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Being a Cup of Coffee with a Positive Attitude at Work

Every morning we crave for a well brewed cup of coffee. Imagine a day we do not get your cup of coffee or your coffee does not taste good. 521 more words

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How To Be More Assertive Without Overdoing It

How To Be More Assertive Without Overdoing It

‘There is a clear and dramatic distinction between assertiveness and aggression. In good management this is not about having your own way at all costs: Assertiveness is about asking for what you want, and having the ability to listen, discuss and negotiate to the point where you have some, or all, of what you wanted without harming or bullying the other party. 320 more words




Guest blogger: Neena Vilas Talpade

“My little one is in the play group this year. You know, he’s already going on Environmental Science field trips,” one of the Moms says to another, as they wait for the school van. 551 more words


Speaking of politics, let’s talk about what is driving me nuts in my friendships shall we? Better I get it out here than during a 4 or 7 hour car drive tomorrow. 487 more words


Are we scared of letting our children think?

I’ve heard too many parents tell me if my child starts thinking

  • They will ask too many questions and get into trouble at school
  • They will make decisions on their own and not listen to me…
  • 375 more words

What Makes Networking Happen?

What Makes Networking Happen?

Networking does not happen as if by magic: it takes determination and application of careful planning to bring results. Similarly you can spend many hours doing what you THINK is networking only to find you get nothing back from your efforts! 111 more words


3 Tried-and-True Tips for Dealing with Negative Colleagues

Hey dear friends! How have you all been?

Today I am back with another career and personal development question. 

Have you ever been frustrated with a colleague or friend who is always complaining, gossiping or generally saying negative things? 976 more words