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Have you tried Pride of Africa yet?

Love this review by a first-time reader!

This was my first Tori Knightwood book and I definitely enjoyed it. (In fact, I enjoyed it enough to start reading Night Spots as soon as I finished.) Being a huge fan of cat shifters, this book immediately drew my attention based on the cover alone and I’m so glad it did.

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Serena Williams engagement breaks the internet and my heart

Last Thursday not only did Serena William’s engagement break the internet, but it also broke my heart. Now before you think this is another post bashing Serena for finding love with a man who isn’t black, in my Kevin Hart voice, let me explain. 725 more words

My Thoughts On Love

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Support “REBLOG” Sunday Ep.26: I know that its not Sunday but seeing how much this piece moved me (and I missed my last Support Sunday), I decided to share. I can't recall the last time I read such a down to earth post that addressed so many deep rooted issues at the same time. Please comment on this bloggers post with your feedback because I'm extremely interested in your thoughts. Enjoy!

my white women

This morning two of my girls requested a staples run. We loaded up my rumbly car (husband was using his) and headed to the store. Graph paper. 1,473 more words

Roads Untraveled Can't Be Taught

The boy says her train can’t get through, and my five-year-old daughter’s immediate and emphatic response is: “You just don’t want black people’s trains to pass.” 861 more words



Hi Guys :)

How are you doing? I hope you enjoy either cold &snowy or hot & sunny January :)

Did you listen to  INTERVIEW WITH US- ME AND MY HUSBAND… 132 more words


Hair | current routine

I am conditioner crazy! I “wash” and go
almost everyday, for me that means detangling my hair with my fingers while running it under warm water, then adding my products and wrapping it up as I get my makeup done. 128 more words