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Iterating to Innovate: What We Learned with mVisa in Rwanda

> Posted by Mark Pickens, Senior Director, Visa

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The future doesn’t come with an owner’s manual saying how to set up, operate, or troubleshoot it. 1,218 more words

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Conference Musings: The Need for a Different Kind of Interoperability

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in two great meetings centered around the use of data in healthcare – Big Data for Breast Cancer (BD4BC) Symposium and Cybersecurity for Healthcare and Medical devices. 657 more words

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Interoperability for a modern public sector

Written by Ron Davies,

The electronic services of European public administrations need to interoperate to support citizens and businesses studying or working in other Member States, as well as to reduce costs and realise efficiencies for governments. 536 more words


A CEO’s Guide To Group Health 2.0

I find this post a perfect topic for Fascinating Friday, because it is raising some thought-provoking ideas and questions about health and wellness as provided by companies today.  129 more words

Fascinating Friday

New Learning Content for Your Workflow

At Proving Ground, we remain committed to providing useful resources to the building community.  Freely available learning content will continue to be instrumental in our approach for equipping building teams with the latest capabilities. 294 more words


The Challenge of Doing It All

Anyone involved in Information Technology of any kind is familiar with the concept of standardization…if they are smart they are also extremely appreciative of it.  Several decades ago when computers and the networks and infrastructure they are now a part of were being developed and spreading across ever-larger areas, it quickly became apparent that without standardization in important areas like I/O Ports and the like, the growth of the technology would be limited by the technicians knowledge of and availability of the interfacing connections and devices you would need to connect them.   1,195 more words

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Whitepaper: Avoid 4 Common Pitfalls of Designing an OpenVPX™ System

OpenVPX is a COTS technology, used in rugged C4ISR designs, which reduces risk, so why are delays and overruns so common during the design phase? 71 more words