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Memory Lane: Descent (1994)

Back when aiming up and down was a novelty, Descent was bending our minds with six degrees of unbiased freedom. For our inaugural trip down memory lane, we’re going to chase some geometric shapes down some tunnels and get hopelessly lost. 10 more words


The Lost Vikings (1992)

“This is the old way. You will not see it again.” -The 13th Warrior

Imagine the premise of Sliders with three characters from Beowulf suffering the finale of… 1,446 more words

Game Review

Nick Bakers Triop world!

Interplay’s My Living world range gives children the opportunity to grow real live insects and creatures in their own home or garden and helps children gain a better understanding of nature and the world around them. 615 more words


Secret Fairy door 

This beautiful enchanting little fairy door kit comes to us from the guys over at Interplay. Children and especially girls in particular will love having their own little fairy in their room. 366 more words


Growing self appreciation

A few weeks ago at a group meditation sitting I admired the anklet on a friend. She said, “You made it”. I was taken aback. At that moment one hour of meditation seemed to have been in vain. 190 more words


SC On Stonekeep: Bones of the Ancestors (WiiWare)

Sometimes when a game franchise gets a follow-up after several years it works out, like with Killer Instinct.  Then there’s Stonekeep.

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"Interplay" (Outside Stages 1-3)

This is strongly related to what a number of authors refer to as where the “real” game of tennis is played. I refer to this as “interplay” (as opposed to “intraplay” – dynamics within the points themselves). 173 more words