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ANTLR4 project with Maven – Tutorial (episode 3)

[Episode 1] [Episode 2] Now for something completely different. During the preparation of episode 3 I changed my mind and thought that the best way to approach the remaining issues (self embedding and AST) was to embrace a classic. 1,544 more words


Finding an interpreter 101

Looking for anything is much easier in this age of the Internet, but here is a quick cheat sheet anyway.

First things first: know what kind of interpretation you need. 647 more words


ANTLR4 project with Maven – Tutorial (episode 2)

At the end of the previous episode we have been able to feed sentences to the parser and find out if they are valid (i.e. belong to the language) or not.  641 more words


Kelebihan dan Kelemahan Intepreter dan Kompiler Bahasa Pemrograman

Gambar bersumber dari sini. Setelah memahami konsep diartikel sebelumnya, mari dilanjutkan dengan memahami kelebihan dan kelemahan intepreter dan kompiler bahasa pemrograman.

Diartikel sebelumnya telah dibahas mengenai perbedaan proses penerjemahaan suatu program dengan… 148 more words


2 Jenis Penerjemah Bahasa Pemrograman

Setelah memahami konsep diartikel sebelumnya, mari dilanjutkan dengan memahami 2 jenis penerjemah atau transalator dalam bahasa pemrograman. Perlu dipahami, bahwa program yang ditulis dalam bahasa C sebenarnya tidak serta merta langsung dimengerti oleh komputer, karena komputer hanya mengenal satu bahasa, yaitu… 214 more words


Getting things certified!

It’s all about money again isn’t it? Currently I am working on handing in a certified copy of my application for the University of Auckland… 510 more words


British Sign Language (BSL) / English Interpreters – what do they do??

To some of you reading this, it may seem that this question is pointless because the role of a BSL / English interpreter is obvious. However, considering I have had many people asking me this very question, I thought it was worth spending some time answering it! 869 more words