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Amidst all the chaos I can identify your consistency, and it hits me as I am trying to finish this hell of piece of work. Too much. 37 more words


Do you know why you go into deep bouts of depression? Yeah, you. All of us, or maybe some of us who try to ponder life’s meaning too much. 142 more words

Knobhead John (Awful habit that - butting in)

An old man

In the pub

Interrupted the sanctity of the booth

To say what a bad habit doing my hair was.


Mind your own beeswax. 51 more words


Blog, Interrupted.

that queer critic is taking a hiatus from the film critic part of my identity in order to focus more fully on the disabled and mentally ill part. 194 more words

Out All Day

Been out all day talking to people and so I’ve nothing much to say. It’s odd (or maybe it isn’t) how other people interrupt the flow of my own thoughts. 11 more words


10 Angelina Jolie's Movies That Everyone Should See at Least Once

Angelina Jolie is a modern-day icon. She is known for her diverse roles in her films and her humanitarian work, as well as her amazing beauty.  806 more words