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For wishing death on my dog and my dog did die, I only hope you get the same penalty in return anon.

Anon acts like it’s going to kill itself over something I say about it on my blog.  I’ve been waiting.  If death by default and by anon’s own hands are the only way to stop it from going to my blog daily so be it — since anon can’t seem to control its own self to stop going to my blog without anyone wishing anything on it.


How anon spends its weekend and every day, typing in search terms to my blog, Lol.

I wish I was like anon, not caring about having any class and doing what it does.  Hey anon, how does it feel to live the life that you live doing the things that you do?   66 more words


Motorola Moto 360 de segunda generación, el rey de los relojes inteligentes se renueva

Siempre que hay una feria de las dimensiones del IFA de Berlín esto se traduce en un aumento drástico en la cantidad de información y nuevas noticias… 503 more words


Warid rolls out Double Faida Offer TVC featuring Shahid Afridi & Amir King Khan

After all the buzz and hype, yesterday Warid rolled out the much awaited tv commercial featuring Shahid Afridi & Amir King Khan. Both have been used to promote their latest “Double Faida Offer”, through which the users can enjoy Lightening Tez Internet. 8 more words

Pathetic Search Terms.

You know you’re going to hell, right, anon?  As long as you can accept that, keep doing you.

Anon thinks it has destroyed my writing career, but actually, I think a book about its harassment is what’s going to make my writing career bloom.   12 more words


The best from IFA 2015

Now that the IFA doors are opened to the public, our job there is pretty much over. If you can’t drop by and see all the exciting gadgetry on display in Berlin yourself, it’s ok. 781 more words