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Patient Centered Systems

What will it take to move our healthcare system to a truly patient-centered system? We know based on multiple data points that engaged patients have a big impact on the successful outcome of treatment. 1,416 more words

Healthcare Technology

Standards: sometimes good, sometimes bad


Standardisation makes many administrative processes better. If people are submitting forms, it’s easier to process those forms when they follow a standard design. If students want to find out the time and place of their lectures, they want that information in a standard way. 544 more words


Motorola WAVE OnCloud PTT Service Now Available

Smartphone 2-Way Radio App With Location and Low Monthly Fee

Motorola Solutions introduced WAVE OnCloud, a monthly subscription SaaS at last month’s IWCE. It is designed to work with or without your existing 2-way radio system and provide voice group/private calls, group text messaging, and real-time location. 226 more words


Skype4B interoperability: Cisco Expressway

Cisco Expressway “offer users outside your firewall simple, highly secure access to all collaboration workloads, including video, voice, content, IM, and presence. Collaborate with people who are on third-party systems and endpoints or in other companies. 273 more words


5 helpful scenarious where MQTT can be used for Industrial Automation

@tachyeonz : MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport or Message Queue Telemetry Transport) is gaining popularity over the last years thanks mainly to its simplicity and  lightweightness.  It has all necessary features and can be used for simple solutions for industrial automation. 6 more words


Europe and the train of the Digital Single Market

by Isabel Espín, Professor at the Law School of Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

The European Union must not miss the train of a true digital single market that will keep the momentum of its important digital content industry and make it more competitive without losing the essence of European cultural identity. 773 more words


Getting your enterprise ready for IoT

IT professionals have heard plenty over the past year about how the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to dramatically impact their enterprises and their jobs. 368 more words