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This dream started out in an empty room with a strange dark haired women. I never met this women before but she was very friendly to me. 658 more words


Writer Entitlement: They just don't "get" it

All art is interpretive, writing included.

Writers may suggest their themes, ideas, imagery, relationships, etc. But sometimes the readers don’t quite see it.

I haven’t come across anyone who doesn’t at least know Shakespeare from high school English classes, everyone thinks they know Shakespeare. 350 more words


Teaching Music Interpretation

Interpretation is included in the anchor standards for both performing and responding to music found in the national core arts standards. Interpretation is closely tied to expressive intent, which is what the composer intended to express in a particular musical work. 754 more words

Music Education

"Our age pales into insignificance in comparison with the history of time."


Pages: 379

Aside from the intriguing titles of each chapter, the whole novel itself is as compelling as each turn of the page. 103 more words


Crazy ass dream...

It’s been a while since I did a dream post…. Let’s see if anyone can interpret this clusterfuck?

I start out on a local street and walking into a room with a husky puppy and two coffins. 89 more words


Interpreting a man as a cow?

Straight off, it is ridiculous to interpret a human being as an animal except chimpanzees and apes. It makes no sense unless we are targeting a specific characteristic he or she possesses in common with that animal. 404 more words

Our Internal Powers

am I talking about you?

would you for God’s sake put ME in context!

stop misquoting me

misleading the easily led.

stop analaysing my words!!

I don’t usually guard my words. 366 more words

A Wee Rant