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IF Gathering 2016: A Deaf Gal's Point of View

As of 48 hours ago, I was in the middle of a battle in my head.

“Should I go? Sure, they said there would be interpreters telecasted with the program. 851 more words


5. The Java Jargon

Learning a new language means one has to learn the vocabulary or special words used in it. Let’s look at it from a Java perspective. 186 more words


Là một freelancer tức là bạn đem bán kĩ năng “đỉnh” nhất của mình. Do đó, việc đầu tiên trên bước đường trở thành “kẻ làm nghề tự do” là ngồi xem xét, liệt kê ra tất cả các kĩ năng mà mình đang có. 844 more words


Co-working -shall we do 20 minutes?

The other day I had arrived to interpret a meeting with another interpreter (my co-worker). One of the hearing attendees of the meeting asked me why there was a need for two interpreters (as opposed to just me). 1,075 more words


The life of an Over the Phone Interpreter

In order to make a living, support the princess, pay the bills, treat myself with more books or yummy delicious food and also save as much money as I can to be able to go see the Faraway Boyfriend; I work as an Over the Phone Interpreter. 1,768 more words

We Are All Stories In The End

பெயர்த்தல் என்றால் என்ன ?

ஒரு நிலையில் உள்ள பொருளை, அதற்கு இணையான ( நிகரான ) மற்றொரு நிலைக்கு மாற்றும் செயலை (திரித்தலை) பெயர்த்தல் என்றும் அழைப்போம்.


  1. ஒர் இடத்தில் இருந்து வேறு இடம் சென்று குடிபோவதை, …

My first time signing a song

One of the fun things about having a blog is that you can track how your opinions evolve.

As recently as last year, I would have said I disliked, and was even against… 508 more words