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The Radical Future of Police Interrogation

By Robert Kolker


The modern style of questioning criminal suspects—the set of techniques practiced fruitlessly by those first detectives in the Medellin case, and familiar to all of us from a thousand police procedurals—is a rusty, stalwart invention that’s been around since the days of JFK. 519 more words


NOT Another Vietnam War Book

It only looks like another Vietnam War novel. But this one was written by a Vietnamese. Who lived in the US. But worked as an agent for North Vietnam while in the US. 1,321 more words

Reviewed Books

The Interrogation

“It was I who yielded the blade that stopped the beating of his heart.”
“So you admit it, then? You murdered your husband.”
Tossing her blond hair from her face, she shot him a sidelong glance. 489 more words

Short Stories

May 3, 2016 | Dream Journal | A Wonderful Walk And Conversation With A Woman

Unfortunately I can not remember most of this dream from last night, all that I can remember is that at some point in the dream I seemed to be in or near downtown of the city of D during the day, and I remember walking as there were other people around. 850 more words


Shiny boot entrancement

A young but talented agent, AltSiren, has been assigned with the task of interrogating a woman who’s suspected of having sensitive information, but the prisoner doesn’t seems to know anything about what she’s being asked. 80 more words


Israeli Airport Security Part 2

Getting in

Getting into Palestine involves going through Israel security. The process may give you a brief taste to what Palestinians experience every day. This is the second time for me to go through the Israel security in the Toronto airport. 839 more words


AFTE studies predicament of foreign scholars in Egypt

Image: Andrew A. Shenouda/Flickr

Egypt’s Association for Free Thought and Expression is one of the final pillars of civil society left standing under Sisi’s regime. 1,098 more words