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You have to tell them.

You have to.

There is no choice.

You don’t want to.

But if you tell them.

They will stop. 32 more words


08/03/2018 - The Tom Sawyer Effect: The Pendulum

Located in the tunnels beneath Waterloo train station in central London, The Vault Festival puts on a series of shows and immersive experiences that spread far and wide across all mediums and genres; this year, one stood out in particular: The Pendulum by The Tom Sawyer Effect. 529 more words


Last Chance | Uniform 30

When it became clear that Alistair would not be able to wring any useful information out of Kiara two guards came in to remove him, leaving Kiara alone. 238 more words


Episode 8: Rolling the Bones

Faced with one final room, the party gathered at the southern entrance and listened intently to see if they could detect any creatures awaiting them on the other side. 843 more words


Tabletop Highlight: Interrogating Prisoners in D&D

Now that my campaign has reached what I would call “mid-level” and the players have gotten a handle on how to play the game, I’m starting to see them use new approaches to delicate situations. 799 more words


John 18 Fight or Flight

We know how this interrogation by the high priest affected Peter. He only went further into his denial mode as he heard  the statement of Jesus,  … 296 more words

John 18

Father reveals disturbing details during interrogation about daughter's murder

**Warning: some of the details in this story and in the videos are graphic and disturbing**

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio — An Ohio father admitted his part in concealing the… 421 more words