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One Sign of being in a Interracial Relationship

Few days ago we decided to organise our secretary which is filled with many important but also unimportant documents. Mixed in between was one folder with our wedding certificate, Nathan’s birth certificate, other important certificates and also our passports. 260 more words

Crazy Chinese Family

Show me your flat... 5 signs you live in between cultures!

We live between two (three?) cultures in a truly global city of London. Our flat is in a rather quiet area close to London Bridge, on the river. 485 more words

Interracial Relationship

First Words

Hello! I am B r i a n a. (Briee-Ahh-Nuh)

I feel it’s important to provide the phonemic spelling because I HATE when people call me… 307 more words


Love may be blind but everyone has eyes

The youth of South Africa claim to be liberal, non-racist and non-discriminatory towards interracial relationships in the ‘new generation';¬†but after talking¬†with students at Rhodes University it seems to be otherwise. 900 more words

Don't take advantage of others.

I realized I haven’t posted here in a while. Sorry. Thanks for everyone who left comments on my blog or chose to follow me. I really appreciate it. 382 more words

My life as a housewife

I never imagined I would end up as a housewife. I honestly felt that no one would want one. That being a housewife was something of the past. 745 more words

I love being my Master's Kitten

When I first met my master I had no intention of dating him. He was meant to remain a friend and nothing else. When we started talking about our sexual experiences I thought he was a bit crazy to be honest. 616 more words