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Lost & Found

Have you ever lost anything in a store, on a plane, at a concert, at church or even at home?  I’ve left books on air planes, lost small items at church and lost any number of things at home.  469 more words

Family History

The Persistence of Memory

An unexpected byproduct of social networking, indeed of the Internet itself, has been the increased ability to seek out and find information on a vast range of people and things previous generations would have given up for lost. 617 more words


How Do Olympians Do It : Tips by Gmento Mobile App

The world comes together every four years to witness the greatest athletes from all over the planet to compete against one another. Without doubt, the competition at Olympics is top notch and not an ordinary occasion and each one of us is left wondering how athletes are able to rise so high and run their way to glorious victory in their individual sports category!! 379 more words

Finding Digital Marketing Experts - big focus on user experience

The digital marketing revolution is transforming almost all business departments be it Marketing, HR, Sales, Finance & IT as all of these have massive opportunities and considerable challenges thanks to the rapid evolution in digital technologies and platforms providing the same. 397 more words

Searching for ways to vomit

As a writer, I find myself searching the internet for the most random information. I’ve done research into cliff diving, wrongful death lawsuits, and just now, vomiting. 145 more words

Writing Fiction

15 vital services Gmento could help you in

When Rajesh was planning for his son’s wedding , the entire process to find reliable professionals and service providers for diverse works left him and his family bewildered. 463 more words

Searching for squirrels again

Image: flying squirrel, Offended-by-light via deviantart.com CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Inspired by similar exercises from Small Pond Science and The Lab and Field, I present a few of the more interesting search terms by which… 493 more words