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Blink and it is gone. The fleeting moment of 7 seconds ago is chased by the hurtling moment 7 seconds ahead. We hold ABCDEFG at once and then A is gone to the past and H is rolling forward. 877 more words

Express Terms v Implied Terms

In the case of Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Ltd v Camden Market Holdings Corp & Ors EWCA Civ 7 the Court of Appeal reiterated that when determining disputes about an implied term, it is necessary to first interpret the express terms. 331 more words



UPDATE 2/4/17:

We received an outpouring of support from both Arabic and Farsi speaking individuals and communities and are no longer in need of volunteers…

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So, personally I’ve been really confused as to how exactly we are to read the Scriptures without interpreting it wrong. Thankfully we have the CCC to help out us with this one! 741 more words


Certain confusions are the best indicators

Sometimes certain confusions are the best indicators. We naturally have a tendency to keep it open ended. We would be aware that something went wrong and that’s why the expected results were not coming.  112 more words


Living Lucky

I’m sitting here worrying about my exams and my livelihood in the back of my mind. I’m worried that I won’t be all I plan to be and that my loved ones will not appreciate my efforts if I take the non-materialistic path which I so desire to take. 1,010 more words