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Promising Premise That Goes Nowhere - A Review of "The Other Man" by J A Fielding

The Other Man by J A Fielding is about an interracial romance between a black woman and a white man. It’s the fifth book in a series that focuses on Julie Parker, a real estate agent, and Steven Davenport, a billionaire real estate mogul from London. 676 more words

Spotlighting The Romance Novel Series "Wheels of Steel" by Pepper Pace

As an avid reader, I have been on the journey to find incredible books that discuss the disability experience is a positive, empowering manner.  I want to share with you this week an amazing romance novel series by an incredible author of color who made it her duty to create books that featured disabled characters, and in effect, shatter stereotypes about the disability experience. 443 more words

Vilissa Thompson

The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 6

A year after Dmitry Medlov makes a deal with his lover/business partner, Elsa, and her father, a general in the Angolan MPLA to provide all of their munitions, he hands over the reigns of the agreement to her fully in order to take on more lucrative and legal ventures in Milan, Italy. 190 more words

A List of Sensual Interracial Romance Novels

Well, after hand recording every book I could find that I thought might be similar to mine, I realized the value of Good Reads at… 169 more words

We Are Global: A Look Into Latrivia Nelson’s Fan Base

I’ve been working along diligently on this book, and let me just say that it has not been easy.  This is clearly one of the most challenging books that I’ve ever had to write but it is also very fulfilling.  417 more words

Which Cover Should We Use?

Okay, I love the fun stuff.  We have serveral mock ups of the The Contingency Plan e-book, but none of us can decide which is better.  40 more words