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The Interview (1998)

‘We don’t break the law to enforce it,’ 

No, I am not going to be taking about the 2013 Seth Rogen film of the same name. 522 more words

One: The Airport Experience

This was it; I was making the journey I didn’t think I would ever make. Palestine, فلسطين, the Holy Land. I was incredibly grateful for the opportunity to go with the organisation… 1,513 more words


Why they close the zoo, Marmar?

This week I was reminded about something about kids. If you’re going to lie to a two-year old, you’d better make it good. No half-arsed excuses that don’t stand up to the sensible test. 316 more words


Ideas and data

I’m taking a brief break from writing semi-amusing stories to talk about creativity.

There is a kind of creative idea that needs to be carefully moderated. 404 more words


'Dehumanization': Five Americans Detained, Handcuffed, Deported by Israel

Five US activists aiming to investigate living conditions for Palestinians in Israeli-occupied areas were subjected to a cold welcome upon their arrival to Israel; detained without explanation, handcuffed, humiliated based on belief, appearance or ethnicity, and finally banned from entering the country. 376 more words


Title:                      Rebuttal

Author:                  Bill Harlow

Harlow, Bill (2015), ed. Rebuttal: The CIA Responds to The Senate Intelligence Committee’s Study of Its Detention And Interrogation Program… 1,189 more words


How a modest contract for ‘applied research’ morphed into the CIA’s brutal interrogation program

From the Washington Post, by Greg Miller

The architect of the CIA’s brutal interrogation program was hired for the job through a secret contract in late 2001 that outlined the assignment with Orwellian euphemism. 1,070 more words