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[A Cold Winter] A Confused Child

Aerian was bitterly cold, she huddled into the corner as best she could keeping her knees to her chest in an effort to stay warm. Winter was in the Everlands in full and violent force. 2,452 more words


[A Cold Winter] Dinner With Hades

Ceremon let his grip on her wrist slid a dark smile “Go tend to our prisoners, let’s see if they bite first” he thought for a moment “Perhaps a less violent approach will help loosen their defiance” 1,976 more words


Chinese water torture and the press.

1) were you there when this happened.
A) I was not there.
2) some reports have been reported that you or someone who looked like you were definitely there. 110 more words

Down the Hall and to the Right


I sigh. I go to pinch the bridge of my nose, but my hands are shaking too much. I fold my hands together on the table. 650 more words


Brain Washing: Mechanics & Application

The mechanics of brain washing started with one of the greatest scientific discoveries of behavior. It was the experiments that are dubbed classic conditioning conducted by the Russian Scientist Ivan Pavlov ( … 2,212 more words

Blogging 101

History Of the Senate Report, pt. 2 The Blind Eye Period

 Why Was There Little Effective Oversight From 2002-2004?

Defenders of the CIA have tried to undermine the legitimacy of the Senate report by claiming that the Senate was fully briefed on the interrogation program and that the Senate knew about and approved of the interrogation techniques used.   1,958 more words

Interrogation of Sir Ron

“Why did you kill him?” The bright light shone at my face and the interrogator hovered above me. In the light i could see each of his brow hairs and the tiny hairs of a beard growing. 389 more words