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"Partners For Life Protect Their Future"

When Chase creates a commercial totally encapsulating the beginning to end mutual love in an interracial relationship ― you know society as a whole is learning a thing or two about reality and they are not afraid of it. Tear jerker alert.


A Throwback Wedding

First and foremost I would like to wish you all a happy new month. Yey it’s February, the month of LOVE, the month which my favorite person in the world was born, my queen, my mother and one of my brother who is a leap year baby. 289 more words


Wait what Do I do then

“I can take you to TJ just find out the place” oh well alright thank you…are you sure I can just ask Maria. “It’s okay I can take you we will go right after you get out of school” Alright well thank you. 228 more words

Language in a Relationship.

Have you ever been in a relationship that you cannot simply be mad with your partner because explanation is quite a challenge for the two of you already? 873 more words


Love expression 

How do you express your love to someone?

I am sure many of us express it in many ways which mostly will say physical but it’s more than physical. 562 more words


My Husband is not a 'Good One'

Marriage is so good.

Marriage is also hard.

There are many reasons that these statements are true, but one is very specifically on my heart today. 1,168 more words

Our Life Together

I only date black guys.

Now love is a beautiful thing. I don’t care what race or gender you are.Two people embracing each other , loving each other, flaws and all will FOREVER be beautiful to me. 681 more words