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Hornet Sentries

I was intrigued to spot the nest of an European hornet – Vespa crabro – in an old haybale at a survey site recently. It was the middle of October and the weather was turning cooler and damper. 640 more words

“We will not torture people…”

I disagree with John McCain on many policy points, though I continue to respect his service, both in the military and as a politician. On the point of torture… 411 more words


the moon is a lie

a post from another time, but very relevant since Donny Trump’s apparent election

“The Moon is a lie.”

I say this into the veracigraph. An agent in a crumpled white shirt and lose tie holds a microphone to my mouth. 1,567 more words

Bondage thursdays

My partner and I are not practicing enough. So I decided to create a weekly routine.

We are looking for other kinksters of our area to join us and study togheter. 141 more words


Sinking Sand/Solid Rock - An Anthology #12 Pueblo

Pueblo #12

A semi-large church located in a steel town made an attractive offer to be their assistant pastor promising a nice home and the largest salary I had ever made.  478 more words

My Horrible Experience of Meeting a Social Welfare Inspector in Ireland.

The last thing I ever wanted to do was to become dependent on social welfare. But things happen. I had to quit my job a few months ago because I needed to be with my daughter who had several health problems, so money was already scarce, then my estranged husband decided to cut the maintenance in half and I was left penniless. 763 more words