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Welcome to Kenya

I am going to do a short series where I post stories of people or just anything about Kenya. Being a 20 year old Singaporean alone in Kenya is something rare and I hope to make the best out of it and document the beauty of this country.

My Dream Job Interview.

Interviews can be nerve racking… actually, REALLY nerve racking. Especially interviews that can turn into CAREERS. I’m having my first professional interview with the PR and Marketing Manager at the Conrad Indianapolis┬áthis upcoming Wednesday and I’m still thinking… is this really happening? 393 more words

Five Steps: Build a Career Before Graduating from College

Five Steps: Build a Career Before Graduating from College
Contributed by Karen Dikson

In 2015, the Georgetown University center on Education and the Workforce released a report… 846 more words

Career & Life Transition

Weeks 7&8: Editing

Hello! I enjoyed even more productivity in these two weeks, in terms of both my AP Research project and the additional analysis I’m performing off to the side. 297 more words

Sixth Week (April 4- April 6)

Industry Knowledge and Skills: Identify and describe the importance of a key skill used in your workplace. How does this impact your industry?

One key skill that is used in the workplace at my internship is a positive attitude. 79 more words


Fifth Week (March 28- March 30)

Habits of Work: What advice would you pass on to future interns? What are the most important skills for a student to be successful at his/her internship? 337 more words