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🎼Oh There’s Nothing Like Swag for the Holidays...

Ho Ho Hello to all! Uncle Dale here! That slightly odd uncle you can love from afar because you never have to worry about being seated next to at the family dinner! 158 more words

The Rules

Rule 429

If you are concerned that your interpretation is being recorded on video, you should not be interpreting this police interview.

The Rules

Rule 428

I could not interpret with the skill I have today without the patience, love and encouragement of the Deaf community while I learned hard lessons on their time.

Shout out Adam Bartley!

The Rules

She Loved The Way - Notthedane56

What he did
how he did it
took her away
from this life
this existence,
the stories, he told
and how he told them
how those people lived… 173 more words


Rule 425

VRS Interpreters: Learn to love regional slang. Learn. To. Love. It!

The Rules

Rule 424

The waiting room is empty.

Receptionist: Is your client here?

Interpreter: I don’t see him. Do you see someone that could be him? Can you see that person right now?

The Rules

Working From Home: Language Interpreting

As you know from my previous post, I have recently been working online with my second remote job (see my first remote job post… 1,089 more words

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