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October 4, 2015 | Dream Journal

All that I can remember of this dream is that I know that some parts of the dream took place at a building that was possibly an apartment building and/or college building and/or something else, most of the dream took place in this area and I met various people there who(m) I can not remember, and at the end of the dream I possibly stopped at my parent’s house during the day. 1,069 more words

Dream Journal

Meeting Your Daughter's Boyfriend

If you’re a man in his thirties or forties who has a daughter, chances are you have, or soon will be, about to face an experience that you’ve probably joked about with your mates for the last few years. 735 more words



September 11th marks not only the devastating attack on The World Trade Center and Pentagon, but also the brutal 1973 CIA-instigated Coup in the country of Chile. 1,544 more words

Trauma-induced Programming

The Autumn of My Discontent

The interrogation room is cold. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that they do that on purpose – anything to make you feel uncomfortable. The temperature, the buzzing florescent lights, and the hard metal chair are all doing their jobs and filling me with unease and a sense of impending doom. 1,049 more words


What To Watch: Interrogation

Interrogation is a scifi webseries set in a dystopian universe that is very socially conscious. Not only was it created by a woman, it also stars mostly women, has disabled people playing disabled characters, and values diversity in front of the camera as well as behind. 236 more words


Counterfactuals and metacognition regarding ticking time bombs and torture: A lesson from Mel Gibson

Payback, a Mel Gibson thriller from 1999, is a tough and visceral film, with an extraordinary torture scene involving a hammer. Gibson plays Porter, a hardened, unpleasant enforcer and killer, who is possessed of a curious sense of honour (and seemingly lacking a forename). 985 more words