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Receive best in class technical support for your Yahoo account

Yahoo needs no introduction because of its wide range of services and functionalities Yahoo offered to its users. The services Yahoo offered covered a large part of services available online and that’s why a lot of people access Yahoo every day. 348 more words


The Battle Between Product and Development

I was not sure if this controversial topic would come up in any of my readings, but after going through this week’s tasks, I came upon the teaching of standardization and integration as an operating model.   527 more words


Is Source Code Escrow Worth the Cost?

Starting and developing a new business, as well as managing and expanding a well established one, is never easy. Now more than ever, businesses of all shapes and sizes are faced with countless risks that transform their work environment in ways that could make or break them with a single drop in the market. 606 more words


Customer Support for the Trouble Free Outlook Access

Emailing is one of the best inventions of the internet world. There is no doubt that the emailing has simplified our life a lot in light of the fact that email allows us to send any kind of data with any size across the world which seems a difficult task if not done through emails. 349 more words


It's Personal: How Technology Has Overtaken the Most Personal Aspects of Our Lives

There is likely no one on earth to whom we would willingly divulge all of our most intimate details. Sure, there are those with whom we would share our financial details with, likely a financial advisor. 654 more words


5 Tech Tools to Strengthen Your Family Bond

While most people see new products developed in this day and age as tools to meet new people or improve one’s productivity, some of these can also help families bridge the gap that exists among siblings, between parents and their children, or among different units in an extended family. 626 more words


Video Technologies to look out for in 2017 (and beyond)

The trend for brands to create content designed to be sought and not pushed to people’s televisions and devices, is creating a golden age for content. 1,166 more words