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Never being sorry

Sorry is not enough ~ sometimes you have to change.

What is a real and genuine apology?  It’s an acknowledgement and acceptance that one has done something wrong.   749 more words

Personal Style

Language Tango: Accusatory “You” & Responsive “I”

written by Keith Artisan

When it comes to relationship and communication, the devil is in the details.

The words spoken are massive influences in determining the course of dialogue. 1,066 more words


How Smart People Deal With People They Don’t Like

written by David K. William
In a perfect world, each person we interact with would be nice, kind, considerate, mindful, generous, and more. They would get our jokes and we would get theirs. 1,200 more words


Put a Pause on Your Own Sob Story: Let’s Try Being Better Listeners

Remember that time when you feel completely overwhelmed by some situation in your life, a fight, some family upheaval, employment issue, health or emotional trauma? You really want to let some steam off, and vent your heart and soul out. 734 more words


Interpersonal Skills; A key of success towards your goals

We all know that at least every problem has a solution and every success has a key so in business world interpersonal skills are determined a key of success towards achieving a goal especially in professional careers and I can say that interpersonal skills are one of the required life skills in order to be more successful in both professional and personal lives. 1,053 more words

Business Management

Resolving Interpersonal Conflict

This conflict happened a few years ago during one of the many Executive Committee(ExCo) meetings for our Co-Curricular Activity(CCA). This conflict involved the President, myself, the Co-Captain and the Secretary. 549 more words


You Say Tomato

We all know the classic phrase: “You say to-MAY-to, I say to-MAH-to.”

I’m pretty sure it’s from an old song, but that’s not the point. How do we understand each other when we each say ‘tomato’ differently? 369 more words