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[Electric Bungalow] Sleeping Soundly with Acoustic Sheep's Bedphones

Acoustic Sheep’s SleepPhone is a very comfortable pair of headphones that is multipurpose. For folks who like falling asleep to the soothing sound of music, it will not disturb the neighbours when the music player is at half volume. 561 more words

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#Week 3: Social Media for Business Marketing & Communication

Four Steps to Social Media Strategy 

I must admit the thought of how businesses could utilize social media in being successful have cross my mind.Now through the lesson, I have learned the steps towards a successful social media business. 540 more words

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[Electric Bungalow] To 3D or Not to Feel Apple's 3D, That's the Question

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Sorry Apple, but I’m not impressed with 3D Touch. By the wording alone, I’m thinking that there are sensors in the new… 351 more words


#Week 2: Men & Machine (Social Media) = Power Extreme!

What is Social Media?

Thank you professor for the witty tagline that has now become the title for my blog post (really power lah!)

Almost everyone is using social media unless you have been living in a cave or under a rock, everyone (including animals and fictional characters) are connected and communicating through social media. 1,033 more words

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#Week 1: Power of Technology and the Internet

Introduction to the Internet 

I feel that COM 125 is a followup to CSE 111 and that there are connections to the material between these two modules which I found to be interesting and informative. 741 more words

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Tab Closed; Didn't Read

Do you hate popup overlays like this one?

@drcongo recommends you not read that content. Or click on their ads. Or help them generate revenue in any way. 37 more words

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Comparison of Mobile vs Desktop Computing - An Infographic

In recent times, mobile commerce has changed the way computing resources are accessed by the common man. Further it has enabled the reach of resources like access to commodities, financial products and services and other infomediaries, to improve the lives of people who otherwise were on the ill fated side of the digital divide. 32 more words