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Losing my mind one day at a time

Recently I have been struggling with my mental health. I have had urges to self injure a lot. I even went as far as looking for potential items to harm myself with. 238 more words

I love being my master's kitten

When I first met my master I had no intention of dating him. He was meant to remain a friend and nothing else. When we started talking about our sexual experiences I thought he was a bit crazy to be honest. 616 more words

The One With All The Updates

Please know that it has pained and aggravated me to no end that I haven’t kept this blog updated. I’m sure you understand why (and for that I am grateful), as a lot has happened in the past two months. 1,249 more words

Interracial Relationships: Welcome to the Rollercoaster

(I fangirl over this couple, I mean, LOOK AT THEM)


It seems whenever I do special topics, such as this, it’s because it was requested. 1,711 more words


5 Awesome Things That Happen To You In An Interracial Relationship

1. You learn a new language!

Though it may seem that language barrier is a difficulty in the relationship, when both of you are willing to compromise, you’ll end up learning your partner’s language! 379 more words

The Protector is now available for purchase!

My 2nd book, The Protector, is now available for purchase on the Createspace eStore at:

One Sign of being in a Interracial Relationship

Few days ago we decided to organise our secretary which is filled with many important but also unimportant documents. Mixed in between was one folder with our wedding certificate, Nathan’s birth certificate, other important certificates and also our passports. 260 more words

Crazy Chinese Family