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The Most Important Thing

Why bother?
Let’s be honest, offering to pray for people can be really awkward. I remember hearing Andy Croft (from Soul Survivor) say last year: 836 more words


The Best Way to Avoid Being Interrupted in a Meeting

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Yesterday, I explained how to interrupt a coworker without creating bad feelings. Today we’ll look at interruptions from the receiving end.

As I pointed out yesterday, some people use interruptions to… 705 more words

Money Matters

Life, Inter- -rupting? -vening? -fering?

Thanksgiving remains my favorite holiday, simply because it is the time to be intentional about being grateful.

2017 will be remembered as the hardest one, though. 374 more words

Sharing God's Story


Performance anxiety is real. It kicks you hard in the gut and makes you think that you might be screwing this one and only chance up – but that’s actually not true, your gut feeling, sometimes it’s not really that accurate because you don’t need to let your past experiences taint your perceptions on things – things can always be different. 95 more words

let go & take action

Clickbaits, different energies, different seasons – sometimes you just gotta stop listening to what other people are saying – stop making people make you believe that you should think a certain way, enough with the self improvement talks

Take action bbys

Gotta Go

I gotta go. these past memories no longer have a hold on me and i am frankly relieved, however i just need to say that it will be a fond place in my heart, a place where i have learnt a lot of lessons, emotions, following the heart has really helped me grow into a better person. 33 more words

Save yourself from insanity: Black Magic software installer

After 3 years of longingly looking at Black Magic’s stand at various AV events our wishes have been granted and we’re now proud owners of an ATEM Production Studio 4k, HyperDeck Studio Minis and DeckLink card :D… 200 more words

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