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Hungarian Interpreters in Los Angeles (USA)

Where: Los Angeles (USA)

Extent of Work: Full time

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Candidates need to be located in the United States. This is a remote position. 498 more words


The Building of an Interpreter: Lel

Lisp is an excellent FP (Functional Programming) language to write another language interpreter or a “DSL” (Domain Specific Language) . Likewise with Clojure (a Lisp dialect) , Kotlin or Haskell FP languages. 47 more words


XTads pre-beta 5 is out

XTads is a TADS 2/3 interpreter for Mac OS X (version 10.9 and higher). It’s a GUI application, with native Mac OS X look and feel. 110 more words

Rule 328

CPC compatible answers to the question, “How was your day?” (An on-going series):

The real question is, how was YOUR day, tell me everything!

The Rules

Rule 327

Was that a name you just fingerspelled? I’d like to buy a vowel.

The Rules


Interpreter IO provides professional language interpretation services for clients around the world. We have a complete solution for meetings, conferences, medical, medico-legal and community interpreting services. 8 more words

Conference Interpreter