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Product Endorsements

How to set up an E-Restaurant - A Case Study

In the current era, the business which is growing tremendously is the food chain restaurants with its peak demands, it highly necessary for any restaurant to promote itself as the best place to dine. 844 more words



There’s much talk of when the first computer will gain consciousness. And supersede mankind.

EX_MACHINA is a 2015 British science fiction thriller film written and directed by author and screenwriter Alex Garland, making his directorial debut.

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Internet Security Tips and Information

You would hate to think that by ordering that new purse or buying that airline ticket for vacation might end up costing you your identity. While most websites are secure when it comes to transactions, your personal and financial information can be compromised. 75 more words

Internet Technology

Website Design Plans for E-Commerce - Case study

Our Business plan:  Our business includes selling of T-shirts to the customers. However we will be exploring other options if the demand to our brand increases in future periods. 833 more words