Metablog XI: link clear-out

As is now normal, alas, I have to apologise for the gap in posting; there have been exam marks to finalise and then, heavens help me, I actually took some time off to do… 582 more words


Other Things I do on the Internet while Traveling (that aren't Social Media)

Is email social media? This is a tricky question that I keep coming back to on this trip. My email use is very close to what I do on social media. 571 more words

Learning New Skills - Universal Medicine Exposed

New Talents Exposed.

11 years ago when I started my business Evolve Dental Healing in Kenmore I could barely send an email and with some concentration managed to find my way around the dental software required to keep patient notes and charts up to date. 361 more words


The Vortex Effect

Being able to spend time is one thing, but managing it is another story. The internet is becoming ubiquitous to society and revolves around people’s lives more than ever. 1,281 more words


The Dress Strikes Back: A New Viral Optical Illusion Emerges

Blue and black?¬†Or beige and white? It was the question that tore friendships apart last winter, and, just in time for the one-year anniversary, … 282 more words


#OnlineActivism ?

Source: Heart-shaped Globe

Imagine yourself sitting on your bed at night, staring at your laptop screen, scrolling through your Facebook News Feed and looking at pictures of couples enjoying… 971 more words