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What to pay attention to

I wrote yesterday about the inevitability that what we are doing in our lives (and hence in every activity, relationship, project) is joining the dots… 818 more words


Hiroshi Sugimoto Reponse (Week Four)

H. Sugimoto (1991) Indian Ocean, Bali, retrieved from http://classes.dma.ucla.edu/Fall13/173/?attachment_id=3284

Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Indian Ocean was an experimental response, which I hope to believed had worked. I was interested in many of Sugimoto’s Seascape photographs and was eager to give it a go. 84 more words


LFMK - Looking for My Killer!

Happy to report that I’ve made, in my mind, significant progress on a collection of “prose poams”: LFMK (“Looking for My Killer”) a project begun some years ago, that lapsed; I never completed it, but recently, just a couple of days, completed an initial draft.   124 more words


Xavier Rey Response (Week Five)

X. Rey (2009) L’echelle, retrieved from http://www.xavierrey.com/crbst_217.html

The time to explore long exposure photography through use of water was a long time coming, and responding to Xavier Rey’s… 120 more words


Joining the dots

We’re all joining the dots… connecting up what we observe and experience of our lives in ways that are coherent to us. And we each have preferred ways of doing so – habits of heart, mind and understanding that have the world show up the way it does for us. 508 more words


Worship that Sends - Trinity B - Isaiah 6:1-8

At its fount, missional theology flows from the conviction that the community of Christ is sent to join God in God’s mission of redemption and new creation. 772 more words


Solar Eclipse on your Arm

Today’s post is a tribute to this very unique artist who does tattoos not for money, but instead for favours or goods from close friends and family only. 51 more words

Simple Work