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Dealing with Difficult People

Recently, I took a continuing education course on the topic of dealing (tactfully) with difficult people.

It was taught by the fantastic JP Reynolds, a business consultant and coach who has worked with companies like Citibank, Rand Corporation, and Direct TV. 752 more words


An Imperative Skill: Public Speaking

In my last post I discussed the importance of developing interpersonal and communication skills. An important part of that is developing the skill to publicly speak. 380 more words

Left to Their Own Devices, People Will Not Get Along

Somehow I got elected to Church Council. After agreeing to serve on the Nominating Committee, I was told people thought I’d be perfect for Council. Damn, upsold by my own church. 1,105 more words


The Lost Art of Communication

Something I’ve noticed in recent years, especially among millennials is that they seem to have lost the ability to clearly and directly communicate with people, especially new people. 793 more words

Finding Strength In Death: The Mohamed Bzeek Story

The day after Mohamed Bzeek turned 62 years old, doctors diagnosed him with colon cancer. This time in his life could not have been lonelier, as his wife had recently passed away, and his son was unable to provide support due to his disability. 685 more words

Self Help

4 Essential Tips for Time Management On-the-Go

It happens to the best of us: you’ve worked hard to build a daily routine that lets you maximize every second of every day. You’ve mastered the fine art of working smarter, not harder, and everyone in the office is jealous of your productivity skills. 509 more words


Book Rec: Humble Inquiry: The Gentle Art of Asking Instead of Telling by Edgar Schein

I’m a smoosher. I steal this term from Emilie Wapnick, who created the term “multipotentialite” and founded puttylike.com. Basically, I take two ideas and smoosh them together to see what happens. 286 more words