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The Long and Winding Road...that leads to interoperability

I’ve been tasked to write a blog on Interoperability and Health Information Exchange (HIE). This is no easy task. Perhaps it may be easier for me to blog than for you to read. 1,018 more words


Documenting our practices

A sidebar entitled 5 ways to improve your metadata quality and interoperability in chapter 9 of our text lists “Documenting your local practices” as the 5th way. 507 more words

General Metadata Musings

Revit... What is it good for?

Recently, I gave a talk at the SF Dynamo User Group on how to translate Rhino geometry into native Revit geometry and essentially how to “bake” native Revit geometry out of Dynamo (link to the recording – will be up soon). 1,114 more words

Rhino to Revit (SAT to Spring Nodes)

For almost as long as Rhino and Revit have been around we have been trying to get trying to import Rhino geometry into Revit (Revit to Rhino was not really the problem as you can just export a DWG with ASCII solids which import into Rhino as NURBS surfaces). 352 more words

Service Elite Specialist

Westcan ACS, as a result of the consistent demonstration of our capabilities in service delivery performance and personal expertise, has been awarded the status of SERVICE ELITE SPECIALIST by Motorola Solutions: the first in Western Canada to receive this designation.  324 more words

Two Way Radio

Why Digital?

Licensed, professional two way radio is on the verge of making the biggest leap forward since the invention of the transistor: the evolution from analog to digital. 255 more words


GIPHY: The Digital Library Model of The Future

By Jessica Alexa Mason

I have spent rather a lot of time recently marveling at the brilliance of the GIF library application GIPHY. As an avid user I have very quickly come to rely on their huge selection to help me convey almost any sentiment. 539 more words

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