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Ansel Adams: Beyond Awe and Wonder

What landscape photographer doesn’t look in awe at the work of Ansel Adams? Hell, what landscape photographer, deep down, doesn’t want to beAnsel Adams? It’s not just the amazing landscapes of Yosemite because a quick check on Flickr will prove that half dome doesn’t always look as arresting in photos. 615 more words

Christmas Greetings from Oldham Prisoners in Germany

At Christmas 1914 the Mayor of Oldham, Councillor William Lees, received a postcard from Germany. On the front were the words: ‘Kriegs-Gefanjenen Sendung’ and the address ‘The Mayor of Oldham, Clarksfield House, Lancashire, England’, while on the reverse side were the words: ‘Englander lager, Ruhleben – Spandau, Germany’. 1,114 more words

World War One

War Relocation Center or Interment Camp - What's in a Name?

When I returned home (to Arkansas) in March of 2013, I purposely drove to a little town called Jerome (which only has a population of 46 people according to the sign I photographed) just outside of Dermott; in order to take a photo of a particular sign that I saw when my parents had to pick me up in Baton Rogue, Louisiana when I was visiting back in November of 2010. 647 more words

Aphrodite's Delights

Deeper into the Abyss

Trump is still actually being taken seriously, and more than ever.  What the hell?


Ban the Muslims?  It reminds me of the “we hate the Irish” sentiment of the 19th century, or the anti-Chinese laws we hardly repealed before the First World War.  311 more words


Worked into a fury

In 1942, the U.S. government moved more than 100,00 people of Japanese ancestry living on the mainland to camps across the country. These were called internment camps, and 62% of the internees were United States citizens. 1,234 more words


Manzanar Documentary

The other week I drove up to Manzanar National Park in order to film a documentary about the park’s location and history as an internment camp during World War II. 18 more words

Black And White