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Internet users receive illegal downloading notices, but what do they mean?

If you like to download songs, movies or TV shows and recently received a copyright infringement warning notice – you’re not alone.


The fight for the open internet isn’t over

The Open Internet order consists of three “bright-line rules” that both traditional ISPs (like Comcast) and mobile broadband providers (like T-Mobile) must adhere to: no blocking, no throttling and no paid prioritization. 26 more words

Google Wants to Change TV Advertising Forever

In the next few weeks Google will roll out a small but revolutionary TV ad-tracking program, tipped early today at Adweek. The program will utilize Google Fiber, the high-speed internet and TV service now available in Kansas City, Provo and Austin, and rolling out in other markets soon. 11 more words

Amtrak WiFi: So Slow It Might As Well Not Exist

The National Journal’s Dan Berman put the Amtrak WiFi through the paces along the train system’s busiest corridor — from Washington, D.C., to New York City — and confirmed that the service occasionally works well enough to access the Internet but is so spotty and so slow that it’s really of no use to the modern business traveler. 10 more words

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Ever Heard a Parrot Cry?

Is there anything more frustrating than internet/computer issues? Oh, sure, of course there are many things that are far more annoying, but when I’m having trouble connecting to the online world, I’d find it hard to name those other irritations. 332 more words

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Snail's Pace Internet in Northern Cyprus

Snail’s Pace Internet in Northern Cyprus

By Chris Elliott…….

How frustrating is it when you are looking at Youtube videos and the sound track spits and splutters and a load icon appears to tell you what you know already, that it’s trying to load more. 267 more words


Google Fiber plans expansion, then TWC makes speeds six times faster

“The Internet transformation will begin this summer and will include speed increases on TWC residential Internet plans at no additional cost, with customers experiencing increases up to six times faster, depending on their current level of Internet service,” Time Warner Cable announced last week. 61 more words

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