Developed environment, same opportunity and contrasting perception of trust between heavy and light users

Presenters: Gwangjae Kim (Hanyang Cyber University and Visiting scholar, N&MRC) and Jee Lee (N&MRC).


We examined the relationship between an internet environment developed by strong national policy and the level of user trust in cyberspace in South Korea. 377 more words


One of Amazon's top executives is going to work in Italy's public sector—for free

Amazon senior vice president Diego Piacentini is taking a sabbatical. As announced in February, he will take two years off from his executive position at the e-commerce giant to return to his homeland, Italy, and take on a pro-bono position as the government commissioner for the digital agenda. 551 more words

Internet, social media addiction linked to mental health risks: study

The more time you spend on the internet and social media, the more likely you are to suffer from mental health issues, according to researchers at… 409 more words


Expert reaction to conference abstract looking at whether excessive internet use may indicate mental health problems in college students

Science Media Centre | Published online: 17 September 2016

Unpublished work presented at the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology Congress (ECNP) has investigated possible associations between internet use and mental health issues in college students.

373 more words
09 (September 2016)

The Networked Home

The introduction of the internet into the everyday family household has changed the way that many of the spaces within the house are used and in turn how technology is used. 433 more words


Metablog XI: link clear-out

As is now normal, alas, I have to apologise for the gap in posting; there have been exam marks to finalise and then, heavens help me, I actually took some time off to do… 582 more words


Other Things I do on the Internet while Traveling (that aren't Social Media)

Is email social media? This is a tricky question that I keep coming back to on this trip. My email use is very close to what I do on social media. 571 more words