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How I detect creepy online men/women.

These are ways I find creepy stalkers :P You don’t have to agree with me :o

  1. They try VERY hard to personally contact you, via chat-room, message boards, etc.
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Personal Development

Part 3: HTTP Status Codes

The previous post gave an insight on the working of a simple HTTP request coupled with its response. As seen before, a HTTP response includes a… 212 more words


On Nostalgia

The original mobile phone was made by Motorola in 1973.

On December 3, 1992, the words ‘Merry Christmas’ were sent from a computer to a phone in Finland.  511 more words


Want some privacy and security online? Check out ibVPN!

I’ve been using using ibVPN for a while, and I think it’s great.  In case you don’t know, “VPN” means Virtual Priivate network.  To use… 217 more words


Ellen Pao needs to go

I don’t know if anyone has been following the Reddit thing, but the tl;dr is that in late 2014 Reddit appointed Ellen Pao as CEO, a woman with a very dubious past, who was clearly antithetical to Reddit. 236 more words

Own-MailBox: correo 100% confidencial

OwnCloud y servicios similares han inspirado a otros productos como el miniPC Own-Mailbox, un pequeño ordenador para tener tu propio servidor de correo electrónico y poder enviar y recibir emails de manera 100% confidencial, sin que nadie los espíe por el camino como ocurre con los grandes servicios existentes en la red. 148 more words