The NBN in the home: An opportunity, for some.

The intersection of technology and the home is a complex space for a researcher. Not only do researchers have to grapple with rapid developments in technologies and their mutating uses, but with all of the richness, messiness and unquantifiable-ness of our homes. 615 more words

Media And Communications

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Recently in a graduate level course, it was made painfully apparent how ignorant many American college students are about the world outside of the United States. 572 more words

Dear Ashley Madison Users

Dear Ashley Madison Users,

I’ve really debated on whether or not you people deserve a letter from me, but in the end I could not resist. 111 more words

Common Sense

Survey: 15 Percent Of Americans Don't Use The Internet

WASHINGTON (CBSDC)– For many Americans it’s hard to conceptualize a world without the Internet, but a new survey suggests that 15 percent of American adults are still offline. 274 more words


Internet use and RescueTime: The beginning

So many moons ago, prior to random illness, lack of sleep and an excessive heat wave* sidelining me for a bit, I proposed to reduce the amount of time I spent on the internet… 583 more words


Keeping pace with social change: Women accept a brave new world, while writers of women’s fiction wonder how to make headway

Our great-grandmothers would be shaking their heads in dismay if they could visit our times. Internet, Twitter, Pinterest, smart phones, text messages, they wouldn’t know where to begin to stay in touch with their families and friends, let alone how to use these tools. 451 more words

To Think About

Reflection on internet use 

I reflected a little bit the last couple f days over my own habits on the the internet. I don’t use Facebook, Instagram and other social media as much as I did earlier. 59 more words

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