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Mistaken identity

The incandescent light
hangs over her head.
She is being questioned
and she doesn’t know why.

The questions they ask
make no sense.
The people of whom they inquire… 62 more words

REVIEW: Interrogation (2016)

2016, Lionsgate/WWE Studios

Stephen Reynolds
Michael J. Luisi
Adam Rodin (original screenplay)
Michael Finch (screenplay)
Paul Herb… 736 more words

American Films

The Autumn of My Discontent

The interrogation room is cold. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that they do that on purpose – anything to make you feel uncomfortable. The temperature, the buzzing florescent lights, and the hard metal chair are all doing their jobs and filling me with unease and a sense of impending doom. 1,049 more words

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For your reading pleasure, I am re-posting my one and only attempt at fiction on this blog (so far.) Once again, fall is upon us and no one is safe!

Suspect steals from policewoman during interrogation

A 28-year-old man, Deji Ayoola, who was arrested by the police in Lagos State for theft, has allegedly stolen money from the policewoman interrogating him. 173 more words


Stand-Alone Complex

The following narration is a commission from Suspension Guy, a constant reader who had asked for an interrogation story set in the HardSkill universe. I have received word that he is well pleased with the result, and I hope to get similar feedback from other readers, too. 6,316 more words


Disgraced FBI Director Comey Refused to Testify on Clinton Emails

Chaffetz called the hearing to question officials about why whole and partial documents had been withheld from Congress, including unclassified files.

Sarah Westwood reports: FBI Director… 228 more words


The Return to Torture

The debate about what constitutes torture, and about whether torture is sometimes justified, seems at times to be overdone. We historically examine, then repudiate, instances of abuse and torture, and occasionally even enact or reinforce legislation making our country’s position more clear. 1,751 more words