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Certain confusions are the best indicators

Sometimes certain confusions are the best indicators. We naturally have a tendency to keep it open ended. We would be aware that something went wrong and that’s why the expected results were not coming.  112 more words


Living Lucky

My journal consists of some real and some fictional events.

I’m sitting here worrying about my exams and my livelihood in the back of my mind. 1,045 more words


Music Teaching and Bloom's Revised Taxonomy

When I learned Bloom’s taxonomy as an undergraduate, I always thought that the arts were short changed. Sure, there was the affective domain, but it just didn’t have the depth  to it that the cognitive domain had, and the affective domain was often presented as a sort of afterthought. 1,351 more words

Music Education


Absolute Beauty
Beauty Curves
Curves Destiny
Destiny Elongates
Elongates Futures
Futures Grow
Grow Happiness
Happiness Illuminates
Illuminates Justice
Justice Knows
Knows Life
Life Magic
Magic Nothingness… 31 more words

Analyzing a Graph

Students can hit a road block at the steps that appear to be very simple. For example, in the problem below the students are prompted to find the highest point on the… 119 more words


Strange dreams

Today is the third day of strange dreams and the hubby and I.

There is a bit of a back story to this, in that the woman in the first dream does actually exist. 163 more words