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Common steps in the working of Compilers and Interpreters

Compilers and interpreters in essence are the same things. They both have to make sense of your code, execute the instructions as well as finding ways to detect errors. 782 more words


The EU is going straight to the source!

The EU Court of Justice operates a substantial language access process. With over 600 lawyer-linguists staffed internally and managed by Directorate-General, the courts still outsource one-third of its translation and interpretation work to freelance translators and interpreters. 358 more words


Okay, so International Interpreters and Translators day/week is actually in September. But I wanted to take time now to say a big THANK YOU to our LSS Interpreter Program for their partnership in the work we do in our LSS Kinship Programs.   287 more words


(1/2) Shalini

(1/2) “I think one of the common criticisms of translating and interpreting in an Australian context is the assumption that it comes down to hand-holding recently arrived non-English speakers who should be compelled to learn to speak English, sort of like an easy way out. 88 more words

A new experience - Diving into python.

Python! The word which suits the Python programming language very well. Today was the first day of my python experience and really, the flexibility it gives us is unreal. 606 more words


My mini interpreter using Prolog

One of my projects while doing my masters in CS at UT Dallas was creating an interpreter in Prolog that can parse a custom set of instructions(like if conditions, loops, arithmetic etc.) . 410 more words


What is Video Remote Interpreting and what are the main benefits of it?

VRI (Video Remote Interpreting) is a service that uses web cameras/video phones to deliver sign language and spoken language interpretation services. This type of interpretation is generally sought after to communicate where the parties involved are at different locations and require a sign language interpretation promptly.  368 more words