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Don't Waste Good Wine: Remaining Flexible in Times of Change

We are living in a time of rapid change and cultural upheaval. Most people don’t like change because it requires us to grieve losses, solve novel problems, and acquire new skills. 277 more words


[1: 1,519 of 10,000] I Kept Forgetting My Dreams

Loosing my energy and getting so worked up stopped me from remembering my dreams. Few days back I was into interpreting my dreams by decoding their meanings, it seems to make sense, combing every strands of scenarios and unlocking the desires and thoughts of my own subconscious. 92 more words


MBA & Moscato Interpretation: The Weeknd--The Hills

The Weeknd has been getting quite a bit of attention lately. Most of it revolved around his song “Earned It” being part of the boring… 1,019 more words

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The Blooming Theatre of Death in "Aperitivo"

“Aperitivo” is a change in dynamics in more than one way: it opens with masked men, Mason Verger and Frederick Chilton. They’re both putting up a performance of normalcy, and one is much more convincing than the other; a reflection of their characters. 700 more words


Why Muv-Luv Alternative doesn’t need additional routes

Warning: There will be some spoilers regarding Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative. Also wall of text incoming, scroll to the bottom for TL;DR.

First off: If you haven’t heard of the Kickstarter for the localization of Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative and are a fan of the Muv-Luv franchise or Age and their visual novels in general, check out  1,592 more words


A bit of a disappointment at Dyrham

So this post I’m afraid might be a bit negative. When planning our Trusty holiday me and mum decided we’d really like to go to… 1,113 more words