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Get out...

…leave! right now. It’s the end of you and me….

I just saw Get Out a few hours ago and it is a good film. (I started writing this almost a week ago) 1,489 more words

Foundational Friday: Be Calm and Carry On Applies to Interracial Dating Too

How many times have you seen Be Calm and Carry On or Be Calm and Drink Coffee written on a mug or a shirt.  This idiom works for interracial dating too. 51 more words

What is so hard to understand?

My wife and I went to Old Country Buffet for dinner. After paying our entrance fee and leaving our receipt on the table, we went out and picked through the buffet for our dinner. 996 more words


More Documentary Ideas

I’m currently in Greensboro and I have filmed some stuff, but I’m using it more as a personal thing or a backup if my idea doesn’t work. 88 more words

James Achilles Kirkpatrick and Khair- Un- Nissa. Did interracial marriage show a new age in British colonised India?

After the British East India Company began setting up trading posts along costal India in 1612 the idea of setting a foundation for communication and partnership were deemed a high priority. 453 more words

19th Century

Interracial Marriage - Why is it still difficult for some to accept?

I’ve thought about typing this blog for some time but I’ve always put it off because race and culture is such a personal thing to most that I didn’t want to come across offensive. 721 more words

Expat Lifestyle

Interracial Anything

With the kind of inhumanity we experience in the world, it’s hard to imagine that there was a time it was worse than anything happening today. 416 more words