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Israel condemns planned Belgian interrogation of ex-FM Livni

Israel denounced Friday the “cynical exploitation” of Belgium’s judicial system, after Belgian prosecutors confirmed they wanted to question a former Israeli minister over war crimes allegations. 378 more words

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Theravada Travels

January and February of 2011, we spent our days walking along Yunnan back roads; paths intersecting the tea fields of Xishuangbanna, literally a stone’s throw to Myanmar; the dirt roads and jungle paths (barefoot, oh the leeches!) of northern Laos where we paid 1,305 more words


Don't Shoot The Messenger. Shoot Everybody Else

Boris, King of Oxford glared across the table at Wing Commander Tom, flanked by duster salesman and occasional spy Nigel Farage and wondered – not for the first time – why he ever agreed to come to Number Ten in the first place. 1,124 more words

Cleared by an internal investigation

On February 7, 1887, the Chicago Tribune published a chatty interview with James Blake, in custody as a suspect in a jewelry theft. The article opened with Blake asking the reporter if he’d ever gone through “the John D. 485 more words


Mistaken identity

The incandescent light
hangs over her head.
She is being questioned
and she doesn’t know why.

The questions they ask
make no sense.
The people of whom they inquire… 62 more words


The Interrogations Commence

The Prime Minister’s first live broadcast to the good people of East Anglia must be considered nothing but a triumph. Well – Minister for Culture, Media & Sport Mick Canning certainly insisted so, on the basis that they had received no complaints. 1,084 more words

Police torture

What is police torture?

The United States Supreme Court, in Brown v. Mississippi (1936), equated “confessions obtained by violence” (p. 286) with torture and declared that by either name the practice was unconstitutional. 336 more words

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