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The OA

You, you come back to me in different ways. Subtle ways that I could have never even imagined.

It’s true, you’re always going to be a part of me, one that no matter how hard I try to erase because of the hurt, will always stay with me. 84 more words

Phillips Phunny: "The Daily Show" Parodies BBC Interview Interrupted With Trump, Spicer, Carson, And Conway

“The Daily Show” took on the BBC interview where the guy gets interrupted by his kids… By having him as Sean Spicer getting interrupted by President Trump and Ben Carson??!! 48 more words



Have you ever read some older posts you wrote and your thoughts are hinging between “holy shit this is awesome” or “wow that was a bunch of horse shit disguised in fancy writing”. 177 more words

Middle Way

Walking the middle way while listening to this Time masterpiece makes me extremely grateful for all the extremities in my life.

There is no way in hell I will be a goddamn tax analyst. 63 more words

talking, phone, monkey, annoyed, bubbles, chimp, interrupted Gif For Fun

talking, phone, monkey, annoyed, bubbles, chimp, interrupted Gif for Fun at your Time


Phillips Phunny: BBC Interview Interrupted Parody

The BBC video where a dad was interrupted by his children during an interview has already inspired a viral parody.

This video of a guy’s kids walking in on his Skype interview with the BBC went viral on Friday. 24 more words


Viral Video: Expert's Interview on BBC Interrupted by His Kids

A political science professor asked to discuss the impeachment of South Korea’s president in a Skype interview with the BBC today instead wound up on his own “nanny cam” when his two kids adorably interrupted his serious Q&A. 93 more words