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Nigeria’s Internet traffic will grow six-fold by 2020 — Cisco

​A release of the Cisco Visual Networking Index Complete Forecast for 2015 to 2020 has shown that Nigeria’s Internet Protocol traffic will grow six-fold and fixed broadband speed will increase 2.4 fold with an average mobile speed connection of 5Mbps. 464 more words



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Why the world needs to ban funny cat videos

Why the world needs to ban cat videos.

The internet is choking under its own weight and has reached a point of massive world-wide internet traffic jams. 123 more words


Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

Distributed Denial of Service (DDos)

It is a destructive attack  make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources. It is generally used to target a variety of important resources, ranging from banks, newspaper websites up to personal blogs. 120 more words


Access to several social media sites was blocked for over an hour in Turkey today during a reported military coup. Although internet traffic appears to be flowing normally again, Turkey’s government frequently responds to political events by blocking certain websites or throttling traffic.

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Surveillance & Information Gathering

Automation の調査: インターネット・トラフィックの 50% を Bot が占めている!

Automation: Bots Now Account for Half of All Internet Traffic and many are Malicious

Dick Weisinger – June 30th, 2016


Bots are software applications that can automate tasks, like setting alarms and notifications, booking travel or searching out shopping and weather information.   264 more words