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Winning Friends & Influencing People: Win People to Your Way of Thinking

If you have not read the previous installments of this series you can easily catch up here, here, & here.

There…are you up to speed now?? 2,279 more words

The Bookshelf

The art of building relationships, and why it matters.

“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people”

Theodore Roosevelt

In today’s connected world, those who get ahead tend to be those able to forge strong relationships both personally and professionally. 438 more words

Personal Development

How To Be A Brilliant Manager

How To Be A Brilliant Manager

Managers are called upon to accomplish a range of tasks and duties which require a strong determination to get the job done correctly. 690 more words

Soft skills: A modern workplace must

Employees with strong soft skills are leading the charge into a new age of communication-driven business.

No job today can be performed optimally without soft skills, the abilities that go beyond raw information and involve emotional intelligence and communication aptitude. 841 more words

Professional Development

Short course on soft skills for future interns

Several years ago, Penn State’s department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Management conducted a survey of alumni and other professionals and asked “how are we doing?” We asked respondents to reflect on the skills and competencies that our students have demonstrated on the job. 478 more words



Patients often lie about drug use. Part of practicing emergency medicine is using skill in communication to get through those communication pitfalls.

To get patients to tell the truth on drug use, start with low stakes questions. 118 more words

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