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How Dareen Tatour was forced to sign a “confession” she was not allowed to read!

Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour is in detention for over a year now, while her trial for “incitement” is being held in the Israeli court in Nazareth. 2,222 more words

Spy Interrogation at the Rev War Reenactment

Want to see how our spy ring played out? My friend Chris caught Sunday’s interrogation on video!

You’ll notice I’m not actually in this. My sister is the one pleading to the spy not to give up any information, and my husband is the interrogator who “doesn’t have the social standing that prohibits him from behaving in any manner whatsoever.” I had a bit part on Saturday, but mostly I was involved in the planning and execution of all of this. 259 more words


Macabre Macaroni, just like Mom used to make


“Once more, from the top, please.”

“I thought it would be easier. Just take a knife, slice her in half and be done with it. 639 more words

Macabre Macaroni

Ex-CIA Detainees Describe 'Terrifying' Unreported Torture Techniques | Nadia Prupis - Common Dreams

One of the methods involved being threatened with a makeshift electric chair. (Photo: Human Rights Watch)

In a new Human Rights Watch (HRW) report released Monday, two former CIA detainees described previously unreported torture techniques used in secret U.S. 732 more words


Bowling at one stump

The training room was on the fourth floor of a characterless office block overlooking the river.  A dull, dirty grey concrete carbuncle probably thrown up in the 1960s, he pondered, as he pushed his way through the revolving door and into a time warp vinyl-floored, neon strip-lit lobby. 1,062 more words

An Afternoon with Mossad

Okay! Maybe it was not Mossad. Maybe it was Shin Bet. I really wanted to ask them but I was not brave (read, stupid) enough. 1,121 more words

Day 111 : Interrogation Techniques

A bright light appeared in my face, blinding me momentarily and when I tried to shield my eyes from the light with my hands, the sound of handcuffs hitting the steel of the chair I was sitting. 694 more words

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