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Cloud Security: Inputs for practice

As more companies let their employees access information and applications remotely, managers need to think about how they will eliminate security gaps in the cloud. These four options should provide the security you need to protect your company and clients. 495 more words


Hello, Google Allo

So I tried Google Allo for a few hours, and what I experienced was really refreshing. To sum it up, Google Allo is WhatsApp for the lazy people. 219 more words

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10 Amazing Google Chrome Experiments You Need to Try Right Now

If you are not new to the Web, Google Chrome must definitely be familiar to you. Even if you prefer another browser, Chrome is still something you are must have heard of. 996 more words


Hipsters, Apple, and Motorola

I don’t like shaving my beard. I don’t have a very dense one anyway. I don’t like wearing clothes that make me uncomfortable, and I am routinely unwilling to look squeaky clean. 231 more words

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Googles newest AI and its war against Internet trolls

Google has been doing a lot of interesting things lately, and there’s been a lot of speculation about a plethora of different programs, algorithm’s and rules related to them, much of which has been just that……speculative. 437 more words

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Aadhar, and the future of digital authentication

The Aadhar program by Government of India has come under much criticism. However as technology develops, the real value of this program will emerge. As a matter of fact, the government has… 301 more words

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Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

Internet technology and web based commerce have dramatically transformed the airline industry in the last ten years. As travelers embraced the Internet, this enabled airlines to bypass the traditional distribution pattern through travel agencies and sell direct to end consumers. 811 more words