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Episode 3 Page 2

Author’s Note: Yeah, Filbert is still steamed… REALLY steamed!


Freezer Burn

The wide hallway is a straight shot, the dark gray concrete walls and floor immaculate and lacking any sort of distinction. The guards stationed there often get lost when trying to find the separation, and nearly trip over in a fit of vertigo as that brief thought runs through their mind – … 2,835 more words

For Class

Episode 3 Page 1

Author’s Note: So Duelsey is on probation. Gotta win back the trust of VIKSON…


Big brother is watching

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Little Brother by Cory Doctorow – Marcus Yallow is seventeen and he is a computer hacker who is accused of hacking his high school system. 433 more words

The Window (Short)

Hey, I really liked the female protagonist in this story so I figured I would share. It’s another one of the shorts I found in my files. 1,048 more words


Breaking a prelate (Cardinal József Mindszenty)

Unlike Peter Glenville’s later (and greatest) movie “Becket” (1964), another movie about subordinating Church to State, “The Prisoner” (1955, adapted by Bridget Boland from her own play about Hungarian cardinal József Mindszenty), did not retain the names of the historical-character antagonists: just the cardinal and the interrogator in an unnamed Eastern European country the regime (actually, I don’t think “communist” is mentioned either) of which cannot tolerate any organization or assemblage not under its overt or convert control. 753 more words


The Order Of The Forgers (A microfiction series)

Part One: In Deplorable Company.

‘This is a secured government building. How did you break in?’

He’s in full control of this conversation. It ebbs and rises as he sees fit. 256 more words

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