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Translating Vendor Neutral Archives to Vendor Neutral EHRs

A vendor neutral archive is a system that allows patient test result files to be stored, sent, received and viewed in a format that does not rely on any certain piece of hardware or software. 877 more words


Did Meaningful Use Paint EHRs into a Corner?

Six years and $28 billion dollars later, health information technology seems be hitting a wall with meaningful use. Through the convergence of economic trends, health IT markets, legal barriers and poor planning, the industry appears to have reached a place where information exchange is going to be an ongoing, expensive endeavor that will require an enormous amount of cooperation between stakeholders who do no always see eye to eye. 443 more words

Clinical Informatics

Doctors Hate EHR's...So What?

EHR’s (otherwise known as Electronic Health Records) are getting to be ubiquitous in clinics across the country.  Thanks to both incentives (yay!) and mandates (ugh), the healthcare field is finally taking the leap that we in banking/finance took nearly two decades ago and moving to an operating system that is built around electronic records, rather than paper.   1,280 more words

Medical Monday

Celebrating my ten year anniversary of voice recognition use

Over the past 10 years I have become an avid user of voice recognition software. It’s common for people passing by my office to see me with a headset on, dictating email or composing documents. 641 more words


Leading the Interoperability Charge with Local Health Departments

The public health sector and local health departments (LHDs) across the country are seeing a big swing in the services they provide – moving from a solely traditional population health model to that of a primary care provider for the population that they serve.  410 more words

Data-Driven, Networked Urbanism

Rob Kitchin has a new paper out, “Data-Driven, Networked Urbanism.” See Sam Kinsley’s site for a link to the full pdf.


For as long as data have been generated about cities various kinds of data-informed urbanism have been occurring.

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