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Footloose Friday: Any Way The Wind Blows

Happy Footloose Friday! I subdued to the procrastination tools social media offers and took a quiz that promised to tell me what song best described my life. 1,086 more words

Footloose Friday

Script translator...

I spent my evening yesterday back in London working… I’ve recently been working on an independent film with an awesome guy called R.M. Moses, he writes, produces and directs and his work is amazing. 434 more words


Me duele _______________ .

After our group huddle and before clinic starts, Doctor tells Nurse that she is limited to five minutes per patient to handle intake tonight because “they come here to see me, not you.” Several hours later I drive home with the backdrop of a setting sun, and I keep coming back around to the conclusion that Doctor is wrong. 949 more words

Dreams and interpretations

I had this weird dream. In my dream I was adopted to royalty and I became the princess of Colombia.

What the- How in the world did my brain come up with that? 206 more words


What's up with the characters' names in Harry Potter?


What’s up with the character names in Harry Potter? Seriously, where did author J.K. Rowling come up with some of those?

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