Live Well: January

Remember my New Year’s resolution Post to Live Well? I’m going to post a personal theme each month toward it (starting with the letter of that month). 335 more words

"Live Well" (2015)

Public Thought and the Digital Age

Public Thought 

According to John Harley, the public sphere is no more… Not because it has completely vanished, but because it has evolved into the… 833 more words

Media And Digital Culture

Source Blog 12: High-speed Internet Use and Academic Gratifications in the College Residence

Matthews, Denise, and Lynne Schrum. “High-speed Internet Use and Academic Gratifications in the College Residence.” The Internet and Higher Education 6.2 (2003): 125-44. Science Direct. … 134 more words

Online Talent Development Part 5

Online Talent Development – Toolset

by Mark Sivy. Ed.D.

Based upon recent information found at the Center for Learning and Performance Technologies website, there are currently over 2100 technology tools, programs and applications that can be used for corporate talent development, training, and learning. 325 more words

Talent Development

Weekend Wandering 4: Information Geographies

It appears I’ve been on a data/information/infographic kick as of late. I must admit to being intrigued by the unique intersection of creativity, data and location. 123 more words


The colorful resume ... literally!

What color is your resume?  If you are thinking I mean that metaphorically, sorry, that’s for another posting. Today it’s about color.  I could have named this post… 124 more words

Misc. Career