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Six on Six | February

What the frak is Six on Six?
A little while ago Scruffy-Little Nerf Herder started a monthly photo challenge to showcase geeky things around your house that correspond to that month’s color. 125 more words

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This Is Turning Out To Be A Total Waste Of Time

One of modern pop culture’s most prominent touchstones is the animated television show known as The Simpsons.  I mean, it should be after twenty seven GODDAMN seasons.  250 more words


Sonia Ali: Photos of The Internet's Best Kim Kardashian Lookalike!

We've seen plenty of Kim Kardashian lookalikes (including Kim's youngest sister) over the years, but never before have we laid eyes on such such a jaw-dropping dead ringer as Sonia Ali. 16 more words

Jaunie Latvijas vlogeri, kuriem sekot

Youtube ir kļuvis par jaunu, spēcīgu mediju. Jaunieši visā pasaulē skatās dažādus video, kuros video blogeri  – jeb vlogeri, saukti arī par jūtūberiem – kameras priekšā izsaka savas domas par dažādiem jautājumiem, sniedz padomus, iepazīstina ar savu ikdienu, kā arī veic dažādus challenge jeb pārbaudījumus, kuri pārsvarā iecerēti kā ļoti smieklīgi. 428 more words


Defining attributes of the 'open web'

In response to a previous post where I asked “Where is the ‘open web’ now?”  I received some of the most interesting feedback I’ve ever gotten in all The Millikan Daily’s years online. 1,904 more words


New Adventures of Peter and Wendy | #AllTheTales

With a little faith, trust and some pixie dust… a youtube series based on J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan is born.

The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy has been on my “need to share this amazing series with the world” pile for a while now. 658 more words

Anna The Gif Harlot

Learning Is Fun with Seth Meyers

I will now ensure I use “Amazon package” and “empty subway car” in a sentence, at least once a week.

Seth Meyers