quick tip… Do you ever google a phrase and one word seems to cause you to get endless results that you don’t want and make it impossible to find the one you do want? 188 more words


The things we surf

Was just debating the stuff I have looked up on the internet over the past year. And what these idiotic search engines that stalk and memorise the sites I go to must profile me out as. 254 more words

Modern Living

Writing is Hard...for Some

I remember wanting to be a firefighter for a while as a kid. And then an astronaut after watching “SpaceCamp” in 1986 but my mother wasn’t going to send me to Alabama. 328 more words

Content Writing

Searching Again and Landing in Sugar Hill

I’ve discussed internet research before and, in particular, searching. I am 20 something years into using the Web, several years more into availing myself of… 642 more words

Writing Process


The cell phone we had for years,

Is obsolete it appears…

On an internet listing

That model was missing,

Will get a new one this year!


"Big Data" and Why It's So Big

When most people hear the word “data”, they think of boring number-crunching, graphs, and sitting at a computer all day analyzing information. However, data is much more than that after a documentary I watched in Market Research class. 506 more words