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No more please!

My purse has taken quite a beating these past couple of months and needs a little time to recuperate. I have been spending as if my life depended upon it but the time has come for a rest from major spending sprees. 450 more words

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Comcast Raising Data Caps To One Terabyte On June 1

For customers who can’t keep their data use under that 1 TB ceiling, Comcast will continue to offer its “Unlimited” add-on tier. But instead of the current level of $30-35/month, users who want to go beyond the terabyte mark would have to pay $50 for each month of unlimited access. 39 more words

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The FCC won’t let Charter/Time Warner put data caps on internet plans

If you’re a broadband subscriber at one of those companies, here’s what that means for you: Go ahead and stream all you want, all the time — your internet company can’t penalize you for bandwidth consumption. 46 more words

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Breaking Down the FCC's Proposal to Protect Broadband Privacy

The [Notice of Proposed Rulemaking] also asks whether there should be rules limiting or outright banning certain practices that may negatively affect customer privacy, no matter whether some customers might opt-in or not. 88 more words

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How to fix driver issues in Windows 10 & Windows 8

Some times Windows 10 and Windows 8 users faces problem like display is not proper, sound card is not working properly, graphics issues, printer’s problem despite of all correct connections and configurations, network issues and many others.   244 more words


Comcast Says FCC Privacy Rules Will Hurt Consumers By Not Allowing Them To See More Ads Online

The real problem, argues , is that these new privacy rules — which, again, do not even exist yet and are currently nothing more than a series of possible questions to be investigated and asked — could prevent Comcast from being a disruptive force that competes with Google or Facebook in the ad network. 68 more words

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The FCC Just Approved Broadband Subsidies for Low-Income Americans and That's Awesome

The agency just passed a plan to provide $9.25 a month to qualified families. For many, that’s the difference between internet access and living off the grid. 15 more words

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