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Day 43 - Summer update

Hello, all! It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog, much to my chagrin. A couple things need to be explained.

For anyone who doesn’t want to read below the cut, the three main points that I’ll be addressing during the summer are working at Hans Zimmer’s studio in LA for five weeks, working a films scoring institute for a month, and getting this blog back up and running. 582 more words


Getting Matched: Part 1

If you’re a Junior in a Didactic Program for Dietetics (DPD) with the goal of becoming a registered dietitian, you’ve likely heard about the dietetic internship. 810 more words


Back to Basics

I’ve been home for a week now and it feels like nothing has changed here. The family is doing well, Hinsdale is filled with familiar faces, and summer is beginning to make its appearance. 565 more words

Old Blue 

Last Friday 27th,

I do not usually work on Friday’s at the Advance. I usually work Monday – Thursday at the Advance. This week I have worked Tuesday – Friday, due to the photoshoots for the summer magazine. 71 more words


Confessions of a School Counselor

Okay so maybe I’m not a real school counselor yet, but I do intern at a local elementary school and I work under their counselor. While I might not be “official” just yet, I do get to throw my hat into the ring of “you’ll never believe what happened today”. 367 more words

Tales Of A Traveling Beach Bum

Senior not around

I am teamed-up with the strictest senior. As a newbie auditor, everything is so difficult. I think I did my audit quite logically, but when I pass to my senior for review, everything I did is severely wrong. 77 more words


Impacting the lives of Ugandan farmers

By Rogerio Campos

I have always been passionate about social impact and Africa, so when I had the opportunity to spend my summer helping Ugandan farmers improve their lives, I had to take it. 603 more words