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training experts to interpret genome sequencing

More than a dozen companies have sprouted up in recent years to sell thousands of genetic health tests, ranging from Google-backed 23andMe to Roche.
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The Language Professional Interview

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“He who knows no foreign languages knows nothing of his own.” Mastering another language not only bumps up your CV a notch above or say, breaks down the communication barrier while travelling. 949 more words

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Emoticons carry cultural baggage

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The Internet clearly crosses cultural boundaries, but it may not always transcend them. That’s the conclusion of some research (the author has made a… 490 more words


Write Linear Expressions and an Equation Application: Savings Plans

This video explains how to write expressions and an equation to solving an application problem.

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‘How to read/know the Bible’ illustrated

A treatise is not a collection of tidbits. Yes to know it, patient, detailed, conscious study is important. Every part is approached without letting go of the rest. 222 more words


Interpretation of Tongues

Have you ever been in a church setting and heard people speak or sing out in a language you have never heard before?

They are simply speaking or singing out in ‘tongues’. 785 more words


1. Celebratory affectation

Came up with a term, celebratory affectation, sure it could take some work, but that neither here nor there (nothing like starting off a blog with a cliche). 370 more words