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The One With The Pit

I’m not entirely sure where to start.

It is this quandary that has prevented me from posting anything for the last two and a half months. 751 more words

Rescued me..

Last time I talked about my missed flight to Jeju. I must say that I went through hell. My world did fall apart. One dream was shattered and its tiny pieces were nowhere to be found. 510 more words

Korean Boyfriend

This is why I hate most people

Assumptions people have about me that are false – I don’t act black enough, I act to white, I have a accent, I hate my mom and pretends she is black to hide my hate for being mixed, I’m mixed and don’t want to accept it, I hate african american males because I have only dated white males, I hate african american males because my current boyfriend is white, I must only date my boyfriend to have a mixed baby, I’m a lazy bitch because I currently don’t work so that must mean I let my boyfriend pay all the bills, etc..This is why I hate most of society.

Interracial Dating Services - Is it Beneficial ?

When two individuals which can be from two distinct ethnic groups go out on a date the meaning of interracial relationship is. Most of the time the ethnic or racial difference are values which can be described very noticeable like a difference in skin tone, or facial characteristics; most typically this can be linked to the pairing between whites and blacks. 627 more words

Interracial Dating

I'm sorry.

I keep reflecting on the past, on my relationship with G, which I know is no good in helping me move on, especially since I keep focusing on the things that may have made him stop wanting to be with me (although he says it wasn’t me, it was my culture). 425 more words

Photo 101 Day 16: Treasure & Close-up

A token for the carousel at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum is my treasure.

A couple weeks ago I went with my boyfriend Josh, his coworkers, and their kid to the children’s museum. 27 more words

Everyday Life

A Ship Made Of Paper

After a violent encounter in New York City, the book’s protagonist, Daniel Emerson, returns to the small Hudson River town where he grew up. Accompanied by Kate Ellis, his long-time girlfriend, and her young daughter, he moves into his childhood home and opens a small law practice. 305 more words

Book Review