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​Can you imagine that, Victor! I’ll actually get dressed over some stupid boy and his family coming to my own home, playing the darn hostess. … 430 more words

Addicted to you - part 1

The phone lights, that tone plays and I am wet. I know what you desire, want, NEED.
I peek, and see that I am right. You have summoned me to you, to do your bidding. 493 more words


A United Kingdom (2016)

Film review of A United Kingdom about an interracial love affair in the 1950’s starring David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike. Directed by Amma Asante.

Drama 728 more words


Ebony Meets Her White Prince

The timid sky, the clouds, the blues of it so brilliant. I only saw the afternoon sky in his eyes. When I saw him see me on that day in the afternoon when the breeze was light and our desires were heavy. 604 more words


Luke Loses Himself to an African Princess

Luke sat and saw his reflection in the window as he looked out at the birds on the limbs of the trees and as the blades of grass blew in the breeze. 898 more words


Do You Speak Japanglish? The Charm of Interracial Relationships

The first date my boyfriend and I went on was to dinner, after which we drove up to my city’s scenic drive and watched the city lights in the comfort of his truck. 668 more words

I only date black guys.

Now love is a beautiful thing. I don’t care what race or gender you are.Two people embracing each other , loving each other, flaws and all will FOREVER be beautiful to me. 681 more words