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Neurotypical People Need Therapy

“Someone’s therapist knows all about you.”
~Dominic Riccitello

Neurotypical should have therapy so that they are better able to navigate their inter-personal relationships more effectively – especially with us non-neurotypicals who’ve had to go through it already.

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Continuing my quest for justice in conversations across the intertoobz, I encountered this  interesting gender tendency around saying sorry. “Justice” within marriage requires an interest in your spouse’s perspective, sorrow for their suffering, and a willingness to name evil for what it is. 651 more words

Want a Better Library Job? Develop Your People Skills.

When I started business school last semester, I wanted to learn skills I didn’t find in library school. Think financial management, or strategic planning – the nitty gritty of business. 650 more words

Leadership Traits

Project team and structures (2/2)

Now the different team structures and team building phases have been discussed we will now zoom in on the execution phase. The project experiences will be shared of the primary interpersonal issues, the impact on the team relationships till taks accomplishment and project management action strategies. 517 more words

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Fragments from unfinished drafts

Here’s some sundry excerpts from unfinished posts that will never be completed, intentionally arranged non-chronologically. Figured they were worth getting out of my draft files while my brain is too fried from stress and med changes to write new posts. 769 more words


Article summary: What Makes a Team Smarter? More Women.

Article: Leading Teams – Defend Your Research: What Makes a Team Smarter? More Women.

Authors: Anita Woolley and Thomas W. Malone

Link: https://hbr.org/2011/06/defend-your-research-what-makes-a-team-smarter-more-women

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Managerial Resolutions For 2017

Managerial Resolutions For 2017

Looking back on 2016, as we all do this time of year, we would all recognise that some things went well and some, frankly, did not. 145 more words