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Eric Mars was a visionary man. It simply meant that he had seen a lot of visions. Moreover, his most remarkable vision that he had seen was about the small hands. 1,277 more words


Not bound by location or time

Your spirit is not bound by the location or time of your body.
Your spirit has all-knowing and when you can interpret this through your physical mind into your body – Ah, the magic you will be living that is capable of being normal. ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

Playing Catch Up

What is a Dog’s Wagging Tail Saying?

By Linda Cole

Tail wagging is part of the body language of dogs. Children, as well as adults, have been bitten by dogs who were wagging their tails. 135 more words


The Alphabet

The letters in the Alphabet are often seen in dreams. Each Letter is a different meaning.

A– The letter A is often associated with you beginning a new stage in your life. 432 more words


Rape dream interpretation???

Hi. It’s 4am now. I just woke up. and I’m so confused.

Ok. A few weeks ago, or maybe a month, I had this dream. I was in a lecture hall saying I was raped I knew I wasn’t. 747 more words

Colors In Dreams

Colors play a big part in our dreams. Colors often symbolize emotion.

Black– Black often represents your unconscious, mystery, malice, hate, rejection, and unknown. If your dream is a happy joyous dream than black represents your possibilities or potential. 380 more words


What the TRACK?


Sounds super complex eh? well it is. To cut it short, Semiotics is ‘the study of signs’. The first thing that pops into your head are signs that we see on a daily basis such as road signs, but do you really study them day to day? 465 more words