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How to get a job in DC (without knowing anyone)

I am sometimes asked how I got my DC job. Or DC jobs, rather. At the time of writing these words, I have been living in DC for 4.5 years, and am currently on my third job in this town. 1,754 more words


Day 19: Blown Fuse

So I went to the lab this morning…

Okay, I need to stop using that line at the beginning of every blog post. Let’s just talk about what happened in the lab today. 631 more words



  • To modify and design the umbrella.
  • Other than sell the chair, we want to try sell the new stuff which was the umbrella.
  • An umbrella that won’t let you down in a downpour and umbrellas boasting windproof builds and lifetime warranties, and even some that double as self-defense tools, are all available.
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Slowing down

This week has been hard.

I’ve felt like I started off on the wrong foot, and I had a strange day on Monday of not quite feeling myself and not really knowing what to do with that feeling. 447 more words

My First Two Weeks as a Public Relations Intern

“It always seems impossible until it is done.” – Nelson Mandela

Throughout my college career it has been drilled into my head, along with every other college student, how important it is to have internships before you graduate college and start your post grad life. 

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SIP to Tacoma: Our First Week in the Office

By Tyler Rixon, Tax Intern, Tacoma Office

If you got a chance to check out Andrea’s blog about SIP, then you already know what an amazing experience it was. 442 more words


"VIRTUAL INTERNSHIP" A Must Do First Step Of A Marketing Career

So, peeps this is the first post of the “Marketing TipsThatMatter” section of my blog and I wanted it to be impact-full and educational. For every aspiring marketer their first step is very much important, and for every career, learning is the initial step without which one cannot excel in their career. 426 more words

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