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Interracial Relationships Causing a Stir Within

I myself am actually part of a interracial relationship, I am Mexican and my boyfriend is Caucasian. Now a days two people dating from different backgrounds isn’t such a surprise, they are so common now. 358 more words


Can I have a mix? Racial, not alcoholic.

“A person of colour” So what does that make me? Translucent?!

 My son commented on how he wants ‘skin like Mommy’. I am a pale skinned Caucasian and my Love is a dark skinned Indonesian. 348 more words

Happiness Vs. Venting

My hair

At the supermarket today, the cashier started touching my hair. I have braids right now, and she was inspecting them as if she had never seen them before. 448 more words


Desi by Nature

It’s no real secret that since my Pakistani husband decided to marry me, his non-Pakistani wife, that we’ve gotten a lot of shit from both his family and Desi strangers alike. 201 more words


The Itch Is Back....

Greetings Readers!

A great deal of time has passed since I have written a blog. Tons of things have changed for the better; one being the birth of my daughter Noelle Christina Keefer. 240 more words


'I Do' by the lake

Guess what? It’s my birthday! *does a little awkward boogie*

I’m 50/50 about the day. One side is super happy to be turning a year older and to be so blessed. 159 more words