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Wait for It . . .

flower girl – hotly pursued by mum – makes dash for freedom during wedding ceremony . . .


Meandering Interrupted

[I’m not the best when it comes to getting exercise but I do love to go out walking. When I’m walking I like to lose myself in podcasts or wander around toying with stories. 2,987 more words


Mindfulness - Interrupted 

Reports just in claim that a certain young woman has failed the task she set herself this morning.

Before leaving the house, the young woman was reportedly heard talking to herself, and committing to a day of mindfulness (‘wishing no harm on anything or anyone’). 76 more words

Daily News

"Foreplay Interrupted"

News just in from Number 28 claim that foreplay has been brutally interrupted this evening.

Having been chased around the house by her boyfriend, the daughter of the house is said to eventually have locked herself in the bathroom to take a shower. 155 more words

Awkward Events

When Things Don't Go As Planned

Three years in to Jesus’ ministry on earth, the disciples must have felt that they’d found their groove. Except for the predicable run-ins with the visionless religious leaders in the city, Jesus was wildly popular, well-known and gaining more and more influence with the common people in the community. 493 more words


The Need-To Read (470)

To go ahead-
After being interrupted, to have that last paragraph re-read.


Dan Gertler Reviews: Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, known for her movie roles as much as for her beauty, humanitarian activities, and her relationship with Brad Pitt, is one of my favorite Hollywood actresses. 595 more words