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Poetry Wednesdays: 'Nothing'


Life screams at me every day,
and I laugh.
It says,

“The sun will rise along with your hopes,
then I’ll crush them in the palm of my hand.” 167 more words



Her face was vivid in my dream

Who are you darling?

An angel?

A messenger?

She’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen

First dream in a while that breaks from the routine

Interpretation Keys of the Bible: Part 3

In the most recent Artios teachings, we’ve studied how God’s Word interprets itself. In this article, we shall continue by delving into Scripture build-up, an essential exercise that portrays how God’s Word requires no outside interpretation. 8 more words



I’ve been sleeping more than usual

Not out of tiredness

Nor depression

Nor sickness

But these dreams keep getting more symbolic

I need to decipher the messages… 14 more words

Geek up #2 - Temples and Textbook Science

Readers Note : This is from my brains, from the little science I’ve studied. They are not “facts” they are the deductions of my tiny little brain!

1,396 more words

New Headset by MIT can Interpret Internal Speech

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed AlterEgo, a headset programmed to detect and interpret neuroelectric signals transmitted when internal speech happens. Its developers hope that this new piece of technology will enhance interactions with smart devices, and furthermore that it will ease work in loud environments. 28 more words

What is Love?

At one point of time in my life, I would’ve said that Love, it’s those butterflies the zoo you feel in your tummy when you see the special someone. 84 more words