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Interpreting swear words

I’ve been reading an essay written by Mari Yonehara, one of the most famous Japanese – Russian interpreters. She used to interpret in very high-profile international conferences. 236 more words


Rule 383

Things Uncle Dale did that you probably should not (on-going):

Let me get this straight. You’re not offering to pay me for the convention, you’re saying I… 55 more words

The Rules

Technology and conference calls テクノロジーと電話会議

Technology is an essential part of our lives. A good example is wide-spread use of smartphones. We do so many things by just using smartphones these days. 366 more words


Who Benefits from the Privatisation of Public Sector Interpreting?

Three recent blog posts from Aisha Maniar, a human rights activist and writer, are absolutely brilliant. They’re informative, comprehensive and offer us an insight into the whole history of the pitfalls of privatising interpreting services and the government’s incessant drive to do so. 94 more words


Rule 380

I don’t like your attitude, so I’m keeping this pen.

The Rules

Rule 379

Interpreting. It’s hard. So you will cry. It’s important. So you will try.

The Rules