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A Call to All Public History Employers

This past weekend I took note of a couple thought-provoking blog posts. Both essays argue that public historians at National Parks, museums, and state/local historical sites need to get their act together and find ways to use their resources and respond to last month’s Charleston massacre. 1,385 more words


What might your dreams mean???

By Daniella D.

Is there some hidden truth in your dreams? Like when you dream about falling from the sky, getting married to a stranger, or winning that lottery? 231 more words


The Day She Came Out: Why Rob Bell Is Right and the Church Is Being Left Behind

The church is being left behind because it continues to call people who identify as LGBTQ profane when God has already made them clean. But I can already hear people protesting, “But the Bible says…The Bible is very clear…”

51 more words


Death is

Just a medium of

Leaving one life for another

Solitude means

To be alone enough

To hear what

No one else could hear… 76 more words


The Drama of Play-writing

So you have this great idea for a play. You’ve never written one before, but you’ve been to see them. You’ve read them in English Lit. 724 more words

General Thoughts

Exploring the Role of a Cannon-Within-the-Canon in Biblical Interpretation, part 2

The Relationship between Romans and the Epistle of James
The relationship between interpretations of Paul’s letter to the Romans and the letter of James took on a new note during the Reformation. 530 more words


Literary links: 'The Red Wheelbarrow,' and a definition of postmodern novel

1. William Carlos Williams’s poem “The Red Wheelbarrow” —

so much depends
a red wheel
glazed with rain
beside the white… 737 more words