Why do we use "Social Media"?

I am old enough to remember the rotary dial telephone. My first telemarketing marketing job was selling Boston Globe newspaper subscriptions using a rotary phone… 276 more words

Social Media

Comcast Is Said to End $45 Billion Bid for Time Warner Cable


Comcast is planning to abandon its $45 billion takeover of Time Warner Cable after the deal encountered intense regulatory scrutiny over whether it was anticompetitive and in the public interest, people briefed on the matter said on Thursday.The merger would have united the country’s two largest cable operators and reshaped the country’s video and broadband markets. 15 more words

Daily News

LS 502 Research Methods Journal Entry #25

Alright. I promised to tell something of the mini collaborative group project. I am in Group 2 and we are doing a mini-survey, testing it out on 3 people for each of the 3 people in our group. 363 more words

Research Methods LS 502

Scholarship strategies: have we seen them before?

The art of applying for scholarships begins to look familiar to me. A family member is approaching college application time, and I’m gaining some early experience in applying for aid.   122 more words

Career Coaching

Internet Safety for Teens (2015 edition)

As an educator, it is essential to stay knowledgeable of emerging technologies and the potential hazards for students who use them. For teens who have been raised alongside the normalization of digital life, it is important for the adults in their lives to understand and have advice ready for them in regards to safe use of the Internet. 1,621 more words

EdTech 541

My Thoughts on Internet Use Nowadays

I read five different articles this weekend that are related to the study of Internet Addiction. And these are my ideas about it. All three articles indicated that Internet Addiction is a possible new mental disorder but it is not yet included in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM-5) manual. 2,452 more words

All About Psychology

Live Well: January

Remember my New Year’s resolution Post to Live Well? I’m going to post a personal theme each month toward it (starting with the letter of that month). 335 more words

"Live Well" (2015)