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My Seventh Week

My 7th week as intern has been thrilling. Although I was only present for at least three days this week, it has never been this fun. 140 more words


H4 – Honor family/community involvement in the learning process.

Teacher candidates inform, involve, and collaborate with families/neighborhoods, and communities in each student’s educational process, including using information about student cultural identity, achievement and performance. 510 more words


H5 – Honor student potential for roles in the greater society.

     Teacher-candidates prepare students to be responsible citizens for an environmentally sustainable, globally interconnected, and diverse society.

It’s important for students to be prepared for a globalized world, prepared to attack and solve the larger problems on the local, national, and global level.  376 more words


26.08.2014 - Desks.

Tuesday, 26th August, 2014


Today is day three of my detox (meaning no caffeine), and I felt it. I imagine that this is what a hangover feels like. 532 more words

25.08.2014 - In Which a Look to the Future Reminds me of the Past.

Monday, 25th August, 2014

In Which a Look to the Future Reminds Me of the Past.

Today was both a strange and a monumental day. As you know the marketing intern is leaving (booooooooooo!) and today the prospective interns were invited to stay the night before their interviews tomorrow. 758 more words

24.08.2014 - Vesuvius.

Sunday, 24th August, 2014


When researching for this blog I realised that it was this date in 79 AD that Mount Vesuvius erupted. How apt. 1,740 more words


So far my search for an intern has been extremely successful. Far more than I had predicted it would be, anyway. I didn’t think anyone was actually dumb enough to volunteer for the position of changing my tampons / acting as my human bench, without any promise of pay or future gain. 566 more words