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New Jersey Investigating Comcast’s Use Of HD Fee To Raise Basic Cable Rates

Ultimately, the question is whether or not these fees count as rate hikes — not just for customers with the lowest-cost tiers, but for all pay-TV subscribers. 71 more words

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How the Internet works: Submarine fibre, brains in jars, and coaxial cables

Have you ever thought about how that cat picture actually gets from a server in Oregon to your PC in London? We’re not simply talking about the wonders of TCP/IP, or pervasive Wi-Fi hotspots, though those are vitally important as well. 55 more words

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Charter will axe the Time Warner Cable brand

The real question is whether or not this will lead to any structural changes. It’s not as if Time Warner Cable’s support system will change overnight, and the cable infrastructure will likely remain largely untouched. 44 more words

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10Gbps downloads and uploads over cable demoed by Bell Labs

The cable industry R&D consortium CableLabs announced a plan for full duplex technology in February, and the Nokia-owned Bell Labs yesterday said it has achieved 10Gbps symmetrical speeds in the lab in a “world-first” demo.[…] The technology is still in the proof-of-concept stage and requires fiber to be built most of the way toward homes, relying on cable for the final stretch. 65 more words

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Cable lobby says FCC launched assault on industry “without provocation”

In today’s speech, said cable companies face lots of video competition, though presumably he meant from online video providers rather than from other cable companies. – … 23 more words

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List Out Samsung Printer Cartridge

Samsung brand has been a most popular brand in regards to the multiple devices that is more often used by the numerous users across the world. 194 more words

Germany plans to remove owner liability for piracy on open Wi-Fi hotspots—report

The country’s coalition government has agreed to change the “Störerhaftung” law, which has led to many people receiving fines for piracy carried out by others using their Wi-Fi connections. 82 more words

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